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Gerald Brisco, who has been with WWE since 1984, was the latest name to surface as being released.

Brisco, who is 73, along with brother Jack, were key figures in the wrestling war when they were able to get a majority of shareholders to sell their stock in Georgia Championship Wrestling to Vince McMahon, without General Manager Ole Anderson’s knowledge.

The move gave McMahon both wrestling time slots on TBS in 1984-85, meaning during a key period in history, he controlled every highly-rated national cable slot.

Brisco was one of the best pro wrestlers of the 70s and early 80s, both as a world junior heavyweight champion and holding multiple tag team titles with older brother Jack, who was one of the greatest pro wrestlers who ever lived.

He worked in the office with McMahon and was one of his most trusted advisors, being one of the very few people told ahead of time about the 1997 screwjob on Bret Hart. He was a television character during the Attitude Era and later became the company’s top talent scout, through his connections in the amateur wrestling world as a former Oklahoma State wrestler.

Brisco discovered Brock Lesnar as a junior at Minnesota and signed him along with almost every top amateur wrestler of the last 25 years who has come through the company’s doors.

credit f4wonline.com