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Brad Dykens Reviews 4 DVD’s from August 2010


(August 6, 2010 – Union City, New Jersey)


INTRODUCTION: Women Superstars Uncensored released four DVD’s this month, one of which is from the well hyped August 6th “When The Tigers Broke Free” event featuring the return-to-the-indies of former WWE Women’s champion Mickie James. The other three releases are historical compilations for those who may not have been on the WSU bandwagon from the beginning. The first DVD is dedicated to the title reign of WSU champion Mercedes Martinez, the second DVD focuses on WSU appearances by various TNA Knockouts, and the third DVD is a compilation of matches featured at WSU events involving ECW alumni. It’s “Best of the WSU” month at DOIvideo.com!



WSU Tag Team champion Jana w/Cindy Rogers vs. Marti Belle w/Tina San Antonio: My girlfriend, Tina San Antonio, led my other girlfriend, Marti Belle, down to the ring for a match against WSU tag team champion Jana, with her partner, Cindy Rogers, in her corner. This match was meant to lead to a future title match, but it didn’t take long for Jana to make Marti tap out with the Jana-vice!

Rick Cataldo w/Brittney Savage vs. Niya: Niya is still climbing the ladder, but I still wish she would shoot on Rick Cataldo and break every bone in his body just so I would never have to look at him again. Before the match, Brittney Savage teased that Alicia had joined the Cosmo Club (who in their right mind would believe that?). I didn’t care for this match, but that’s only because the biggest loser in wrestling was involved. Thank God Niya won. I’m very proud of her for that! Too bad the victory means nothing ’cause she beat a nobody.

?? & ?? & ?? vs. ?? & ?? & ??: Didn’t know anybody in this match. Didn’t care about anybody in this match. I think I have seen these guys on the street somewhere, probably begging for change. After the match, Angel Orsini killed them all and created her own championship called “All Guts No Glory” (comparing it to Taz’s FTW title in ECW). Amazing Kong came out and they set up the main event!

Amber vs. Divina Fly: Divina Fly is new and adored by the audience. Amber has been around for a long time and should be more over with the fans. It turned out to be a decent match.

WSU Tag Team champion Cindy Rogers w/Jana vs. Tina San Antonio w/Marti Belle: This was a continuation of the opening match between Belle and Jana. I thought it was time for my girlfriends to get one over on the tag team champions, especially since Belle was practically squashed by Jana earlier. Yes, Tina San Antonio rolled up the co-champion for an upset victory! Now bring on the tag team title match. After the match, the sore losers attacked the Belle Saints and they were joined by Danny Demanto & Nicky Oceans until Mikey Pacifica & Little Guido saved the day! This was the set up for a four corner intergender tag team match later.

Brittney Savage (c) vs. Brittany Force vs. Alicia: I have followed Brittany Force’s career thanks to being fortunate enough to correspond with her regularly about her OWW profile, but this would be the first time I actually get to see her work – and I sure am excited! This feud all started online when they argued that WSU wasn’t big enough for two Britt’s (even though they spell their name differently). Before the match, Brittney Savage & Rick Cataldo officially welcomed Alicia into the Cosmo Club. Alicia let the cat out of the bag and revealed that she set up Brittney to trick her into making it a three-way so she can take back the Spirit championship. Savage tried to walk out in protest, but the commissioner threatened to take her belt if she did. So the champion returned to the ring and the match finally got started. The master plan was hatched and Alicia took full advantage, successfully reclaiming the Spirit championship! I really hope Brittany Force is brought back!

Little Guido & Tina San Antonio vs. Danny Demanto & Jana vs. Mikey Pacifica & Marti Belle vs. Nicky Oceans & Cindy Rogers: The way the NWS promoter described this match was ridiculous. First of all he called it a 4-corner intergender explosion match and said there would be a guy and a girl in each corner. As usual, I couldn’t have cared less about the male wrestlers involved in the match (well maybe Guido a little bit). They best parts were obviously when the girls were in the ring. The tiny NWS ring was packed during introductions. They announced that the special guest referee would be some guy named JD Smooth (great, someone else I don’t care about). The match was mass confusion and ended with a screwjob giving the heels a cheap victory.

