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Courtesy of WWE.com:

Some Superstars are as closely identified with their hometown as their signature finishing maneuver. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is a Texan as much as he is the master of the Stunner. CM Punk’s initials have sometimes been referenced as “Chicago Made.” And everybody knows Mick Foley first wore the Dude Love duds at his childhood home on Long Island. N.Y.

But some towns and cities boast far more than one grappling native. Is it fate? Coincidence? Or is there something in the water of these locales that breeds wrestling stardom? WWE Classics took a look at some of these hotbeds for rearing future ring greats.

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Remember where these superstars were from:

Koko B. Ware
SD Jones
Michael PS Hayes
Big Boss Man
Dusty Rhodes
Tito Santana
Lex Luger
Iron Mike Sharpe
Junkyard Dog
Mickie James
Magnificent Muraco