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ChickFight Management Notices

The wrestler known professionally as CHEERLEADER MELISSA has been warned about consistently interfering in fights that she is not contracted to take part in as well as the continuous assault on backstage staff and security. This warning that was sent in writing noted her previous interference at ChickFight events numbered 8 & 9 respectively.

As the wrestler known professionally as CHEERLEADER MELISSA failed to acknowledge these warnings ChickFight Management felt that drastic action had to be taken and on Sunday Aug 26 following ANOTHER attack mid-match between Jade and Blue Nikita ChickFight Management decided that Melissa’s opponent later that night (Chelsey “Bubbles” Cartwright) could not be disqualified during the match while Melissa would not only be disqualified for breaking any rules or ignoring any referee rulings but also be suspended for 90 days.

While a harsh decision in some peoples eyes ChickFight Management felt drastic action was the only way to bring the seriousness of these consistent attacks on talent and staff of ChickFight to the attention of the wrestler known professionally as CHEERLEADER MELISSA. The “No DQ for Melissa’s Opponent” rule was also enforced on “Episode 2” in her fight with the wrestler known professionally as Blue Nikita.

While nothing happened in front of the fans in Skegness ChickFight Management later learned that Melissa was aggressive to staff at the hotel ChickFight Management had provided for her and several other ChickFight fighters. As the wrestler known professionally as CHEERLEADER MELISSA is contracted to ChickFight and BlackPants Incorporated (the company behind ChickFight) Melissa must remember that she is representing ChickFight at all times while being paid and therefore this behavior is not acceptable thus ChickFight Management have no choice but to suspend Cheerleader Melissa for a period of 90 days commencing Monday August 27th.

ChickFight Management would like to thank the wrestler known professionally as JETTA for being forthcoming with information about the aggressive behavior of Cheerleader Melissa. Without Jetta’s information and witness statement we potentially may never have found this out.

Cheerleader Melissa had contractually been scheduled to appear at our final UK event of the year on Saturday October 20 at The Premier Club in Swindon as part of the new ChickFight October tradition – The ChickFight Round Robin, (competing for the major prize to be announced shortly) along with Eden Black, WESNA and Blue Nikita; however as Cheerleader Melissa suspension is for 90 days dated back to Monday August 27th then ChickFight Management have no choice but to withdraw Cheerleader Melissa from the ChickFight Round Robin.
In the original statement to ChickFight Management Jetta wrote:

“I feared for the safety of not only myself but more so of those around me. The hotel was full of wonderful parents with beautiful children all of whom were fans of the great ChickFight promotion of which I am a proud and dedicated employee of and I could not in any right mind allow someone such as Cheerleader Melissa get away with frightening the innocent families of those who happened to be staying at the same hotel as ourselves. The last thing anyone wants to see is public humiliation in national papers aimed at ChickFight just because one of it’s wrestlers can not control their temper, which considering the state of the wrestling business right now in the eyes of the media and Joe Public due to the steroid scandal in America (Cheerleader Melissa’s home country I might add) that has also made it’s way into the pages of British national tabloid newspapers such as The Daily Star and The Sun that I fear it would not be long before a parental and national media backlash against ChickFight would begin right here in the UK should acts such as Melissa’s be tolerated”

ChickFight Management would like to thank Jetta once again for being brave enough to come forward despite the understandable fearing for her own safety considering the actions of Cheerleader Melissa over the past 8 months. ChickFight Management are happy to set an example of rewarding professionalism and bravery by granting Jetta the place formally occupied by Cheerleader Melissa in The ChickFight Round Robin and wish her luck in the event!



ChickFight returns on Saturday October 20 at the Premier Club in Swindon when we present the all new October tradition of the ChickFight Round Robin!

4 of the top ChickFight fighters will compete against one another for a huge prize to be announced publicly at a later date. The rules and point systems are as follows:

All 4 wrestlers will fight one another throughout the Round Robin.

Each fight has a 30 minute time limit.

The fighter with the most points at the end of the night will be declared the winner.

All decisions are final.