Angel Orsini (c) vs. Awesome Kong: Pure slobberknocker ending in a double disqualification. A whole bunch of WSU girls came out after the match and the exclamation point was made by Alicia dropping Angel with the A-bomb!

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs Mickie James: This was taped at a different event outside of NWS, but still affiliated with Women Superstars Uncensored. It’s so great to see Mickie James with a legitimate smile on her face again. It’s great to see Mickie James WRESTLING again. I just wish she would go back using the name Alexis Laree. The girls put on a great performance, going back and forth for 20 minutes before Mickie did the job and Mercedes walked away with her title (29th successful title defense). Martinez showed great sportsmanship and helped James up to her feet and raised her arm out of pure respect!

FINAL VERDICT: I’ll be honest. If you buy this 2-disc set, you’re actually paying for disc #2, which features the great match between WSU champion Mercedes Martinez and the legendary Mickie James (fresh off her WWE release). Everything on disc #1 was mediocre at best. Fortunately, Mercedes vs. Mickie was worth every penny the customer will pay for this DVD. I must add that the announcers did a great job throughout this DVD as well.




“The Greatest of All-Time!”

“A Collection Of Martinez’s WSU Title Defenses”

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Jana: Jana had just adopted a brand new heel attitude, and jumped Mercedes Martinez before the opening bell. Jana’s latest hunt for the WSU championship began with an aggressive flurry of offense. It was a great hard-fought match, but nothing spectacular. Mercedes Martinez retained her WSU championship.

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Angel Orsini vs. Rain: As expected, Rain and Orsini double-teamed the WSU champion during the early stages of the match. Eventually Rain went in for the kill and disposed of Orsini. Unfortunately for Rain, Martinez made a come-back and finished her off with a Fisherman’s Buster to retain the WSU championship. The match was way too short..

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Hailey Hatred vs. Jessicka Havok: I would call this a spicy hot triple threat match for the WSU championship. Hailey Hatred and her tag team partner Jessicka Havok (who I fell in love with a long time ago) tried to strike a deal with special referee Angel Orsini before the match. There was no commentary track, but at least the action spoke for itself here. The two challengers wisely worked together, hoping to cash in on the WSU championship, but Mercedes Martinez reigned supreme with a successful title defense.

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Hailey Hatred:

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Portia Perez : They acknowledged that Mercedes Martinez was battling through an injury. Portia Perez has experience all over the world, and has earned the right to call herself an International Superstar. Portia has gone from being a cutie to a hottie over the last few years, usually depending on if she is playing a babyface or a heel. Traditionally she is a babyface in her homeland of Canada, and a heel everyone else, but WSU has decided to go against the grain and book her as a babyface. So this was a battle of fan-favorites, but there is always that possibility of a mid-match attitude adjustment when there is a championship involved. The spirit of competition was alive and well, as they wrestled fair and square for over twenty five minutes before Martinez rolled up the challenger for the 1-2-3 to retain her WSU championship. Martinez showed great sportsmanship after the match by helping Portia up to her feet and showing her the respect that she deserves.

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Angelina Love:

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Rain: The special guest referee was WSU Hall of Famer Molly Holly! This was be a long grueling wrestling match that should certainly end up on the WSU Best of 2010 DVD. Around the 30:00 mark, they were both exhausted and looking to finish the other off by any means necessary. Rain brought a chair into the ring and used it as a weapon. Rain set up for a DDT on the chair, but Martinez reversed it, only for Rain to reverse it again and plant the champion head first into the chair! Martinez had the sense to put her foot on the bottom rope to break the pinfall attempt. Rain followed up with a body-slam and placed the chair on Martinez’ stomach. Rain did a second rope moonsault, but Martinez moved and Rain crashed and burned! Both wrestlers struggled to their feet and exchanged moves until Martinez pulled out a Fishermen’s Buster on the chair! Martinez covered Rain and referee Molly Holly counted the 1-2-3!!

