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She’s traded in her feather duster for a crossbow and our brand new audio host Wendy “Fifi The Maid” Barlow is using it to shoot like you wouldn’t believe as she joins James Guttman on   ClubWWI.com for the debut of – wait for it – “Club For The Gold!”

She’s one of the most elusive stars in wrestling.  But during her time, Wendy was a part of some of wrestling most talked about moments including fellow ClubWWI host Paul Roma’s Horsemen Debut, one of Rick Rude’s final storylines as an active wrestler, the infamous Shockmaster debut, The Hollywood Blondes parody, and more.  Now she talks about it all plus backstage stories from a woman who went behind the curtain at a time when very few women did.  So grab a drink and toss out a “woo” for the new audio show that’s going to rattle cages…only on ClubWWI.com !

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This is one shoot that no one saw coming as ClubWWI.com members and wrestling fans alike had gotten used to a more subdued Fifi.  They wondered how she would follow other hard-hitting audios that have been presented,  but no one is wondering that today.  Wendy’s show opens with a vengeance the moment James Guttman asks her how things have been by her…

“I tell you, this is a hard following from last week’s (Paul) London and (Paul) Roma interviews.  I’m just like dying.  As soon as I heard those and heard Matt Hardy (discussed) on there, I immediately got to work on his biography and finished it, but I feel kind of bad.  Because it’s only one page. ”

In a recent Youtube video,  Hardy had called to prospective biographers in his latest video among other things including the desire to have a baby.  Wendy talks about that, Hardy as a drummer, Hardy as a painter, Hardy as a painter of drums, the Twitter generation, the constant need of some to be on camera, what Matt’s real message to fans should be, and more.  But Matt’s biographical baby mama drama is just one of a number of subjects to come up during Wendy’s Club show.

Wendy’s used to answering questions about WCW on her Facebook Fan Page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/FiFi-from-Wrestling/281035113452) Her time in WCW is a big part of the ClubWWI.com discussion.  Wendy was a strong member of Ric Flair‘s circle and it created some tension between her and the other female on the active roster – Missy Hyatt.  When questioned about how the male wrestlers treated her, Fifi says she was handled with much respect thanks to her connections, but when it came to Missy, well…

“Missy Hyatt – she was so jealous that I was part of (Ric Flair’s) group. She was trying to sabotage me all the time. She was constantly trying to ruin any skits I was in.  She was trying to convince Eric Bischoff to let her attack me and throw me in the ring and do all this stuff.  And you know what?  Eric was all for it until Ric found out about it and was like, ‘No.  She’s not doing that.  That’s not her thing.’  And Missy would have killed me.  On purpose and said it was an accident.  But yeah.  She was very jealous and the guys knew it too.  They’d always say, ‘Oh Missy’s worried you’re going to take her spot.  She’s been trying to get you off the show’  There was so much talk about it… ”

The battle included things like WCW magazine spots and even the unfinished Missy stalks Ric Flair storyline – both of which Barlow talks about.  Also, in her ClubWWI.com discussion, she discusses Marc Mero as Johnny B. Badd, Marc’s list, Brian Pillman, how Ric’s group treated Alex Wright, the original name WCW had for “Fifi”, the legend who created her character, how he never let her forget it,  over scripting in wrestling, the Horsemen throwing scripts away, Torrie Wilson‘s “Fifi” poodle, the demise of the Flair For The Gold set, and more.  Then, Wendy reveals to ClubWWI.com members how Hyatt may have shot herself in the foot in WCW.  Ironically, she did it by altering the body part furthest away from her feet…

“What’s even worse is that she had long hair.  But before I got there she had chopped it and (management) got so upset with her they made her put in hair extensions in.  They were like, ‘Why did you cut your hair?’  So she always had to wear these long hair extensions.  She was so scatter-brained and I hate to say this, because I always tried to be so nice to her and tried to talk to her, and she showed me a few of her scars I didn’t need to see.  We tried to be friends or, at least, I tried.”

Remember, Wendy “Fifi The Maid” Barlow’s debut show doesn’t end there.  It’s 35 minutes that will intrigue and shock many.  Wendy joins Paul Roma, Bull Buchanan, D-Lo Brown, and others as the host of a ClubWWI.com audio show – a tradition started by Dr. Tom Prichard nearly five years ago when World Wrestling Insanity began.  Be sure to check out her show along with over 250 of wrestling’s biggest stars in uncut shoot interviews with James Guttman…only on ClubWWI.com!