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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
The ECW (5/19) Extreme Exam
Our resident philosopher looks at the Tuesday Night Delight…ECW

Christian defied the odds to keep his title in an epic battle against Jack Swagger. Jack was not happy and he would tell the world all about it. Also, Zack Ryder and David Hart Smith made great impacts on the Land of Extreme.

Jack Swagger was seated in the center of the ring, looking upset. He whined about the injustice he faced at Judgment Day. He swore he would not leave the ring until he got the justice he wanted. Refs came down to the ring to try and convince him to leave, but he wouldn’t. Jack told the refs to tell “Blondie” (Tiffany” that if she wanted him out of the ring, she could come out and tell him, herself.

The crowd cat-called and whooped as Tiffany walked to the ring. Tiffany told Jack to get out of the ring and go to her office. Jack said he didn’t care that he was disrupting her show. Jack said that Christian cheated, again, at Judgment Day to keep the title. Tiffany would not allow Jack to take the show hostage. Jack said he didn’t have to listen to her. Jack said he would be around longer than “Britney Spears” would. He called her a temp, which set her off. She told Jack that he would never get another ECW title shot. Tiffany laid down the law and told Jack to go to the office, now. Jack stood up and left the ring. The crowd mocked him. Tiffany apologized to the crowd for Jack’s behavior. She was ready to kick off the show, so she called out Christian. Christian and Jack stood face to face. Jack shoved Christian off the ramp. Christian clutched his knee and limped as he got to his feet. ECW took a break.

ECW and Dish ran a promo for The Wrestler. I finally got a chance to watch the film, last week-end. It was absolutely amazing. If you haven’t seen it, rent it or buy it or borrow it from a friend.

Paul Burchill, along with Katie Lea, arrive to battle the ECW champ in a non-title bout. Christian shook out his sore leg and knee before the battle began.

Christian d Paul Burchill
Non-title Match

The Finish:

Paul went for the left knee but Christian set for the Killswitch. Paul hit a Brainbuster Suplex but couldn’t get the pin. Paul rushed Christian to the corner. Christian hit the Fulcrum County swing kick in the ropes and then connected with a Spinning Uppercut off the ropes ala D.J. Gabriel. Christian pulled the Killswitch on the stunned Paul Burchill to take the win.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: Paul is so under-rated in the WWE. He is probably the best mid-carder on the roster. He could be a top star, if he was given the right push. Katie Lea was a top Diva but she’s how just a valet. Such a loss to the industry. As for Christian, I really like the face version. I was totally wrong in predicting that he would drop the ECW title on Sunday. Christian came even make that lame KillSwitch finisher work. He deserves to be champ.

Josh talked with Christian in the ring. He wanted to know what Christian thought about Swagger’s actions, earlier. Christian said Swagger wasn’t going to be happy with Christian’s next idea. Christian challenged Tommy Dreamer to a match for the ECW title. The crowd loved it but Striker thought it was an idiotic idea. I look forward to that match.

Jack and Tiffany argued in her office. Jack was ticked at Christian’s decision to give a title shot to Tommy Dreamer. Tiffany gave Jack the rest of the night off to keep him from letting his mouth get him into more trouble.

Zack Ryder came out for the next match. The best that I describe his new look would be if Alex Wright and Rick “The Model” Martel had a child. Zack faced local jobber, Adam Greene

Zack Ryder d Adam Greene

Zack popped Adam in the face. The two moved to the corner. Adam sent Zack to the corner but Zack dropped him with a Shoulder Block and then hit a Elbow Drop to the small of Adam’s back. Zack stomped away and hit a Swinging Neckbreaker. Zack Paintbrushed Adam but got a shot to the face. Zack rushed Adam to the corner and kicked the ribs. He yelled out his silly “Wooo wooo wooo”. He worked over Adam’s neck and then stomped away. Zack choked Adam on the ropes. Adam got a Back Elbow in and Zack hit a variation of the Jumping Famouser and finished off Adam with an Inverted Playmaker. Call it the Woo Woo Whoosh.