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Brittney Savage:

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Amber O’Neal: Mercedes Martinez told Amber O’Neal to kiss her winning streak good-bye! Amber said she always has a plan, and promised to leave tonight with the title and a record of 7-0. One observation I have about Amber is that she’s really good at making rookie’s look good, and she has great matches with mid-carders, but she really stinks when she’s up against main event stars. Amber was really pushed to the stars and got the best of Martinez here. The finish saw Amber come within an eyelash of scoring a pinfall, but the champion recovered and hit the Fishermen’s suplex to retain the WSU championship! Amber’s winning streak died at SIX.

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Melissa Coates: The Thunder Bay Glamazon, Melissa Coates, returned to WSU to take advantage of Mercedes Martinez’s willingness to defend the WSU championship against all-comers. Coates is a muscular blonde bombshell ready to do business with anybody inside the squared circle. Coates was aggressive in her challenge, but was no match for the dominant champion – who looked like a million bucks in retaining the WSU title in a short match.

Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Tina San Antonio:

FINAL VERDICT: The Latina Sensation is AWESOME – just like this DVD!




Talia Madison (aka Velvet Sky) vs. Daffney : This showdown between pin-up girl Talia Madison, who is well trained and brings a lot of experience with her to the ring, and WCW legend Daffney Unger (known globally as the “Scream Queen”) was the main event of the first WSU DVD. I absolutely LOVE Daffney and was so happy at the time to see her getting around the wrestling scene in many different independent promotions. Daffney was talking earlier about not being there for T&A but she kept squeezing her breasts for the drooling fans. I’m begging you for a close-up! I was actually very impressed with Daffney’s ability to absorb punishment. Talia proved her superiority after 15-minutes of action by defeating Daffney with a stiff Back-cracker.

Alicia (c) vs. Christy Hemme with special guest referee Tammy “Sunny” Sytch: When Christy Hemme was cut from the WWE, I was quite surprised because I knew that she had genuine interest in learning how to work a proper wrestling match. Hemme hit the independent circuit here in North American as well as a few shots in Europe and Australia. While she may not be the most polished wrestler, she does possess the desire to entertain through intense physical interaction. Sunny is the original wrestling Diva, and has gone through many ups-and-downs over the past few years, but had recovered and changed her life for the better. I have a lot of respect for her now, and wish only good things for her in the future. Alicia was the young torch-bearer for WSU, and certainly had her work cut out for her on this night. Christy may have been legitimately hurt, because the finish of the match saw Alicia botch a simple roll-up – which was totally Christy’s fault – to get the 1-2-3 and retain her WSU title.

Awesome Kong vs. Primetime Amy Lee: This match was called the “Most Barbaric & Brutalest Match in WSU History.” This is the kind of main event that should have been developed over the span of four or five DVD’s to create a little buzz and publicity for the promotion. The irresistible force indeed met the immovable object on May 8th, 2008 in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey. It was not pretty. Both brawlers were on a mission to destroy the other, but it was Amy Lee who took the majority of the punishment. It looked as though the WSU bully, Primetime Amy Lee, had finally met her match. For the first time in WSU history, Amy Lee was busted open and completely vulnerable. Kong back-fisted Amy Lee but purposely aborted the pinfall attempt so she could dish out some more punishment. Kong locked in the Single-leg Crab until the referee stopped the match. They said the important thing was that Amy Lee did not submit.

