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Jack and Oneinchbiceps are joined by the “Total Package” Lex Luger!

Luger mentions that In Your Head Wrestling Radio is one of the biggest things going on the internet and that it is great to be on the show tonight.

Jack plugs Promolast that will be taking place next week. The fanfest will be taking place on June 4th and 5th. For your ticket information please visit:

Luger says that he enjoys going to the fanfests and mentions that he met Jack and OIB at last years fanfest in Charlotte. Luger never would have thought that he would become a legend in wrestling. Luger talked about his debut in Florida working with Rick Rude and Percy Pringle. Luger was told to just take his shirt off and not say anything. He didn’t even have a name at the time. Luger says that he came up with the name Lex Luger because he was fan of the Superman movies. Lex Luther was a character from the Superman franchise and just went with it. Luger also was told that he couldn’t be billed from Buffalo, NY where he is from. Instead, he was billed from Chicago, IL.

Jack asks Luger what it was like to work with Rick Rude. Luger confirms that Rude was a tough guy backstage. Luger said that he wouldn’t go out of his way to get in a fight with him.

Luger really puts over the yoga classes that Diamond Dallas Page has developed. Luger talks about reconnecting with DDP and having the yoga classes being a big part of his spinal recovery. Luger talks about over coming the odds from his spinal injury were people were telling him that he would never walk again and would need 24/7 help. Luger is able to start lifting weights again.

A caller asks about Miss Elizabeth and asks how Luger felt the WWE did a piece on Confidential. Luger hasn’t seen the piece. Luger says that the 911 phone call is public record and fair game. Luger feels responsible for what happened to Elizabeth and feels remorse over what happened. Luger talked about his drug and alcohol abuse and how that also affected Elizabeth.

Luger talks about how exhausting the Lex Express was as he made a lot of public appearances. Luger says it was a pretty cool experience. Luger doesn’t know the exact reason as to why he wasn’t given the title. Luger puts over the talent of Yokozuna. Luger believes that McMahon was trying to stretch out Yoko’s title reign and wanted the title switch at Wrestle Mania instead of SummerSlam. Luger believes that he may have lost a little bit of steam but his career continued to move forward.

Jack brings up Yokozuna. Luger mentions that he and Yoko would play cards in the back of a bus and go out to eat. Luger says that Yoko was the most talented big man in the business. Luger used to call him the “dancing bear”. Luger says anytime working with Yokozuna was like a night off.

Luger talks about the time he slammed Yokozuna on July 4th, 1993. Luger felt he was on ice skates because his cowboy boots were worn out on the bottom. Luger was nervous about slipping and looking awful in the process. However, Yokozuna was able to bail him out and credits Yoko for pulling off the slam.

Dan from Canada calls in asks if Luger would ever be able to get back to the body he had from his wrestling days to get back in the ring. Luger doesn’t expect to get back to that level of muscle mass. Luger says that he never got a phone call from TNA regarding the rumor that Luger was going to be on TV. Luger would love to manage Sting, but doesn’t think Sting would be interested for that. Luger jokes that he could trip Sting with his cane. Luger is still friends with Sting and mentions that he hated Sting for awhile because he thought he lost his party partner when Sting got saved during his time in WCW.

Lex Luger announces that he is not currently on My Space or Face Book. So, anyone on those network sites is not him.

Trevor calls in and asks what it was like to work with Hulk Hogan in WCW. Luger says it was great to work with Hogan in WCW. Luger talks about his debut on Nitro in 1995. Luger talks about smirking as he thought they were off the air, and Hogan was mad about Luger doing so. Luger mentions that Hogan had never jobbed on live television and that it was a show of respect when he did that in 1995.

A caller asks about Luger’s thoughts on Ron Garvin and Barry Windham. The phone call turns into a series of different thoughts on various different wrestlers. Really doesn’t go anywhere.

Adam calls in asks if the story is true that Luger got lost in April 1990. Luger believes that is very possible that it happened. Luger says that he was infamous for being late to the buildings as he would work out before his matches.

Luger talks about how great the YRG classes are. YRG is the yoga class that DDP puts together. Luger is looking forward to seeing Ron Simmons as he hasn’t seen in a long time. Luger really enjoys reuniting with several of the guys he hasn’t seen in over a decade.

Luger thought that the Nitro Girls was a good concept and enjoyed watching them dance. “After all, I am a guy”.

