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?????Zack Gowen Interview Recap
By: Bob Colling http://wrestlingrecaps.wordpress.com/ (over 1,040 wrestling reviews!)

For full audio of the interview please visit www.inyourheadonline.com

Zack Gowen was the second of three guests for IYH this past Wednesday. Gowen will also be appearing for the Remix Pro Wrestling show on April 2nd in Marietta, GA. For more information, head over to www.remixprowrestling.com

Jack asks if Gowen is looking for to Sara Del Ray vs. Mickie James that is scheduled to take place on the show. Gowen is looking forward to watching that contest because they are both talented. Gowen will be competing in a three way dance against two local talents for Remix Pro Wrestling to determine the number one contender for the companies X-Division championship. Gowen puts over his opponents as talented guys.

Gowen would like to compete against people who are more his size, but he doesn’t mind competing against bigger guys.

Jack asks how scary Brock Lesnar is. Gowen notes that he was never that scared before in his life. Gowen credits Lesnar for taking care of him while being in the ring. He says that Big Show told him that Lesnar was the strongest man he had ever competed against.

Mr. Moxie asks about Gowen’s thoughts on Truth Martini. Gowen starts off saying that they aren’t seeing eye to eye at the moment but says Martini broke him into the business in 2002. Gowen talks about being invited to join the House of Truth in ROH, but was attacked by Michael Elign because Martini thought that was the best decision for the group. Gowen hasn’t talked to Martini since that time.

Jack asks why Gowen hasn’t had longer stints with Ring of Honor. Gowen discusses how he managed to get heat during his first run, which was surprising to him. Gowen believes that a miscommunication between himself and Gabe that caused Gowen to miss a New York show prevented him from working for ROH on a more regular basis.

Gowen says that he wasn’t tossed down the stairs by Lesnar on a Smackdown in 2003. That was actually a stunt double because he wasn’t comfortable with doing that.

Jack asks about Vince McMahon and their angle when Gowen first got to the WWE. Gowen believes McMahon liked him and notes that television from eight years ago between them continues to be talked about today. He has a lot of respect for McMahon. Gowen acknowledges that working with McMahon, Hogan and Big Show was too much too soon. He didn’t know how to handle that success. He would slow down the process if he could rewrite history.

Gowen doesn’t believe that TNA was made with him that he left for WWE. Jeff Jarrett tried to convince him to not sign with WWE but Gowen ended up going because WWE was his dream.

William calls in to talk to Gowen about his WWE Confidential special. Gowen didn’t know that he was going to be introduced during a Mr. America vs. Roddy Piper feud. He was afraid to he was going to hurt Piper when he had to hit Piper with a flag pole. Gowen recalls Piper wanting him to hit him as hard as he could. In a funny story, Piper tried to rip off the wrong leg and asked Gowen why his leg wouldn’t come off!

Gowen talks about meeting with the writers and giving them his own ideas to introduce his character. He originally wanted to do more of a 1-2-3 Kid type of gimmick while not acknowledging that he only has one leg.

Jack asks if the WWE ever wanted to work an angle during the Royal Rumble where Gowen couldn’t be eliminated because he doesn’t have two feet. Gowen actually pitched that idea, but it never went anywhere.

William asks about Gowen’s theme song, which was supposedly meant for Kurt Angle because they didn’t want a babyface Kurt Angle to have a “You Suck” chant. Gowen actually has the theme song on his IPod!

Gene asks if everything about the McMahon’s is true. Gowen says Vince is very intimidating at first but once you get past that, the whole family is normal. Gowen believes that if Brock Lesnar would have stuck around with wrestling he would have been a star. He doesn’t believe Lesnar gets enough credit. Gene lastly asks if anyone has ever worked stiff with Gowen. Gowen doesn’t recall anyone ever working stiff with him.

Jack asks the opposite if anyone hasn’t felt comfortable doing certain moves. Gowen has had that happen several times on the independent scene.

Nikhil asks if Gowen had ever had to deal with Wrestlers Court. Gowen was supposed to but he ended up getting hurt on Smackdown and avoided Wrestlers Court as a result.

OIB asks if Matt Hardy had any heat towards Gowen regarding their feud in 2003. Gowen doesn’t know because he hasn’t talked to Hardy. He says that to his face, Hardy was very helpful. Gowen has a lot of respect for Hardy and is grateful for his help.

That is the end of a thirty minute interview with Zack Gowen!

For the full audio please visit: www.inyourheadonline.com