Pro Wrestling Riot – Full Throttle

*** PWR DVD Reviews by Brad Dykens ***
-=-==-==== PRO WRESTLING RIOT ====-==-=-
September 26-27, 2008 – Port Richey, Florida

INTRODUCTION: The matches featured on this DVD are non-tournament matches which took place during the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup tournament weekend. This explains why most of the wrestlers appear twice on this DVD. Tournament matches were featured on the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup 2008 DVD.

911 Inc. (Ron Niemi & Francisco Ciatso & Kory Chavis + Shawn Osborne) + Sideshow + Bruce Santee: 911 Inc. kicked off the show, as they normally do, by ranting about the previous event’s happenings, bragging about their accomplishments, and conveniently forgetting their defeats. Ron Niemi first came out with Francisco Ciatso & Kory Chavis, but they were soon joined by Shawn Osborne (who just randomly showed up late for no reason). Niemi said Dany Only had an accident and wouldn’t be there tonight, so they wanted the referee to raise their arms in victory. Meanwhile, Sideshow limped his way out to ringside with a weird foreign object and yelled at 911 Inc. that he would fight them alone! Bruce Santee came out and said 911 was up to know good just like always. Santee said from the beginning he and Sideshow have had each others backs, so he doesn’t have to fight alone. They set up a match for later involving Santee & Sideshow against the entire 911 Inc. faction.

Jerrelle Clark vs. Chasyn Rance vs. Icarus: Chikara-based wrestler Icarus debuted with PWR and made a poor first impression when he popped out from behind the curtain. He yelled at an old man and then a young kid, both of whom no-sold his verbal assault. Icarus faced off with two of Florida’s most prominent independent wrestlers in Chasyn “Not Cocky” Rance and the high flying Jerrelle Clark. After some cool light-heavyweight action, it was the totally cocky Rance who picked up the victory!

The Heartbreak Express (Superstar Sean & Fabulous Phil w/Amy Vitale and bodyguard Snow) & Scott Davis w/Amy Vitale vs. The Lifeguards (Daron & Wade) & Austin Amadeus: This was an all out brawl between six men who hate each other. Austin Amadeus was upset at Amy Vitale since she dumped him a few months ago. The Heartbreak Express has been involved in a lackluster feud with the Lifeguard for a very long time. Scott Davis has been happy to do his own thing in PWR, but he has now stepped up to the plate to help his brothers fight this war. Sean & Phil have always been a little bit of a circus, but Scott is a technical wizard. It might be interesting to see Scott & Phil team up with Sean as the manager. The princess Amy Vitale and her bodyguard Snow were constantly interfering, and made a major difference in the result. The Davis boys gave Austin Amadeus a triple spike pile-driver (shades of Anderson & Blanchard) to win the match!

Sideshow & Bruce Santee vs. 911 Inc. (Kory Chavis & Francisco Ciatso & Shawn Osborne & “½” Ron Niemi): Sideshow & Bruce Santee jumped right in the ring but was immediately stomped down by all three members of 911 Inc., guided by the sinister Ron Niemi. The commentators couldn’t stop hyping the upcoming War Games match. They pointed out that what happens in this match could directly effect what happens in War Games; if there is an injury or something of that nature. They issued a brutal chaotic beat-down and finished off with the insult of all insults, allowing Ron Niemi to score the pin on the fallen Sideshow. Niemi proclaimed “I did it! I am the greatest wrestler in PWR!” After the match, Bruce Santee fumed on the microphone and actually praised 911 Inc. – but promised to bring in Black Market to help them finish 911 Inc. once and for all!

Shannon Rose & The House of Vitale: Somehow Amy Vitale ended up with all of George Martel’s monsters from the House of M. She is now calling her faction the “House of Vitale” – and calling it a tale of beauty and the beast. I vaguely remember a storyline where Martel owed Vitale some money, which was stolen by Bumz R’ Us. I guess Martel handed over the contracts for his men to Vitale as compensation. All four of those guys are terrible wrestlers, and Dungeon of Doom wannabes.

Bumz R’ Us (Ray Beez & Milo Beasley) vs. The House of Vitale (Lou The Fixer & Snow w/Amy Vitale): Lou The Fixer is the least terrible of the four monsters represented by Amy Vitale. Snow is a blob of a man, and probably the most terrible of the bunch. Amy Vitale then confirmed that she now owns the contracts of the House of M. Vitale said her boys will make her proud because they will destroy the waste of life coming out next. Ray Beez & Milo Beasley snuck in and attacked the giants from behind. Some chair came into play as Beasley and Snow played sword fights. The commentators talked about the Bumz going out and spending all of Vitale’s money (after they stole it from George Martel). These four guys had a crazy Falls Count Anywhere match on The Ties That Bind DVD. The carnage escalated as tables and ladders were introduced into the match. Late in the match, the Bumz tried to bomb Snow off off the middle rope onto the ladder, but the big useless blob freaked out and held onto the ropes and ended up falling bad on the ladder. They should have pinned him and went home, but the match continued. They set up Lou The Fixer on a table at ringside while Snow sucked wind in the corner of the ring. Beez set up a ladder in the ring, and prepared to jump off. Beasley prevented Snow from intercepting, and Beeze leaped off the ladder and crashed The Fixer through a table down on the floor and covered him for the 1-2-3. The sexy Amy Vitale freaked out at ringside. I guess her monsters didn’t made her proud afterall. The Bumz have a really cool gimmick and they celebrated their victory like only the Bumz can do!