Points are scored at:

Win via pin fall, submission or referee stoppage – 3 points
Win via count-out, disqualification or forfeit – 2 points
A draw will give both fighters – 1 point

The Fighters in the ChickFight Round Robin are:


Eden Black

Blue Nikita


(*NOTE* Jetta is replacing the now suspended Cheerleader Melissa in this event)

Joint tickets for both the ChickFight and 4FW shows on Saturday October 20 at The Premier Club in Swindon are now on sale! Remember these tickets entitle you to not only watch the ChickFight event but also the awesome 4FW event that will follow with the main event of a 3 Way Steel Cage Match for the 4FW Heavyweight Championship as champion David Sharp defends against Iestyn Rees and El Ligero plus Sam Slam goes 1 on 1 with “The Guvnor” Martin Stone!

Prices are:

£18 Ringside Ticket

£14 Standard Adult Ticket

£10 Standard Child Ticket

£48 Family Ticket*
(* minimum 2 children)

Remember these prices include entry to BOTH SHOWS on the day!

Tickets are going fast so book now!

Call 01793 417600 for tickets!

Doors open 3.45pm for ChickFight with the first bell at 4pm!

Can’t make both shows? Need tickets for ChickFight only?!

Well that’s not a problem!! You can purchase tickets just for the ChickFight event via www.MySpace.com/ChickFightEuroShop. Tickets priced at £10 front row, £8 Adult Standard and £6 Child Standard with a Family* ticket costing just £25!


Quick results from ChickFight Live in Skegness filmed for TV broadcast.

Suncastle, Skegness, 250 seated plus standing. Event SOLD OUT.
Thanks to Ian Linton for sending this report in.

“Episode 1”

Jade and Blue Nikita went to a no contest after Cheerleader Melissa interfered attacking both Jade and Blue Nikita.

Management had previously handed a note to the timekeeper and ring announcer that was to be read out aloud should Melissa ignore previous warnings and fines re: her continual interference. The letter read that as Melissa has used fear tactics to get referees to change rules of matches as she went along, continually interfered in matches she is not contracted to appear in and has also attacked ChickFight staff, that should she even so much as use a clenched fist on her opponent then she would be disqualified in the match and suspended for 90 days without pay. This was not the only ruling decision, ChickFight Management also ruled that while Melissa could not disobey the referee’s orders at all in her match on Episode 1 her opponent could do and use anything she wanted!

Jetta defeated Skye in a 2/3 falls contest by winning 2 straight falls.

Jetta and Skye have faced off against one another throughout the UK sharing victories however on the grand stage of ChickFight Skye has never won a match. Skye was prepared to end that losing streak tonight and also end the back and forth battles her and her on-off tag team partner have had.

Before the match began Jetta got on the mic to remind her occasional tag team partner about their respective careers. Since concentrating mainly on single careers Jetta has put together an impressive win loss record throughout Europe including wins in ChickFight where as Skye has constantly been staring at the lights. Jetta told her “Wombie” that this was because she paid too much attention to what the fans wanted and not enough attention to winning and was intent on teaching Skye a lesson on what is needed to get the job done. While Skye may have disagreed at the start of the contest one has to wonder what was going through her mind as she lost both falls to Jetta just when it seemed like she had control of the match but was signifying her moves to the crowd allowing Coventry’s Loudest to take advantage leading to the 2-0 win.

In the shock of the night Skegness’ own Chelsey “Bubbles” Cartwright PINNED Cheerleader Melissa after Blue Nikita came to ringside distracting Melissa long enough for Bubbles to score a tight roll-up for the win! Only one person looked more shocked than Cheerleader Melissa and even the fans in attendance as the ring announcer pronounced Bubbles as the winner – and that was Bubbles herself! Blue Nikita made Melissa well aware of the fact that she was not going to be “just another name on the list” of women to be attacked mid-match by “The Female Terminator” and became the 1st woman to retaliate!

In the final match of Episode 1 for the RQW Women’s Championship WESNA defeated Eden Black by DQ after Jetta once again cost Black the RQW Women’s Championship this time after fooling the referee into thinking Black had used a weapon on WESNA. Black then chased Jetta out of the building while WESNA told the ring announcer that she did not want to win in this manor. Clearly WESNA and Black need to compete one more time however it seems Black needs to sort out her problems with Coventry’s Loudest first.