Nikki Roxx (c) vs. Cindy Rogers vs. Alexa Thatcher:

Angelina Love vs. Portia Perez: The cute little Canadian heel wearing pink and black debuts with WSU against TNA Wrestling’s Angelina Love, also making her first appearance with WSU. Love was greeted by chants of “we’re not worthy!” and Love obviously agreed with that sentiment. Love made friends quickly by stating that there wasn’t enough paper bags in the world to cover the fans in attendance tonight. While Portia is a heel almost everywhere she goes, she became the babyface by default against one half of the self proclaimed Beautiful People. Keep your pants on boys, Velvet Sky was not with Angelina on this night. In true heel fashion, Angelina scored the 1-2-3 while pulling on the back of young Portia’s tights.

SINGLES MATCH (11/29/08)
Traci Brooks vs. Annie Social:

Mercedes Martinez vs. Nikki Roxx: This match was a classic-in-the-making between WSU champion Mercedes Martinez and the Uncensored Rumble winner Nikki Roxx. Roxx was back wearing her old Nikki gear, as opposed to her TNA Roxxi uniform. There was a no time-limit stipulation, so we were guaranteed a winner! My advice is to just sit back, relax, and enjoy a great match between two professionals. Late in the match, Roxx hit Martinez with her trademark Barbie-crusher, but could not secure the pinfall. Martinez made a come-back and hit a Brain-buster off the ropes and got the 1-2-3 to retain the WSU championship! The match lasted roughly 35 minutes, and both girls embraced after the match, but were then attacked by Angel Orsini & Rain! Martinez fought back and kicked the heels out of the ring to save Roxx from more damage!

Mercedes Martinez vs. Awesome Kong: The announcers said that this was the biggest match in WSU history. They also explained that it was supposed to be Rain challenging for the WSU title, but she was stuck in Mexico, so she sent Awesome Kong to take her place. Rain also claimed that Kong will hand the WSU championship to her when she wins it. They compared it to the deal made by the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase and Andre The Giant in 1987. The champion Martinez took an AWESOME beating, but kept fighting back against her AWESOME challenger. She held on and miraculously hit Kong with a massive Fishermens-buster for the win – and to retain her WSU championship. Before she could begin to catch her breath, Martinez was attacked by Nikki Roxx & Amber O’Neal (doing more dirty work for Rain).

Angelina Love vs. Sassy Stephanie: Angelina Love is so skinny she is often hard to look at, but she is a very fit type of skinny so it doesn’t look too unhealthy. She is an amazing athlete, and probably tougher than she looks. Angelina was paired with the young Sassy Stephanie, who was in line to learn a thing or two from the Canadian star. Even though it went a few minutes too long, it really was the best match I’ve seen with Stephanie involved. I’m glad she is improving, because she looks like she has a great attitude for the business. Angelina Love left with the victory!

Nikki Roxx vs. Angel Orsini: Roxx explained that she picked a fight with Angel during the opening segment in an effort to get revenge for Angel taking the WSU championship from her two years ago. I almost forgot about that! You could also take into consideration the stuff that happened when Rain & Roxx double-crossed Orsini and turned her babyface last year. Needless to say, there is a lot of history between these two. It is always strange to watch Roxx work as a heel, because she is usually so adorable. They wrestled a hard fought match, which ended with Orsini getting the victory but hurting her arm along the way.

Brittney Savage vs. Tina San Antonio:

FINAL VERDICT: What can I say, I was knocked out by this DVD!




Alicia vs. Luna Vachon: The legendary Luna Vachon came to the ring with an unspecified championship belt over her shoulder. Alicia came out in her “Hardcore” gear for the biggest match of her career at that point. Luna was there representing Becky Bayless, who had her butt kicked by Alicia on WSU Volume #1. Luna violated Alicia’s ass with a mini frying pan. Luna rammed Alicia’s head into the wall and then smashed her with an orange pylon. Luna found a shovel under the ring and smashed it over Alicia’s backside and tossed her into the merchandise table. All of Luna’s offense seemed to be directed towards Alicia’s ample posterior. Alicia mounted a comeback and choked out Luna with a night stick. Luna turned the tables but missed a moonsault allowing Alicia to slam Luna and secure the 1-2-3 to win.

