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WXW C-4’s annual return to Sportsfest happened on July 19th for an over four hour extravaganza!  By now you’ve no doubt read all the publicity about the history of the event, so let’s get right down to the recap of the action:

Commissioner Maven Bentley was on hand to open the event and introduce WXW C-4’s first second-generation diva: Miss Risza, the daughter of the late WWF wrestler Steve King, a good friend of the Samoan family.  Shawn Credle handled commentary duties for the broadcast.  Your cameramen were Ethan Cramer and Eric Shaffer, and your timekeeper in attendance was Joel Oreski.  Special thanks also to event sponsors Commix Hotel and Valley Welding.

1) The first match of the afternoon was a popular favorite at Sportsfest: the battle royal. This time, wrestlers entered at staggered intervals to make things more unpredictable.  Mercedes Martinez won the event, to win a title shot of her choice.  

2) AC Sledge, John The Man & Rex Taylor knocked off the trio of Chrono Chris, Mr. Harrison & Wigeezy.20 After the match, Steve Corino came to the ring with his Extreme Horsemen, Papa Don & “Second To None” Anthony. Corino explained to AC Sledge that it was time for him to stop hiding behind a fake name, and take his place as an Anderson alongside Corino in the Extreme Horsemen.  Sledge gave it some thought, then laid waste to his former teammates and joined the Horsemen using his true name, AC Anderson.

     3)  “Panama City Playboy” Adam Cole pinned newcomer Bobby Ocean .

     4)  “Puerto Rican Terror” Havoc & newest Wild Samoan Training Center graduate Nyia beat Danny DeManto & Brooke Carter in a mixed tag team match.

     5)  Sabian pinned The Dynamic Sensation (TDS) to become #1 contender to Ultimate Hybrid Title. 

     6)  Maverick pinned Bruno Marciano. 

     7)  To settle the Ultimate Hybrid Title situation stemming from two men holding onto the belt at the Go for the Gold match, VSK beat Sean Maluta in 2 straight falls of a two out of three falls match, but not without the presence of The Dynamic Sensation, the first man to hold that title.

     8)  DJ Hyde pinned Ki-Vuta.

     9)  Big Joe Gomez returned and pinned Brimstone. 

  =2 0 10) All Money Is Legal (K. Murda & K. Pusha) vs. Extreme Horsemen members Papa Don & “Second To None” Anthony ended in a double countout as the teams paired up and brawled outside the ring. 

     11) Campeon Internacional Eddie Guapo pinned AJ Sabotage. 

     12) Supreme Lee Great pinned longtime rival and “The Wrestler” co-star “Rotten” Tommy Suede. 

     13)  In our VALLEY WELDING sponsored match of the event, “Samoan Storm” Afa Jr pinned Flash Wheeler, then was attacked suddenly by a chair-wielding SWB (Slyck Wagner Brown). Perhaps SWB was looking to avenge a loss from Sportsfest 2003.  Samu saved his younger brother with a chairshot of his own to SWB, but the Afa Jr/SWB feud is far from over.  SWB was able to duck a chairshot in return from Afa Jr which only infuriated Afa more. As Slyck made his way to the back, Afa demanded a match against SWB when WXW C4 comes back to Allentown and it was granted by Commissioner Maven Bentley: however, it will be a No DQ match!

     14)  Elite Tag Team Champions, and unlikely allies after Go for the Gold, X-Treme Billy Dre am & “The Gift” John Bane (with Doc Daniels) beat Untouchables (Anthony Michaels & Mark Gore), in a match which saw the expected amount of interference from Doc Daniels and tens ion between the tag champs. 

     15) Devon Moore pinned the debuting Damien Dragon, but it looked like the Notorious one had a handful of tights, unseen by the referee. 

     16)  In the main event, sponsored by COUNTRY CLUB LAWNS (610-966-3210), Steve Corino (with Rob Dimension) beat Ultimate Heavyweight Champion “Hollywood Bad Boy” Eric Cobian by DQ when Doc Daniels pulled the ref out to break his count and prevent Corino from winning the title..  As Corino looked on with disbelief as Doc Daniels punched out the ref, Cobian was able to catch Corino in his running Death Valley Driver.  Cobian and Daniels stood proud over Corino with the crowd booing the Champ when Rob Dimension ran in to check on Steve Corino.  As he was checking on him, Doc Daniels leveled him from behind with the Singapore Cane.  Daniels and Cobian continued to beat down Dimension when Daniels decided to turn his attention to Corino.  Daniels though Corino was out long enough for him to get a few cheap shots on when to his surprise, “Mr Wrestling” stopped Doc’s punch and grabbed him by the collar ready to deliver one of his own until the remaining members of the Daniels Dynasty hit the ring for the save.  The Extreme Horsemen rushed to the ring to back up Corino and Dimension and swing the odds in their favor.  As soon as the Dynasty started to see things getting fair, they bailed out to survey the damage they delivered Even though Cobian retained the title via DQ, Corino gave notice to the Daniels Dynasty that he and the Horsemen were making WXW C-4 their new home and wanted to go 4 on 4, elimination style when C4 returns to Allentown on September 5th!  The Daniels Dynasty agreed (with Billy Dream having no say in the matter) to meet them for the first ever “Total Elimination” match in WXW C4! 

    Weren’t able to make Sportsfest?  Don’t worry because starting next week on Blast TV, you’ll see some of the best action that Sportsfest delivered.  Although we can’t show you EVERYTHING, you’ll have the chance to purchase the DVD in the comings weeks.  Blast TV airs each Sunday at 10 pm on Service Electric TV2. Don’t have SECTV?  Head over to HybridEnt.tv to watch the weeks episode On Demand, all day, every day!
     Don’t miss WXW C-4’s next event: “Homecoming ’09”, Saturday August 8th at 7:30pm at Valley Regional Fire & Rescue, 14 West Butler Drive, Drums, PA, with your favorite WXW C-4 stars in action! Visit WXWC4.com for all the information on this, and upcoming events and information.