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Bret Hart 2

By ), cagesideseats.com writer:

The Hitman’s interviews are the stuff of legend…we wouldn’t have the 4/10 running joke without them.  At the same time, it’s hard to process a Bret Hart conversation without thinking, as Triple H said on last Monday’s Stone Cold Podcast on WWE Network, that “maybe some times he takes himself too seriously”.

However you process his post-ring career, Hart is a legend and a student of the game, so when he does talk, it’s worth considering what he has to say.  And in a recent interview with Anthony Notarile and Anthony Santaniello on The Sports Vision, Bret had a lot of interesting things to say at his discussed the arc of his career and the WWE-dominated current pro wrestling landscape.

Looking at today’s product, and wrestlers at the top of the card like Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins, Bret sees his influence – and thinks it might be a little greater than that of some of his contemporaries who’s star shined a little brighter at the time:

“I just think that as wrestling moves into the future, everyday it goes further and further from my day, I look at the wrestlers today and I realize that they’re carrying the torch of my style. It’s not about strongman spots and Hulk Hogan, and putting one hand behind your ear and working the crowd, and stuff like that. It’s about guys that are out there suplexing each other, and doing a lot of complex wrestling moves, and a lot of action. That’s the kind of wrestling that I brought to the game.”

Pride in his workrate and the Hulkster are recurring themes in the interview, and Bret believes he could have added to the Hogan legacy – if the WWF & WCW poster boy would have worked with him:

“There’s a lot of wrestlers I worked with in those days that still stop me and tell me that the greatest match they ever had was with me…I take pride in that…

I wish guys like Hulk Hogan might’ve had the courage to get in the ring with me, because I maybe could’ve given him his best match that he ever had, also.”

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