Jigsaw & J-Rod & Craig Classic & C.J. O’Doyle vs. Chasyn Rance & Rhett Titus & Icarus & Moonshine McCoy: This was just some mid-card filler. Moonshine McCoy is really interesting. Rhett Titus is too much gimmick. Icarus doesn’t impress me. Chasyn Rance is ever-lasting. Jigsaw sucks without his mask. I have no clue who J-Rod is. C.J. O’Doyle is a one big dude. Craig Classic has gotten around but has very little charisma.

2 Fast 2 Furious (Jerrelle Clark & Nooei Lee) vs. The Loggers (The Mighty Dagon & Lumber Jack Manley). vs. The House of Vitale (Damballah & Mad Man Mandrake w/Amy Vitale) vs. The New Dynamic Duo (Fantastic Dantastic & K-Dizzy) vs. The British Lions (Christopher Gray & Tommy Taylor) vs. The Lifeguards (Daron Smythe & Wade Koverly) vs. The Heartbreak Express (Superstar Sean & Fabulous Phil w/Amy Vitale): It’s a gauntlet match with over-the-top-rope elimination rules. 2 Fast 2 Furious and The Loggers started the match. The Loggers are pretty funny. I just realized the Mighty Dagon is Dagon Briggs and Lumber Jack is Jack Manley. Two minutes later the House of Vitale entered the match and they were HUNGRY. The Loggers were quickly eliminated by Vitale’s monsters. The New Dynamic Duo entered the match and they are masked jobbers. 2 Fast 2 Furious were eliminated, followed soon after by the Dynamic Duo. The British Lions entered the match to go head-on with the House of Vitale monsters, who are proving to be extremely slow and unpleasant. The Lions are both former WWE developmental wrestlers originally from the UK. Next to enter the match was the Lifeguards, followed two minutes later by the Heartbreak Express. The Davis boys easily flipped Mandrake and one of the Lifeguards over the top to eliminate both teams. This left the Heartbreak Express to go up against the British Lions. Sean Davis is also slow and unpleasant, but at least he knows how to carry himself and also how to compensate for that in other ways. Please don’t tell me I’m discriminating against “big” wrestlers cause there are good ones out there. The Lion’s roared and knocked the Heartbreak Express out of the ring to officially win the Tag Team Rumble! Amy Vitale was freaking out again. It wasn’t a good night for the House of Vitale.

Sideshow & Bruce Santee & Sedrick Strong & Black Market (Shawn Murphy & Joey Machete) vs. 911 Inc. (Kory Chavis & Shawn Osborne & Francisco Ciatso & Mike Shane & Ron Niemi): Finally it was time for the war to settle the score, the brawl to end it all, the rumble in the jungle, the… oh, are those copyrighted? Okay it’s a fight to the finish! Let’s get ready to rumble! Steel Cage War Games is alive and well in Pro Wrestling Riot as Sideshow led his team of fan-favorites into battle against the dominating faction known as 911 Inc.! I still wish somebody would do the old two-ring style war games again like the original, but I guess that would be too much money for a small independent group. Scott Hudson joined the commentary for the match to add his experience to the show. Francisco Ciatso started for 911 Inc. and the leader Sideshow started for his team. Sideshow was accompanied to the ring by his cute sister, Danielle – who had her neck broken by 911 Inc. when the Shane Twins power-bombed her through a table. I doubt her neck was truly broken but the bump was truly horrific. Thankfully she retained her cuteness. 911 Inc. won the coin toss and Shawn Osborne entered the steel cage structure. For two minutes, Ciatso & Osborne double-teamed Sideshow as the crowd watched with dread. Finally Sedrick Strong showed up and climbed up the cage from the outside and dove onto the two 911 thugs. Strong took over, giving the bloody Sideshow time to recover. Kory Chavis entered the cage and turned the tables back in the favour of 911. Joey Machete from Black Market entered the cage to even the odds again. The 300 pound Mike Shane entered the cage working for the heel side. Shawn Murphy from Black Market entered the match and even the odds once again. Ron Niemi came out next but he refused to enter the cage. The only reason he was in the match was because the office was forcing him into it. Two minutes later Bruce Santee (w/Amy Love) became the final person to enter the cage, and he dragged Niemi into the cage with him! Let the War Games begin! The intensity suddenly picked up, as Santee went postal on Niemi. Everyone knows the manager always ends up being the sacrificial lamb. All of the heat was on Niemi from the start of this feud. It was all about getting revenge on Niemi. They quickly busted the poor guy open and raked his head over the cage wall. Sideshow finally got his hands on Niemi and bashed him passionately. It’s weird to see all the hot girls in the corner of the babyface team – it’s usually the other way around. The good guys continued the brutality against 911 Inc., trying to get someone to QUIT. Late in the match, Sideshow went for a pinfall and the referee started to count but had a shoulder injury. That makes no sense because there are no pinfalls in War Games anyway. Sideshow protested, giving Niemi time to low-blow him from behind! Niemi covered and the referee fast-counted but it didn’t work. The senior referee showed up to see what was going on with the referee. The original referee knocked the second referee out, then referee Jet Jaguar (a Florida legend) hit the ring and knocked the heel referee out. Control was lost at this point. Jaquar took over, but 911 Inc. suddenly had the advantage. Niemi had some brass knux and knocked out Jet Jaquar. Niemi found a bag of powder and poured it out into his hand. Amy Love entered the cage and low-blowed Niemi, and then Danielle popped Niemi’s hand up into his own face. Somebody covered Niemi and got the 1-2-3 to win the match. So much surrender or submit. Pretty crazy match…. especially the finish! Amy Love came in with a 12-pack of Budweisers and passed them around to get the party started right. They continued to celebrate, but Sideshow got mad at Sedrick Strong when he started hugging his cute sister Danielle a little too much.

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