WWE Live Events – 2003

WWE Live Events

2003 Results

01/02/2003Results from Honolulu, HI(RAW crew)
01/03/2003Results from Honolulu, HI(RAW crew)
01/03/2003Results from San Francisco, CA(Smackdown! crew)
01/04/2003Results from Anaheim, CA(RAW crew)
01/04/2003Results from Fairbanks, AK(Smackdown! crew)
01/05/2003Results from Colorado Springs, CO(RAW crew)
01/05/2003Results from Anchorage, AK(Smackdown! crew)
01/07/2003Results from El Paso, TX(RAW crew)
01/11/2003Results from Trenton, NJ(Smackdown! crew)
01/12/2003Results from Atlantic City, NJ(RAW crew)
01/20/2003Results from Poughkeepsie, NY(Smackdown! crew)
01/23/2003Results from Seoul, South Korea(RAW crew)
01/24/2003Results from Tokyo, Japan(RAW crew)
01/25/2003Results from Tokyo, Japan(RAW crew)
01/25/2003Results from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada(Smackdown! crew)
01/26/2003Results from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada(Smackdown! crew)
01/27/2003Results from Milwaukee, WI(Smackdown! crew)
01/31/2003Results from Minneapolis, MN(RAW crew)
02/01/2003Results from New York City, NY(RAW crew)
02/02/2003Results from Binghamton, NY(RAW crew)
02/03/2003Results from White Plains, NY(Smackdown! crew)
02/07/2003Results from Houston, TX(RAW crew)
02/08/2003Results from Fresno, CA(RAW crew)
02/08/2003Results from Boise, ID(Smackdown! crew)
02/09/2003Results from San Diego, CA(RAW crew)
02/09/2003Results from Billings, MT(Smackdown! crew)
02/10/2003Results from Davis, CA(Smackdown! crew)
02/14/2003Results from Saginaw, MI(RAW crew)
02/15/2003Results from Kalamazoo, MI(RAW crew)
02/15/2003Results from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (Smackdown! crew)
02/16/2003Results from Huntington, WV(RAW crew)
02/16/2003Results from Detroit, MI(Smackdown! crew)
02/17/2003Results from Cincinnati, OH(Smackdown! crew)
02/28/2003Results from Capetown, South Africa(Smackdown! crew)
03/01/2003Results from Reading, PA(RAW crew)
03/01/2003Results from Johannesburg, South Africa(Smackdown! crew)
03/02/2003Results from Rochester, NY(RAW crew)
03/08/2003Results from East Lansing, MI(RAW crew)
03/08/2003Results from Birmingham, AL(Smackdown! crew)
03/09/2003Results from Dayton, OH(RAW crew)
03/09/2003Results from Youngstown, OH(Smackdown! crew)
March 10Results from Erie, PA(Smackdown! crew)
03/14/2003Results from Moline, IL(RAW crew)
03/15/2003Results from Lincoln, NE(RAW crew)
03/15/2003Results from Miami, FL(Smackdown! crew)
03/16/2003Results from Columbia, SC(RAW crew)
03/16/2003Results from Tampa, FL(Smackdown! crew)
04/12/2003Results from Roanoke, VA(RAW crew)
04/12/2003Results from Daytona Beach, FL(Smackdown crew)
04/13/2003Results from Charlottesville, VA(RAW crew)
04/13/2003Results from Montgomery, AL(Smackdown crew)
04/14/2003Results from Fayetteville, NC(Smackdown crew)
04/26/2003Results from Portland, OR(RAW crew)
04/26/2003Results from Springfield, OH(Smackdown crew)
04/28/2003Results from Burlington, VT(Smackdown crew)
05/02/2003Results from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada(RAW crew)
05/03/2003Results from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada(RAW crew)
05/03/2003Results from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada(Smackdown crew)
05/04/2003Results from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada(RAW crew)
05/04/2003Results from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada(Smackdown crew)
05/05/2003Results from Sydney, Australia(Smackdown crew)
05/08/2003Results from Aberdeen, Scotland(Smackdown crew)
05/09/2003Results from Wilkes-Barre, PA(RAW crew)
05/09/2003Results from London, England(Smackdown crew)