Joel calls in and asks if their were any differences between NWA and WCW. Luger thought it was a easy transition from the NWA to WCW. Luger says it didn’t affect the wrestlers all that much. Luger says their was a lot of big egos in WCW, including himself at the time. Luger says it helps to have a little bit of a confident attitude in the entertainment business. Luger talks about McMahon always going to the curtain to see the reaction of the fans when they ran in MSG. McMahon would go by the fans reaction to see if their was anyway to push the given wrestler. Luger believes that the fans really do have a influence in creating pushes for wrestlers.

Luger talks about the differences from working in the Northeast and down South. Luger talked about Philadelphia booing the good guys and cheering the bad guys.

Luger wasn’t mad when the fans started to cheer for Bret Hart. Luger mentioned that Hart was a WWF guy for a long term time and didn’t mind it.

Luger didn’t have any control over the Lex Express gimmick. Luger knows it was difficult to get everyone behind the character and the push.

Luger teases that he will be bringing a few surprises to the Promolast fanfest.

OIB asks a question from the message board if winning the title from Hogan in 1997 was a highlight of his career. Luger says its one of his highlights, along with slamming Yokozuna and being apart of the Wolfpac. Luger also says that his run with the Four Horsemen in the beginning was a highlight.

Jack asks about working with Ric Flair in his prime. Luger puts Flair over as a ring general and a great entertainer. Luger estimated that he worked with Flair at least 1,000 times. Luger says that Flair always said that Luger and Steamboat had the best pecks to chop.

OIB also asks who gave Luger the best advice throughout his career. Luger jokes that he was given a lot of great advice but never followed it! Luger credits Hiro Matsuda was being someone who helped him out a lot throughout his career.

Luger says that he heard about the Hiro story of breaking Hogan’s leg. Luckily for Luger by the time he got to Hiro he had mellowed out a lot.

Brian calls in and asks if Luger has any memories of Superbrawl Saturday promo. The promo was when Luger had a problem taking a t-shirt off. Luger didn’t properly gimmick the t-shirts and swore a lot because he couldn’t get the t-shirt off. Luger was having a bad day and that just made it worse.

OIB asks a question from the message board asking why Luger left WWF in 1995. Luger tells the story about giving WWF his 90 day notice in March of 1995 and was talking to them about a new contract. Luger had been working without a contract for several months when Sting called Luger about the Monday show. Luger knew that Bischoff wasn’t a fan of his and says that Bischoff jumped on board for it. Luger was very uncomfortable to have to just leave WWF without giving McMahon a two week notice. Luger went from a house show on Sunday to on WCW programming on Monday much to the surprise of McMahon!

Luger hasn’t heard anything about a WCW themed Hall of Fame induction. Luger has heard the rumor but doesn’t know of anything. Luger says it would be a honor to be apart of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Jack brings up that his grandmother is a fan of Lex Luger and Sting. Luger jokes that it makes him look really old.

Carroll calls in and as usual mentions that he is related to former WCW cameraman Jackie Crockett. Carroll tells a story of Lex Luger slapping his hand back from a house in 1998 and how he was “tickled” when Luger did that. Carroll thanked Luger for everything he had ever done in the wrestling business.

Rueben calls in and asks how it was to work with Brian Pillman and the Bruiser Brody incident. Luger really enjoyed working with Brian Pillman. Luger was afraid to go to the locker room after the Brody incident. Luger says that Brody was really cool about the situation and said that it just wasn’t working out tonight. Brody said it didn’t work with Luger because of their different television exposure.

Luger enjoys being a heel as your able to be more outrageous. Luger says it is harder to be a baby face because they need to be able to trust you and that sort of thing is difficult. Luger says that the fans always bought him either way because they switched him a lot throughout the years.

Jack brings up Luger’s feud with Tatanka. Luger really liked the feud and thought the heel turn by Tatanka turned out well as no one expected Tatanka to do a heel turn.

President Clinton calls in to end the show. Luger really enjoys the President Clinton character. Clinton asks if Luger has any fun stories of Harley Race. Luger puts Race over a great guy and has a lot of great respect. Luger says that Race could smoke a cigarette, drink a beer and still be able to drive a car. Luger had never seen anything like that.

Jack plugs the Promolast event taking place on June 4th and 5th in Atlanta, GA. Luger tells the hosts that he would gladly comeback on the show down the line.


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