After a 20 minute interval the action returned.

“Episode 2”

It was announced on the house mic that as a result of the earlier proceedings Eden Black would get a chance for revenge against Jetta while Cheerleader Melissa would face Blue Nikita!

In an open challenge match for the RQW Women’s Championship WESNA retained against Bubbles, Jade and Skye in an Elimination 4 corners match defeating all 3 with the sunset driver!

Jetta defeated Eden Black in a 1 on 1 grudge match. Black didn’t even wait for Jetta to make her way to the ring jumping her at the entrance way and the two brawled around ringside before eventually making their way inside the ring however it was Jetta who scored the pin fall using her “win at any costs” attitude that she raved on about during her match with Skye. Straight after the pin fall Jetta legged it from ringside however Black followed in hot pursuit – clearly this feud is not even close to being over!

In the final match of the night Cheerleader Melissa defeated Blue Nikita after hitting the Vertabreaker for the 1-2-3 in an incredible hard hitting match that reminded fans of the epic fights Melissa has been a part of with WESNA.


A HUGE THANKS to everyone at Real Deal Wrestling for making this show possible!

The 2 “Episodes” were filmed for ChickFight TV and will also be broadcasted on ChickFight TV in the near future as well as released on DVD!



ChickFight E-news has learned that ChickFight are to make an impact in another European country next year. Not much else is known right now however as soon as we have more details you will read about it first in CF E-News!



We are pleased to announce that ChickFight is now available on MavTV in the United States of America. ChickFight airs on the following schedule: Saturdays: 1pm and 6pm, Sundays: 10pm and 2am, Wednesdays 8pm. MavTV has secured 30 distribution deals and launches in 75 markets across the United States. Check with your local cable provider to find out what channel MavTV is on in your area.

We want to thank all of our fans for the great show of support and we look forward to hearing your feedback and bringing ChickFight on more stations around the world.





This episode features 2 semi-final matches from ChickFight V

Yoshiko Tamura vs Cheerleader Melissa


MsChif vs Jazz



ChickFight would like to send out a special “Good Luck” message to the UK’s own Rebecca James formally of Celtic Wrestling who has begun a 3 month training course in Canada at the Lance Storm Wrestling Academy.

For all our American Readers:
Call the ChickFight FREE HOTLINE

The ChickFight HOTLINE is now open. You are encouraged to call any time to hear the latest news and information on ChickFight Tournaments held all over the world. Past participants include Cheerleader Melissa, MsChif, Jazz, Sumie Sakai, Allison Danger, Wesna, Amazing Kong, Daizee Haze, Lacey, Rain, and many more of the top wrestling talent from all over the globe.

The 24-hour toll-free number is 1-888-337-5103


The Round Robin Fighter’s are€¦€¦.





More news still to be announced! Stay tuned to www.ChickFight.tv for the all the latest!


“Coventry’s Loudest” Jetta has recently acquired a new pet hamster, however the hamster has a fondness for peeing in her hand!



ChickFight E-Newsletter is proud to offer you fans the chance to win a copy of the entire ChickFight V Tournament now showing on MavTV!

The DVD features former ECW star Jazz, MsChif, Cheerleader Melissa, Yoshiko Tamura, Allison Danger and many more in one of the greatest women’s wrestling tournaments you will ever witness!

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The editor’s decision is final.


“For fans of tournament style action, no promotion currently does a better job in booking,
and the quality of the DVDs is exceptional”

Joe Babinsack looks at the career of Cheerleader Melissa
Article courtesy of www.WrestlingObserver.com

If I were to list the names of top indy wrestlers whom mainstream fans may not
be aware of, but very well should if they call themselves hardcore, one of the
first names on that list would be Cheerleader Melissa.

Having recently won ChickFight VII in Norfolk, England, only a few months after
securing her first ChickFight tournament in its home base of San Francisco,
Cheerleader Melissa has definitely proven her talent and capability around the
world. Her training background includes teachers Christopher Daniels, Brian
Danielson and Robert Thompson, as well as stints in California’s All Pro
Wrestling and three months of touring and training with Arsion in Japan.