05/10/2003Results from Newark, NJ(RAW crew)
05/10/2003Results from Belfast, Ireland(Smackdown crew)
05/11/2003Results from Bethlehem, PA(RAW crew)
05/11/2003Results from Sheffield, England(Smackdown crew)
05/19/2003Results from Johnson City, TN(Smackdown crew)
05/23/2003Results from Bossier City, LA(RAW crew)
05/24/2003Results from Baton Rouge, LA(RAW crew)
05/25/2003Results from New Orleans, NO(RAW crew)
05/25/2003Results from Fort Myers, FL(Smackdown! crew)
05/26/2003Results from Dothan, AL(Smackdown! crew)
05/31/2003Results from Portland, OR(RAW crew)
05/31/2003Results from Las Vegas, NV(Smackdown! crew)
06/01/2003Results from Albuquerque, NM(RAW crew)
06/01/2003Results from Oakland, CA(Smackdown! crew)
06/02/2003Results from Sacramento, CA(Smackdown! crew)
06/06/2003Results from Nottingham, England (RAW crew)
06/07/2003Results from Austin, TX(Smackdown! crew)
06/08/2003Results from Loredo, TX(Smackdown! crew)
06/14/2003Results from Tulsa, OK(RAW crew)
06/14/2003Results from Odessa, TX(Smackdown! crew)
06/15/2003Results from Lubbock, TX(Smackdown! crew)
06/16/2003Results from Corpus Christi, TX(Smackdown! crew)
06/21/2003Results from Hartford, CT(RAW crew)
06/21/2003Results from Washington DC(Smackdown! crew)
06/22/2003Results from Albany, NY(RAW crew)
06/22/2003Results from Hershey, PA(Smackdown! crew)
06/23/2003Results from Uncasville, CT(Smackdown! crew)
06/27/2003Results from Poughkeepsie, NY(RAW crew)
06/28/2003Results from Elmira, NY(RAW crew)
06/28/2003Results from Providence, RI(Smackdown! crew)
06/29/2003Results from Syracuse, NY(RAW crew)
06/29/2003Results from Augusta, ME(Smackdown! crew)
06/30/2003Results from Utica, NY(Smackdown! crew)
07/04/2003Results from London, England(RAW crew)
07/05/2003Results from St. John, New Brunswick(RAW crew)
07/05/2003Results from Frederick, MD(Smackdown! crew)
07/06/2003Results from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island(RAW crew)
07/06/2003Results from Ocean City, MD(Smackdown! crew)
07/07/2003Results from Cleveland, OH(Smackdown! crew)
07/11/2003Results from Omaha, NE(RAW crew)
07/12/2003Results from Green Bay, WI(RAW crew)
07/13/2003Results from Terre Haute, IN(RAW crew)
07/16/2003Results from Bangkok, Thailand(Smackdown! crew)
07/17/2003Results from Yokohama, Japan(Smackdown! crew)
07/18/2003Results from Yokohama, Japan(Smackdown! crew)
07/19/2003Results from Hyogo, Japan(Smackdown! crew)
07/19/2003Results from Salt Lake City, UT(RAW crew)
07/20/2003Results from San Jose, CA(RAW crew)
07/31/2003Results from Melbourne, Australia(RAW crew)
08/01/2003Results from Sydney, Australia(RAW crew)
08/02/2003Results from Sydney, Australia(RAW crew)
08/02/2003Results from Calgary, Alberta, Canada(Smackdown! crew)
08/03/2003Results from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada(Smackdown! crew)
08/11/2003Results from Kansas City, MO(Smackdown! crew)
08/15/2003Results from Evansville, IN(RAW crew)
08/16/2003Results from Lexington, KY(RAW crew)
08/16/2003Results from Minneapolis, MN(Smackdown! crew)
08/17/2003Results from Fort Wayne, IN(RAW crew)
08/17/2003Results from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada(Smackdown! crew)
08/18/2003Results from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada(Smackdown! crew)
08/29/2003Results from Memphis, TN(RAW crew)
08/30/2003Results from Hattiesburg, MS(RAW crew)
08/30/2003Results from Boston, MA(Smackdown! crew)
08/31/2003Results from Biloxi, MS(RAW crew)
08/31/2003Results from Uniondale, NY(Smackdown! crew)
09/05/2003Results from Tallahassee, FL(RAW crew)
09/06/2003Results from Savannah, GA(RAW crew)
