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Wrestling With Reality (the franchise)  is releasing their first season entitled “wrestling Reality” to the Internet for free.  Wrestling Reality is a documentary television series airing on The Fight Network that follows the lives of a group of independent pro wrestlers in the Maritime Provinces of Canada. The series gives the public a glimpse of what the lives of pro wrestlers are really like.



The four main wrestlers focused on during the series are Brody Steele, Trash Canyon, “Wildman” Gary Williams, and “Kowboy” Mike Hughes.

Brody Steele is known as the ring general of the group, with a quick temper but a big heart inside his tough exterior. At 6’8″ and 325lbs he is the biggest wrestler on the crew, and also the most experienced, having travelled all over the world to wrestle. Brody is not afraid to be hard on the younger wrestlers on the crew, quoting “it’s a tough business, if you’re not tough you shouldn’t be in it.”


Trash Canyon is the least experienced of the main 4 guys, but what he lacks in experience and in ring ability he well makes up for with his charisma, hard work, and determination. Some wrestlers with more experience are a little jealous of Trash, feeling that he hasn’t paid his dues to be in the position he is within the company. While he might not have a lot of wrestling experience, Trash has an excellent mind for business and without him kicking down doors left and right it’s unlikely the project would have ever gotten off the ground.


“Wildman” Gary Williams is an almost a contradictory character. While his in ring persona is “the Wildman” outside of the ring he is pretty much the mother hen of the crew, making sure everyone is taking care of and being the nice guy. It’s been said on more than one occasion that Gary is probably the nicest guy in professional wrestling. On top of that after training with wrestling Legends Leo Burke and Bret Hart, Gary is known as one of the top wrestlers in the country. He also runs his own wrestling school, Wildman Academy, and has his own band, Dead Reach. A couple of Gary’s top students are also featured on the show.


“Kowboy” Mike Hughes brings a lot to the group including in ring talent, charisma, and controversy. The show tackles a situation that came up between Mike and Brody Steele a few years back that caused their close friendship to come to an abrupt end. Mike has gained a reputation as guy that tells some tall tales, and it has somewhat alienated himself from some of his closest friends in the wrestling business over the last few years.