TAG TEAM MATCH (7/14/07)
Luna Vachon & Primetime Amy Lee vs. The Diva Killaz (Kayla Sparks & Miss Deville): I remember this match made me sick to my stomach. It featured a 15-minute slaughter of the sweet and innocent tag team of Kayla Sparks and Miss Deville at the hands of Primetime Amy Lee and the legendary Luna Vachon, calling themselves Satan’s Sisters. At one point, something went seriously wrong, and Luna snapped and started smacking Miss Deville around legit. Luna then viciously whacked Deville, Liz Savage (flat on the face), and then Sparks with a frying pan. Luna then started shouting profanity, “I guess I’m not no f***ing Diva am I?” – Amy Lee finally pinned both Diva Killas at the same time. Something else was going at ringside involving Luna Vachon and Liz Savage but they didn’t show it on camera but they still made an extremely big deal about it on commentary. Savage was apparently messed up really bad by the frying pan shot to the face from Luna. This was either a totally unprofessional act by Luna Vachon or a flawless act of scripted intimidation. Whatever it was, it came off controversial and a little unsettling. After the match, Amy Lee & Luna Vachon proclaimed themselves as the unofficial WSU Tag Team champions and asked for real competition, putting out an open challenge. It didn’t really matter because Luna never came back to work for the promotion again.

Alicia (c) vs. Tammy “Sunny” Sytch: Right after Alicia successfully defended her WSU championship against three challengers, she was threatening to retire from wrestling and take the belt with her. She was chased back to the ring and forced to defend against the infamous SUNNY! Sunny nailed her with a Stunner and scored the 1-2-3 to be crowned the NEW WSU champion! Kind of a screwjob if you ask me.

Dawn Marie w/Tammy “Sunny” Sytch vs. Becky Bayless: Becky Bayless strutted to the ring shaking her sweet money-maker to the tune of “you want a piece of me,” by Brittney Spears. The answer to that question is, YES, I want a piece of you Miss Bayless. Commissioner Tammy Sytch, at one point known as Sunny in the WWF, came out to act as ring announcer and introduce Becky’s opponent – former ECW/WWE Diva Dawn Marie! Dawn has added a little junk to her trunk since the last time we saw her, but she is still as beautiful and vivacious as ever. Dawn was never known as a wrestler, but she could definitely teach a thing or two to the new generation of “divas.” Sytch and Bytch (Dawn’s original ECW name) were adored by the fans, but seemed to be playing the heel roll when Bayless was also supposed to be heel. The match ended in a disqualification after Dawn took off her belt and aggressively choked Becky with it. Dawn refused to break the hold so the referee ended the match, but not even Sunny could prevent the irate Dawn Marie from wrenching back on Becky’s neck. Dawn finally released the hold and screamed “I’m not finished with you,” just before leaving the scene of the crime. Becky Bayless instantly became a babyface due to this unjust act of violence against her.

Angel Orsini (c) vs. Mercedes Martinez: These two tough cookies had been allies in the past, teaming up on more than one occasion to take on a common enemy. They put their friendship aside on this night to fight for the WSU championship. It started out as a genuine technical tour de force until the battle spilled outside the squared circle and traveled throughout the entire building. They tussled up and down, from side to side, and ended up on an elevated platform. Mercedes launched Angel off of one balcony down onto another just below! They continued to brawl until they were getting closer to the ring, when Orsini did the unthinkable and faked an injury to gain sympathy from her friend. Orsini waited for the right moment and rolled up Martinez on the floor for the 1-2-3 to retain her WSU title in an act of total desperation. Martinez was clearly offended by the betrayal and demanded another opportunity at the WSU championship in the future. Hopefully she will be a little more aggressive and a little less trusting. All is fair in love and war.