09/07/2003Results from Chattanooga, TN(RAW crew)
09/07/2003Results from Fort Lauderdale, FL(Smackdown! crew)
09/08/2003Results from Columbus, OH(Smackdown! crew)
09/12/2003Results from Nashville, TN(RAW crew)
09/12/2003Results from Roanoke, VA(Smackdown! crew)
09/13/2003Results from Knoxville, TN(RAW crew)
09/14/2003Results from Richmond, VA(Smackdown! crew)
09/14/2003Results from Asheville, NC(RAW crew)
09/15/2003Results from Greenville, NC(Smackdown! crew)
09/20/2003Results from New York City, NY(Smackdown! crew)
09/21/2003Results from Binghamton, NY(Smackdown! crew)
09/22/2003Results from Bethlehem, PA(Smackdown! crew)
09/26/2003Results from Fargo, ND(RAW crew)
09/27/2003Results from Bismarck, ND(RAW crew)
09/27/2003Results from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada(Smackdown! crew)
09/28/2003Results from Peoria, IL(RAW crew)
09/28/2003Results from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada(Smackdown! crew)
09/29/2003Results from Valpraiso, IN(Smackdown! crew)
10/03/2003Results from Guelph, Ontario, Canada(RAW crew)
10/04/2003Results from St. John, Newfoundland(RAW crew)
10/05/2003Results from Moncton, New Brunswick(RAW crew)
10/06/2003Results from Trenton, NJ(Smackdown! crew)
10/09/2003Results from Turku, Finland(Smackdown! crew)
10/10/2003Results from Louisville, KY(RAW crew)
10/10/2003Results from Köln/Cologne, Germany(Smackdown! crew)
10/11/2003Results from Norfolk, VA(RAW crew)
10/11/2003Results from Birmingham, England(Smackdown! crew)
10/12/2003Results from Wheeling, WV(RAW crew)
10/12/2003Results from Manchester, England(Smackdown! crew)
10/17/2003Results from Manchester, NH(RAW crew)
10/18/2003Results from Providence, RI(RAW crew)
10/19/2003Results from Portland, OR(RAW crew)
10/20/2003Results from White Plains, NY(Smackdown! crew)
10/26/2003Results from Florence, SC(RAW crew)
10/26/2003Results from Albany, NY(Smackdown! crew)
10/27/2003Results from Augusta, GA(Smackdown! crew)
11/01/2003Results from Toledo, OH(RAW crew)
11/01/2003Results from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada(Smackdown! crew)
11/02/2003Results from Columbus, OH(RAW crew)
11/02/2003Results from Montreal, Quebec, Canada(Smackdown! crew)
11/03/2003Results from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada(Smackdown! crew)
11/07/2003Results from Toronto, Ontario, Canada(RAW crew)
11/08/2003Results from Springfield, MA(RAW crew)
11/08/2003Results from Poughkeepsie, NY(Smackdown! crew)
11/09/2003Results from Burlington, CT(RAW crew)
11/09/2003Results from Worcester, MA(Smackdown! crew)
11/10/2003Results from Bridgeport, CT(Smackdown! crew)
11/17/2003Results from Hidalgo, TX(Smackdown! crew)
11/21/2003Results from Detroit, MI(RAW crew)
11/22/2003Results from Tacoma, WA(RAW crew)
11/22/2003Results from Los Angeles, CA(Smackdown! crew)
11/23/2003Results from Yakima, WA(RAW crew)
11/23/2003Results from Portland, OR(Smackdown! crew)
11/28/2003Results from Las Vegas, NV(RAW crew)
11/29/2003Results from San Francisco, CA(RAW crew)
11/30/2003Results from Bakersfield, CA(RAW crew)
12/04/2003Results from Seoul, Korea(Smackdown! crew)
12/05/2003Results from Singapore, Republic of Singapore(Smackdown! crew)
12/05/2003Results from Billings, MN(RAW crew)
12/06/2003Results from Perth, Scotland(Smackdown! crew)
12/06/2003Results from Loveland, CO(RAW crew)
12/07/2003Results from Fresno, CA(RAW crew)
12/12/2003Results from New York City, NY(RAW crew)
12/13/2003Results from West Palm Beach, FL(RAW crew)
12/13/2003Results from Chicago, IL(Smackdown! crew)
12/14/2003Results from Indianapolis, IN(Smackdown! crew)

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