ChickFight has been her home promotion, and she has been involved in all seven
of the promotion’s events, which typically features an eight woman tournament,
with top flight talent from around the globe. Those DVD’s are available through
www.chickfight.tv, for a price ranging from $9.95 to $14.95. For fans of
tournament style action, no promotion currently does a better job in booking,
and the quality of the DVDs is exceptional.

The other major US women’s promotion is Shimmer, and in those events over the
past year, Cheerleader’s feud with MsChif has been one of the ongoing
highlights. With brutal action, a stiff style and as a backdrop for the
talent’s of both women, it is clearly the greatest feud of the year, and a
portrayal of professional wrestling that will not disappoint.

What Cheerleader Melissa brings to the ring is a sense of reality and
believability that few other modern talents bother with. Its not just that she
does the little things right, she does a lot of things right — like entering
the ring with an all-too-overlooked sense of seriousness, and avoiding the
mind-numbing excesses of a high-spot happy, psychology diminished, let’s get
the crowd behind me mentality that just pervades today’s top talent across the

Despite her name, Melissa is not a cartoon character.

As a second generation wrestler €“ her father wrestled in the early 1980’s €“ she
seems to have picked up the inherent talents, and built upon a lifelong
knowledge and a natural ability to work, not so much unlike a Bret Hart or a
Terry Funk. Maybe name dropping seems over the top, but the Cauliflower Alley
Club awarded her the “Future Legend Award” and I’m not going to disagree with
the Old School masters of the industry.

Armed with an array of holds and maneuvers picked up across the globe, Melissa
has shown her ability to brawl, wrestle and innovate with the best of her
peers. She has brawled with the aforementioned MsChif, has outwrestled Yoshiko
Tamura and has out muscled former WWE and ECW talent Jazz.

But at the top of her attributes is simply psychology, as it takes a brilliant
wrestling mind, along with the physical talents, to be able to perform great
matches with a wide variety of styles.

Of her most used moves, the most powerful is what she calls the Kudo Driver
which is another name for Homicide’s Cop Killa and is otherwise described as
a reverse Gory Special Piledriver. It’s a move that requires some set up, but
is clearly a finisher of finishers. She’s also known for her Air Raid Crash
and an Inverted Texas Cloverleaf and has also pulled out the Frankensteiner
from time to time.
But once again, its not the high spots that make her matches, but the stiff and
realistic action, and that style has proven to be gold.

She has also won in Japan and in the UK, having captured the Transatlantic
Women’s Championship in ChickFight, the Future Legend Title in All Pro
Wrestling, and two of the seven ChickFight Tournaments, as well as the Pure
Wrestling Association’s Elite Women’s Championship.

In a brief email exchange, she made mention to note her personal website:


and the ubiquitous myspace:


She also notes that everyone of my matches is available on clickerestle.com

There’s a particularly excellent article by Bill Kociaba regarding her award
from the Cauliflower Alley Club which can be found at


If you want to know more about her, that’s a great piece, and I would be remiss
to even try to distill information from it.

Whether ChickFight, Shimmer or even the rare appearance on WWE Heat, Cheerleader
Melissa has proven herself to be one of the top talents in the business and
someone that the average wrestling fan needs to see in action.

Joe Babinsack can be reached at [email protected] Next up are lots of DVD
reviews, some commentary on what’s missing in wrestling, and eventually Tim
Hornbaker’s take on the History of the NWA.

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ChickFight 1
APW Garage
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*First Round*

Princess Sugey vs. Candice LaRae

Melissa vs. Nene Kimura

Nikki Roxx vs. Hailey Hatred

Christie Ricci vs. Tiffany

Plus all semi-final and final fights!


ChickFight 2
APW Garage
Hayward, CA

See ARSION’s Mariko Yoshida – regarded by many as the best female wrestler in the world enter into her first ChickFight tournament!

*First Round*

Cheerleader Melissa vs. Katwoman

Mariko Yoshida vs. Nene Kimura

Tiffany vs. Nikki

Princess Sugey vs. Luscious

Plus all Semi-Final and Final Fights!

ChickFight 3
APW Garage
Hayward, California

Witness the 3rd ChickFight Tournament and see the ChickFight Tournament debuts of Sara Del Rey, Irelands own Rebecca Knox and IWA:MS Female Hardcore Warrior Mickie Knuckles in this 2 disc Special Edition Set!