Grade: B+

Jay’s Thoughts: Ok, one appearance and I’m already sick of that stupid “woo woo woo” thing. That worked for Fat Albert back in the 70s and for Dwayne on What’s Happening in the 80s, but in today’s wrestling world, it’s just asinine. Zack needed a break from his “brother” if he is going to make it big. Will he be the next Shawn Michaels? Not a chance. He’ll do fine in the WWE but he’s never going to end up at the top rung of the ladder.

Josh and Matt talked about the arrival of David Hart Smith, last week. Smith rushed in to attack Finlay during his match with Tyson Kidd. Kidd and Smith hit the Hart Attack move on Finlay. In the back, Kidd and Smith talked about what Smith was going to do to Finlay, tonight.Smith insulted his own father, by saying that he was better than his father ever was. ECW went to break.

The Extreme Rewind focused on Vladimir Kozlov and his Iron Curtain finisher. Kozlov was dominate in his match, last week.

Kozlov came from the back in his military outfit. Kozlov actually looked more like Alexei Sayle than Ivan Drago. Kozlov rambled in Russian and English while the crowd mocked him. Kozlov said he would continue his march towards to the ECW title.

In the back, Gregory Helms said that Tommy Dreamer would get to challenge Christian on this week’s Superstars program. Tommy came in and said that he might be looking at his final shot at the ECW title. Tommy said he wouldn’t waste his chance. Finlay walked backstage. He would face David Hart Smith, next.

David Hart Smith came out to a new version of Bret Hart‘s old theme music. He had Tyson Kidd and Natalya with him. After drinking in the negative energy from the US Bank Arena crowd, Smith waited for the arrival of Finlay. Finlay came out to a huge pop. He tried to attack the Hart Triad with his shillelagh, but they scooted out of the ring.

David Hart Smith d Finlay

The Finish:

Smith worked over Finlay’s back and tried for a pin. He didn’t get it. Smith went back to the Camel Clutch. Finlay battled to his knees to break the pressure. He got to his feet, but Smith slammed Finlay back to the mat. The crowd near silent during this part of the match. Smith sent Finlay across the ring, twice. Finlay sent Smith into the corner after escaping the Running Powerslam. Smith struck the ring post and Finlay went for the School Boy. Smith kicked out at two. Finlay hit a pair of Clotheslines and a Bombs Away but couldn’t get the pin. Finlay tried for the Celtic Cross/Emerald Fusion but his back gave out. Finlay settled for a Back Body Drop, instead. Finlay Clotheslined Smith up and over the ropes and to the floor. Finlay went out after the little. Natalya rushed around and got a shot in. Kidd tried to attack but Finlay sent Kidd into the ring barrier. Kidd distracted the ref as Finlay got back in the ring. Smith clocked Finlay with a shoe that he got from Natalya. Smith hit a High and Tight Back Suplex to take the win.

Grade: A

Jay’s Thoughts: I don’t like Smith’s attitude but it works for him. He needs to be the arrogant “I’m better than all of you” if he wants to be taken seriously. The Hart Trilogy thing works so well. I’d like to see the H-T face the Colons. Smith really needs a unique finisher to set him apart from his famous dad. Finlay deserves a ton of credit for helping push the two youngsters. It was a great main event, a major change from the past few weeks.

Final Grade: B+

Final Thoughts: The show was really above average. After the spanking that ECW took in the ratings, last week, they needed to turn things around. I’m not sur that they totally did that, but it was a good start. I’d hold back on interview segments and focus on the action. They only get an hour so make the most of it.

I wanted to finish up with a couple of announcements. For those of you who haven’t heard, ECW Alumni, Dawn Marie, gave birth to a new baby girl, earlier this week. From what I hear, Dawn Marie and Katie are doing well. Congratulations to the new mom.

Also, Lacey Von Erich has been in the hospital, suffering from meningitis. My late father, Greg, suffered from that, at one point, so I know she has a tough fight ahead of her. Please keep her in your most positive of thoughts.

Finally, last week, I asked you all to keep a little unborn baby named Chloe in your hearts as the doctors checked to see if she had Edward’s Syndrome, which would have most likely cost her her life. I’m happy to report the baby doesn’t have the disease and your positive thoughts helped her. A thousand thanks from me and the Hilton family in England.


— Jay Shannon
[email protected]