Guest Booker with Gabe Sapolsky

Kevin Sullivan


Reviewed by Brad Dykens

Description: From the makers of “Guest Booker with Kevin Sullivan” comes the next step in the evolution of wrestling’s newest hot concept. director Sean Oliver gets together with established bookers of past and present to go back in time to rebook a specific period of wrestling’s past. The Sullivan DVD went back to 1984 to rebook the expansion version of the World Wrestling Federation. In the second edition of “Guest Booker,” Ring of Honor mastermind Gabe Sapolsky is given the task of rebooking the first six months of the new ECW of 2006 under the WWE banner. Starting in June right after the second One Night Stand PPV, Sapolsky will reorganized the roster right before your very eyes and book six months of storylines building up to a December to Dismember PPV to close out the year.

Mr. Sapolsky begins by setting the foundation of how the new ECW will be presented to the public and decides who would be in charge of the direction the product takes. Moving on quickly to the all importing job of choosing names of who would be drafted to the ECW brand, carefully explaining his logic as to why they could be an asset to ECW. Next they discuss what storylines should be written, focusing on the ECW World, Tag Team, and Television championships – and a couple mid-card programs to round out the field. All of this leads up to a big December to Dismember PPV featuring a card full of surprisingly interesting matches.

It is extremely rare for the average run-of-the-mill wrestling fan to experience this sort of intense journey inside the brain of any of pro-wrestling’s greatest minds. I became hypnotized by the brilliant ramblings of one of my personal heroes. Gabe Sapolsky’s track record with Ring of Honor speaks for itself, but thanks to the Guest Booker DVD series, Sapolsky can now speak for himself.

Rating: 9 / 10 – Step up to the salad bar and feed your inner Smark with this truly unique DVD. Any independent promoter, and wrestler for that matter, should also check out these DVDs – you will learn a lot! Stay tuned for the next installment featuring legendary Horsemen manager, J.J. Dillon.

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Reviewed by Brad Dykens on October 19, 2007.