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January’s issue of Total Wrestling Magazine is available now to read for FREE featuring an interview with Bret Hart via:


The former five-time WWE Champion opened up about SummerSlam 1992, the legendary Hart family dungeon and his brother Owen.

Here’s what he makes of the current WWE product and who his favourite superstars are:

CM Punk, is an exceptional talent who’s really raised the bar in the last few years. I don’t know how many wrestlers in the past few years that I can say that about. In wrestling theres a lot of repeat, not a lot of innovation but Punk raised the bar and Daniel Bryan is a great talent too. He reminds me of Owen, a quiet kid who’s very talented. I love the way he wrestles, he does a lot that Owen did, like the dropkicks off the top, the nip-ups, there’s a lot of little Owen traits in everything Bryan does.”

He also spoke about Vince McMahon:

He was one of the first people to call me and ask how I was after my stroke, and we cleared a lot of the air, I’m really grateful for that call. I eventually got to beat him at WrestleMania 26 which I think is a better ending for us. I would say he’s on the very best of terms with me now.”

An action packed January issue also features an exclusive column by current TNA Knockout, Gail Kim as she talks about her thoughts on British Bootcamp 2.

We chat to former TNA Tag Team Champions, The Wolves about how they’ve settled since arriving in TNA. With Sting debuting in WWE, we investigate whether a WrestleMania match is on the cards?

Former WWE Creative Assistant, Court Bauer discusses his thoughts on WWE dropping the ball with Cesaro this past year.

All of this, plus our usual features, DVD and book reviews.

The issue is out now for FREE and can be viewed via – http://issuu.com/totalwrestling/docs/full

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