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Hart DVDPosted by Flame in OWW Forums:

These aren’t 5 star matches per say, as they are matches that mean a lot to Bret Hart.

He talks about how he went through hours of archived footage to choose the content.

He says he isn’t the best there is was & ever will be and says that title should belong to Dynamite Kid, he says wrestling became great because Dynamite paved the way for everybody to be as athletic and innovative that everyone eventually got

Hart Foundation vs The Islanders – Bret like this match because the Philadelphia Spectrum had some of the rowdiest fans and lots of emotion and energy

Bret vs Andre the Giant – this was in Milan Italy, Bret was kind of cranky he walked off a flight looked at the match listing and it had Bret Hart vs Andre the Giant and Bret was stunned

Bret vs Mr Perfect – Bret has said on multiple occasions that Mr Perfect was his favorite opponent of all time, he even said if he could wrestle one more match he would pick Mr Perfect as his opponent, funny thing is Bret said their first match was terrible because they were trying to hard to please each other, they were being overly generous and overly nice to each other and it just didn’t work, they stuck to the formula and he said the second match the one on here everything kind of clicked and set the tone for some the great matches they would have in the future

Hart Foundation vs Twin Towers – this match is special to Bret, because Bret thought he might of ended his career at the time, Bret was going for a sunset flip and Akeem formerly One Man Gang sat on his sternum, 400 lbs thought he might of crushed his sternum

Bret vs Tiger Mask II (also known as Mitsuharu Misawa) this was before Misawa broke through, I think he was holding back in the Tiger Mask gimmick, Bret is kind of a heel in this match since it is in Japan, I wasn’t really sure how Bret’s style would work in Japan since he’s not a stiff guy (like it or not that’s the style over there as it is seen as an actual competitive sport) but it worked relatively well, Bret didn’t really like working in Japan, he said the wrestlers liked to take advantage of him, they liked to work stiff, stiffer than he likes to work

Bret Hart vs Ric Flair – Bret said he respected Flair only because a lot of the guys that he respected were saying all these great things about Flair. He said Flair didn’t have a lot of psychology he did the same things over and over again. His father told him that Flair was a great routine wrestler (meaning he had the same exact match with everyone). (I think Chris Benoit put it best: “If everyone wrestled like Ric Flair or everyone wrestled like Bret Hart the business would be boring.” Meaning you need different styles and different types to make the product exciting)

Bret Hart vs Undertaker – He said he didn’t really buy into Taker’s gimmick with all the hocus pocus stuff. Eventually Taker became one of his favorite guys to work with, but at first he felt Taker needed a lot of work and felt like he brought out the best in Taker. Taker was relieved to work with Bret he said “I’m so glad I finally get a chance to show everyone I can wrestle and I’m not some type of Frankenstein gimmick”

Bret vs Bam Bam Bigelow – He said the best big man to work with was Bam Bam, Bigelow was very agile for a big man he could move and he could fly and he & Bret always had good matches

Bret vs Diesel – This was Diesel’s really first big money match, so he’s really nervous and wanting to put on a good show. Bret worked extremely hard to make him look good, the combination of Bret & Diesel worked and Bret really tells good stories with big men

Bret vs Owen Hart – Nice short no holds barred match really fast paced and exciting. He did talk about the Wrestlemania X match, before the match Owen was going to do all these high risk maneuvers and before the match Bret was kind of worried and said we have to change everything this is going to make you out to be a babyface they’re going to boo me because I’m the older brother so you have to be more of a heel, so they switched everything around right before Wrestlemania X.

Bret vs Jean Pierre LaFitte – LaFitte stole Bret’s jacket, Bret said this was the lamest storyline he was involved in. A little sloppy but the guy works extremely hard, stiff rugged action, it wasn’t pretty, Bret had to work really hard for this win.

Bret vs Stone Cold Steve Austin – After Wrestlemania XII Bret took some time off to film a show in South Africa, he said if they did come to South Africa he would wrestle for the WWF. At the time Austin was more of a ruthless technician. Good solid wrestling

Bret vs The Patriot – Bret said during the summer of 1997 was his favorite time, being a heel in the US and being a babyface in Canada, being a heel and a babyface at the same time is something that had just never been done before. (Patriot actually had Kurt Angle‘s theme, so it kind of sucks for Kurt that they just gave him the theme of this other gimmick that just didn’t work out.) Bret had to really bust his ass in this match, he was white hot as a heel everything he did got a reaction and the fans didn’t seem to buy into the Patriot gimmick, times were changing and they just weren’t going to get behind this patriotic babyface

Bret vs Booker T – He thought Booker had a lot of potential, was very athletic, felt he could help elevate Booker to the next level and draw a lot of money with, he said WCW didn’t think that way and they dropped the ball with it

Bret vs Sting – He misjudged Sting, he thought Sting was going to be a pain in the ass to work with (if you don’t know Sting & Ultimate Warrior broke into the business as tag partners) so he was worried Sting might have that same inflated ego that Warrior had. He said he was wrong because he thinks Sting is one of the nicest guys he’s ever met in wrestling and just a nice and generous guy

Bret vs Yokozuna – Bret was disappointed with the Wrestlemania IX match, Yoko rushed into the finish

Bret & British Bulldog vs Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart – Nice old school tag match

Bret vs Hakushi – Bret pushed for Vince to sign Hakushi despite no one else wanting to because he was one of the few guys from Japan that really impressed him

Bret vs Vader – He hated working with Vader because he was way too stiff. Vader tried as hard as he could to be gentle with Bret, but when they got backstage Bret told Vader that he almost killed him and Vader started crying he started throwing stuff he just felt bad because he was just way too stiff (have to remember Vader is a huge and strong man and also he spent a good majority of his career in Japan where that is how they wrestle usually)

A lot of the matches have weird finishes, so don’t expect Bret’s greatest matches as most of those have been released.

Recommended if you’re a huge Bret Hart fan.

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