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In the video above, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart doe a Q&A with Off The Record’s Periscope account. Hart says his favorite wrestler right now is Kevin Owens. Bret has a lot of praise for Owens and how he’s able to move as a big man.

Bret also says he misses CM Punk and wrestling hasn’t been the same without him. Bret says Punk raised the bar and was a great innovator who always stood up for the right things. Bret agrees with how Punk left WWE and says he has nothing but respect for him. Bret believes Punk “took a bullet” for every wrestler.

Regarding Hulk Hogan‘s WWE future, Bret says he hopes he never comes back and hopes Hogan lives in “his own world” in Tampa. Bret says he’s never been a Hogan fan and doesn’t remember him as a racist but there was a lot of racism in wrestling. Bret says times have changed and he’s kind of glad Hogan got busted. He says Hogan is probably glad Roddy Piper died because his passing took the edge off the Hogan scandal.

He believes Seth Rollins is a great wrestler and he respects him but can’t forgive him for busting John Cena‘s nose with his knee. Bret says you can’t make mistakes like that in the ring and call yourself a great wrestler when you make those kinds of mistakes.

He hopes Tyson Kidd gets back in the ring and can show people what he’s made of. He calls Kidd one of the best wrestlers in the world and one of the most underrated. He says Kidd is one of those wrestlers you don’t appreciate until he’s not around.

Bret also talks about who he keeps in touch with, why Cody Rhodes is one of the best technical wrestlers today, his favorite match and more.

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