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Falls-Count-AnywhereHere we go again, another CM Punk disagreement with management.  Hard to believe, I know.  About a year ago, while writing for another publisher, I wrote about how Punk was the unrivaled best in the world.

CM Punk

CM Punk

At this point in time, I’m not so sure.  Don’t get me wrong, in the ring, and on the microphone, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone to challenge him.  However actions speak volumes, and do I believe he should be main eventing Wrestlemania?  No.  Here me out.

HHHTriple H and Mrs. H have not exactly made a lot of friends back stage.  To give their buddy Batista, who’s been gone for 4 years, a Royal Rumble win, to main event at “Mania” is a complete joke.  There are many more guys with a hell of a lot more talent that are much better deserving than him.  Is CM Punk one of them?  Yes.  How about John Cena?  He’s kind of stale at this point, but once again, yes.  How about Antonio Cesaro, or Roman Reigns?  Yes.  There is also a smaller, yet fearless, and crowd captivating wrestler by the name of Daniel Bryan, does he deserve to main event Wrestlemania?  YES!!!  YES!!!  YES!!!

yeslockNo offense to Punk (or maybe a little, I really don’t care), he’s still good, but he is no longer at the top of the food chain, at least for a while.  Daniel Bryan is a complete phenomenon that is over with the fans (I refuse to use WWE Universe, on the basis that it’s stupid) all over the world.  It’s hard not to root for him.  I’ve followed Bryan since his days on the “indy” scene, including his time at ROH and NJPW.  My favorite match he’s had is not even with WWE.  It’s when he was with NJPW, wrestling Naofumi Yamamoto (now known as Yoshi Tatsu).  Short but great match that demonstrated everything from ground work and submission, to hard chops, and kicks.  It was a lot stiffer than WWE.  It really seemed like a complete shoot.  I urge you to check it out.

CM Punk is not the only person to have to work their tails off to get to WWE let alone year after year.  There’s more hard working men and women out there.  There is a lot more out there.  Listening to Punk describe how hard he had to work to get there (WWE), is as old as singer Jewel’s rant on how she was living in a van during the 80’s and 90’s.  We get it!  So, stop shoving it down people’s throats.  The point is that you cannot stay on top forever.  The fact that he was childish enough to walk out on the fans because of this, speaks volumes on his character outside of the ring, and off camera.

BatistaOnce again, I do not think Triple H and his puppets should have put Batista in the main event.  Along with that decision, the New Age Outlaws have become tag champs 10-15 years past their prime and Kevin Nash appeared at the “Rumble”, when he hasn’t been relevant since dial up internet.  This is just proof that WWE is just a place for Triple and his buddies to show up and get paid from time to time.  During the Royal Rumble itself, there was no Zack Ryder, no Curt Hawkins, no JTG and no DANIEL BRYAN!!!  Guys who work those house shows everyday to promote the product, and get nothing in return.  Instead, there were Nash, and El Torito?!  WOW!!  I know the booker was Jamie Noble, but there was no way that this was completely up to him.  On top of all this, it appears that the team of Cody Rhodes and Goldust is coming to an end, which is a completely terrible idea that only removes another good tag team from a floundering division.  When the Shield dissolves, it will be back to square one. That’s another story.

outlawsvsbrotherhoodIn that respect I do agree with CM Punk, which may also be the opinion of a lot wrestlers and fans alike.  Do I believe that CM Punk should be at Wrestlemania?  Again, “Mania” yes, however not in the main event.  He’s had his turn.  Not it’s time for a fresh face.  It’s widely believed that CM Punk was supposed to face Triple H at Wrestlemania.  What’s wrong with that?!  I like to think that had to potential to be a complete show stealer.  It would have been great; however Orton vs. Bryan could be outstanding.  Or maybe for the sake of discussion, how about Reigns vs. Orton? What an awesome matches that would be.  If you’re still not convinced Roman Reigns is the real deal?  Then, you either don’t watch enough wrestling, or know nothing about it.

punkfansFor the sake of the fans, I seriously hope that the CM Punk departure is a work.  Though given the way he left, I seriously think not.  It’s just another case of “I can’t get what I want, so I’m not playing anymore!”  Seriously, I know it sucks working for a bunch of puppets, but suck it up, and get in the ring, for the fans!  It’s what you’re paid to do.  If you want to leave, honour your contract, and do it properly.  Otherwise, you’re just as egomaniacal as the people at the top of the company.

Again, this is just my opinion.  If my insight is wrong, I challenge you to educate me.  I’m easy to find.

— Steve (@SteveCCheeseman)