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World Women’s Wrestling returned to the Good Time Emporium in Somerville, MA this past Sunday, May 4th, presenting the first ever BELLE OF THE BRAWL!

In the opening contest, Mistress Belmont continued her singles win streak with a pin fall victory on the debuting Taeler.


The agent of WWW Champion, “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel, Brendan Michael Thomas, came to the ring and stated that he had “pulled some strings” and made sure that Lexxus would not be given any more rematches or title opportunities until she had successfully worked her way all the way back up the ladder of contention from the bottom.



Della Morte beat Sammi Lane after a hard fought contest with a top rope flying clothesline.


The Manager of the Dynasty of Champions, Sean Gorman, once again came to try and hijack the WWW show, staging a sit-in and challenging anyone to come out and move him. NECW personality Pat Piper’s video showed on the video tron and Gorman stood to face his recent rival. “The Gorgeous Greek” Elektra Arion quickly snuck in through the front door and behind Gorman, leveling him when he turned around and sending him flying over the top rope and out of the ring.


In a very hard-hitting match, Lexxus defeated Luscious Latasha following a guillotine drop.


Next up was the “Belle of the Brawl”. This match was handled similarly to a Rumble match, with new wrestlers entering every two minutes. Ladies were eliminated by pinfall, submission or by being thrown over the top rope. The winner would go on and immediately face “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel for the World Women’s Wrestling Championship.


Order of Entrances/Eliminations:


Luscious Latasha and Roxie Cotton were the first two women in the match.


Sammi Lane entered next.


Mistress Belmont was the fourth woman to join the match.


Next to the ring was Taeler.


“The Gorgeous Greek” Elektra Arion made her WWW in-ring debut entering sixth.


Della Morte was the final woman to enter the match and began to systematically eliminate all of the other competition until it came down to her and Sammi Lane. Lane thought she had eliminated her larger opponent, but Della used her much greater experience to remain in the match and soon thereafter caught Sammi in a big body slam to the arena floor. Della Morte was crowned “Bell of the Brawl”

In the main event, WWW Champion “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel with Brendan Michael Thomas retained her title over Della Morte. Della looked to have the champion in trouble and title won, when BMT jumped on the ring apron distracting Della and the referee. Della went to knock out the champ’s agent, when he quickly dropped into the fetal position on the ring apron. Della turned back around only to be nailed with Ariel’s “Dariel” finisher for the pin fall. After the match, Lexxus ran into the ring and began an all-out assault on both the champion and her agent, clothes-lining both from the ring before helping Della Morte to her feet and raising her hand to end the show.

World Women’s Wrestling returs to live action as part of Boston radio legend, Eddie Andelman’s 19th Annual HOT DOG SAFARI on Sunday, June 1 at Suffolk Downs in East Boston, MA.

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