ChickFight 3 Opening Round:

Mariko Yoshida vs Rain

Rebecca Knox vs Morgan

Mickie Knuckles vs Tiffany

Cheerleader Melissa vs Sara Del Rey

Plus Semi-Final matches and THE FINAL OF CHICKFIGHT 3!

Hailey Hatred, Rain and Morgan vs. Cheerleader Melissa, Tiffany and Rebecca Knox

Behind-the-scenes interview with Cheerleader Melissa and Tiffany as the discuss their opponents from ChickFight 1, 2 and 3.

Mariko Yoshida’s Future Legend Award Acceptance at Cauliflower Alley Club 2006

ChickFight III Photo Gallery

ChickFight 4
Kezar Pavilion
San Francisco, California

“Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif makes her ChickFight Tournament Debut alongside “The Lovely” Lacey and Latin Sensation Mercedes Martinez in another 2 Disc Special Edition ChickFight Set including an amazing bonus 3 Way Falls Count Anywhere Fight featuring Cheerleader Melissa, Mercedes Martinez & MsChif!

*First Round*

Mercedes Martinez vs Carla Jade

Cheerleader Melissa vs Rain

MsChif vs Candice LaRae

Lacey vs Hailey Hatred



ChickFight V
Kezar Pavilion
San Francisco, California

See Japanese stars Tanny Mouse, Yoshiko Tamura and former WWE Women’s Champion Jazz added to the ChickFight tournament featuring Allison Danger, Simply Luscious, MsChif, Sumie Sakai and Cheerleader Melissa!

*First Round*

Cheerleader Melissa Vs Tanny Mouse

Yoshiko Tamura Vs Allison Danger

Jazz Vs Simply Luscious

MsChif Vs Sumie Sakai


Yoshiko Tamura vs MsChif

Allison Danger & Simply Luscious vs Sumie Sakai & Tanny Mouse

Bonus Commentary From Cheerleader Melissa, Roland Alexander and Jason Deadrich

ChickFight 6
Kezar Pavilion
San Francisco, California
The women of ChickFight return to the City by the Bay, for the sixth installment of this exciting show. Highlights include a devastating match between the veteran, KAORU and rookie, Tiana Ringer, Melissa taking on Daizee Haze in singles and a three way and some great bonus content.
*First Round*

MsChif vs Hailey Hatred

KAORU vs Tiana Ringer

Allison Danger vs Frankie

Cheerleader Melissa vs Daizee Haze
Cheerleader Melissa and Scotty Aboot vs. The Mafia (Grudge Match)

9) MsChif / Allison Danger / Tiana Ringer / Hailey Hatred (Four Way Dance)

10) Frankie vs. Johnny LaRocca (Grudge Match)

ChickFight 7 (USA Edition)
The Marina Centre
Norfolk, England

After tearing up the west coast, the girls of ChickFight decided they wanted a change of scenery. This episode comes to you from the United Kingdom where Cheerleader Melissa, MsChif, Daizee Haze and Lacey all traveled to take on the UK’s finest.
*First Round*

Cheerleader Melissa vs Sweet Saraya

MsChif vs Jade

Jezebel vs Lacey

Daizee Haze vs Skye


Destiny and Kharisma vs The Norfolk Dolls (Britani and Melodi)


The edition of ChickFight 7 that we are now selling is the USA Edition featuring different case, menus and editing. If you would like to purchase the British Spectrum Multimedia version of ChickFight 7 then please visit www.RealQualityWrestling.com
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Last month SAMANTHA READER had her letter published in Fighting Spirit magazine. In the letter she demanded that the magazine should give full show coverage to the next ChickFight event and judging by their written reply it seems the magazines are listening to the fans and we would like to publicly thank Samantha and all the others that the magazine makes reference to who are fighting the cause for ChickFight!!

If you are as passionate as Samantha about ChickFight then please help us and don’t forget to tell us HOW you’re helping us by sending us an email too! It’s not the promotions that the magazines and TV stations etc all listen too – it’s you the fans! So let your voice be heard!!
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