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Random RumblingsA new era in the WWF begins as Ric Flair drops the WWF World Championship to someone nobody saw coming. Plus, several wrestlers make their debut or return to the company.

WWF World Championship Scene: (currently held by: Ric Flair)
Flair’s reign as WWF World Champion for the second time would be short lived. Flair lost the WWF World Championship to Bret Hart at a non-televised house show on October 12th in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The match would be released on the Coliseum Video Smack ‘em Whack ‘em.

The title change would mark a new era for the WWF. Bret would defend the championship against the likes of Nailz, Papa Shango and Rick Martel on the house show market.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene: (currently held by: the British Bulldog)
Bulldog successfully defended the championship on the October 12th edition of Primetime Wrestling against Kamala by count-out. That was the only defense on television for Bulldog.

On the house show market, Bulldog would defeated Shawn Michaels throughout the month by disqualification to retain his championship. They would have a televised match next month on a Saturday Night’s Main Event.

WWF World Tag Team Championship Scene: (currently held by: the Natural Disasters)
Earthquake pinned Ted DiBiase on the October 12th edition of WWF Primetime after an elbow drop. The two teams would meet next month with the titles on the line. It would be broadcasted on Wrestling Challenge.

Other Happenings:
Razor Ramon continued to taunt Randy Savage on the October 3rd edition of WWF Superstars saying that Savage had lost his gold but Razor still had his gold. Also, Savage would be crazy to get in the ring with Ramon in the future. It was announced on the October 11th Wrestling Challenge that Savage would team with the Ultimate Warrior to take on Razor Ramon and Ric Flair at the Survivor Series next month.

Bret Hart claimed to not be afraid of Papa Shango and his curses during the October 4th edition of WWF Wrestling Challenge. Interesting fact about Bret, who would win the WWF World Championship as you have read, is that he lost to Blake Beverly on the October 12th Primetime, but the decision reversed due to Beau Beverly getting involved. Blake did earn the three count over Bret.

Paul Bearer and the Undertaker continued to scare Kamala with a casket during the October 4th edition of Wrestling Challenge.

Terry Taylor mad his return to the WWF after a two year absence during the October 5th edition of Primetime Wrestling.

Big Bossman and Nailz continued their feud on the October 5th edition of Primetime Wrestling where they brawled to the backstage area.

Lance Cassidy made his debut in the WWF on the October 12 edition of Primetime Wrestling.

Sgt. Slaughter revealed he is no longer a wrestler and is now an official for the WWF. The announcement was made on October 12th Primetime Wrestling show.

Vignettes promoting the return of Bob Backlund started to air during the month.

The Undertaker scared Kamala with a casket again on October 10th WWF Superstars after telling Kamala will will rest in peace at Survivor Series next month.

The Mountie quit the WWF on October 26th following a 30-second loss to new WWF World Champion Bret Hart. Mountie wouldn’t be seen in the WWF for roughly a year.

Yokozuna made his WWF debut on the October 31st edition of WWF Superstars. Yokozuna is an enormous sumo wrestler who’s finishing move is the Bonzai Drop.

Also on the October 31st edition of WWF Superstars, Marty Jannetty made his return to the WWF when he attempted to attack Shawn Michaels but instead hit Sherri Martel with a mirror on accident. Michaels left Sherri in the ring while Marty checked on her. Jannetty hadn’t been seen in the WWF for nine months.

There weren’t any major events during the month.

— Bob Colling (http://wrestlingrecaps.com)