Angel Orsini (c) vs. Dawn Marie vs. Portia Perez:

Angel Orsini (c) vs. Mercedes Martinez: This was the SuperBowl for WSU at the time. They had been building towards this epic battle for months, and it was finally time for former friends, Angel and Mercedes, to go to war inside the unforgiving steel cage! After a brief fist-fight at the beginning of the match, they settled into a methodical wrestling match to feel each other out. Soon after, Martinez became the first to try to escape the cage, but was stopped by the outside influence of Kylie Pierce and Lea Morrison of all people. Missy Sampson and Alere Little Feather showed up to take out Pierce and Morrison while Martinez and Orsini bounced each other’s heads off the top of the cage! Soon after, blood started to trickle from the forehead of Angel Orsini. The fight continued, and Mercedes Martinez had the gold in her sights. Martinez climbed the cage but found Rain guarding the floor. Angel went over and kicked the cage door, which smashed the referee and knocked him out on the floor! Martinez leaped off the top of the cage on top of Orsini and the referee, who took Mercedes’ knee to the head! I wouldn’t be surprised if Mercedes injured he knee on that guys head! The fight continued, and a minute later Angel and Mercedes both started to climb the cage. Martinez knocked Orsini down and successfully scaled the cage and hit the floor! Rain quickly put the boots to Martinez and pushed her back into the cage through the door while both referees were out cold and not paying attention. Alicia was very critical of the referees not doing their jobs. So the fight continued once more. Martinez tried to escape again through the door, but Rain smashed her on the head with the cage door! Rain tossed a pair of hand-cuffs into the cage. Orsini hand-cuffed Martinez to the ropes and slithered out the door where the groggy referee declared her the winner and gave her the WSU championship! Missy Hyatt called Rain a “dirty whore!” as Rain jumped into the cage and stomped the fallen Martinez. Orsini joined in the assault until the lights went out for an awkward thirty-or-so seconds. When the lights were restored the legendary Jacqueline (TNA’s Jackie Moore) was standing in the middle of the cage! Jacqueline announced Angel Orsini vs. Mercedes Martinez in a Bull-rope Match on March 7th with Alicia as the guest referee…

Angel Orsini vs. Rain: These two had a very unstable alliance with the common goal of defeating Mercedes Martinez, until it finally came to an end at the previous WSU event. Angel Orsini was like a pack of Mentos, and Rain was a bottle of Coca-Cola. Instead of doing a fight to the death, they decided to go the methodical route – with a series submission holds. Both girls tried to wear the other down, hoping to force them into giving up. The finish saw Rain take the easy way out, and DDT’d Angel head-first on a chair for the win!

Jazz vs. Amber O’Neal: Amber O’Neal was defending her 5-0 winning streak since debuting with WSU, using the same screwy modified bridging backslide to pin her opponents in all five victories. Jazz was there not to back up what she’s done, but to prove that she can still do it in the ring. They made a big deal about Jazz having wrestled at a WrestleMania – which really is the biggest deal for a pro-wrestler. Beating Jazz would not only be the biggest win of Amber’s streak, but the biggest win of her career. They did a lot of mat-wrestling, and kept the fans attention with some classic moves. Late in the match, Jazz did an airplane spin and accidentally knocked out the referee. A second referee, the stupid one from the Alicia/Brittney match, came out and took over referee duties. Amber hit Jazz from behind, and she ended up taking out the new referee. Amber put Jazz in her patented screwy modified backslide, also using the ropes for leverage, just as the original referee woke up and counted the 1-2-3 – handing Amber her sixth victory in a row and an opportunity at the WSU championship!

“The Fighting Female Phenom” Jazz vs. Jana: Jana said it didn’t matter if Jazz was the reason she became a wrestler, because she doesn’t care who stands in her way – she will knock them down if they get in her way. Jazz said she likes to call it the JAZZ-Cup and said she would use Jana as an example to show the world why she is the fighting female phenom! My fear was that Jazz was brought in to do the job to Jana and make her look good. Thankfully she did make Jana look good, but still took the victory and secured her spot in the second round.

Alicia (c) vs. Brittney Savage:



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