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Alan Wojcik Reviews 3 DVD’s from April 2009

Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik and http://alanwojcik.com 
The northeast promotion Women Superstars Uncensored sent out news on three new DVD’s which are being sold in a package deal. After taking several days to go through them I am happy to report on them; one great, one good and one…well not so good. First let’s talk about the great, the WSU Best of 2008 hosted by Sean Hanson with the following bouts:
1. Formation Of The Beatdown Betties From 3/8
2. Awesome Kong’s WSU Debut Vs Rick Cataldo & Roxxie Cotton 3/8
3. Mercedes Martinez Vs Mickie Knuckles 3/8
4. Awesome Kong Vs Amy Lee 3/8
5. WSU Title Match Nikki Roxx Vs Sunny Vs Alexa Thatcher 3/21/08
6. Dawn Marie’s WSU Wrestling Debut Vs Becky Bayless 3/22
7. Becky Bayless Vs Mercedes Martinez 3/22
8. Angel Orsini Vs Mercedes Martinez 3/22 J-Cup Finals
9. WSU Title Match Nikki Roxx Vs Alexa Thatcher Vs Cindy Rogers 4/20
10. WSU Title Match Nikki Roxx Vs Angel Orsini 5/31
11. Angelina Love Vs Portia Perez 6/21
12. WSU Title Match Angel Orsini Vs Mercedes Martinez 6/21
13. Lumberjack WSU Title Mach Angel Orsini Vs Portia Perez 8/23
14. WSU Tag Team Title Tournament Finals Amy Lee & Missy Sampson Vs Beatdown Betties 10/11
15. WSU Title match Angel Orsini Vs Bobcat 10/11
16. Traci Brooks Vs Annie Social 11/29
17. Mercedes Martinez Vs Portia Perez 11/29
18. Kylie Pierce Vs Roxxie Cotton 3/7/09 NHPW
19.TLC Match Mercedes Martinez Vs Nikki Roxx Vs Melissa Stripes 12/15/06 NHPW
This DVD is great for the fact if you have never seen a single WSU match this is the perfect introduction. You see the debut of Awesome Kong and her brutal feud with Amy Lee, several excellent Orsini/Martinez matches which are better then the majority of the matches you can see on cable TV. By the way Hanson does an excellent job giving the viewer the backstory. Out of the three in this review this is a 100% must buy item.
Next let’s talk about good the 2009 Women’s J-Cup held on April 10th in Bergenfield, NJ:
Round One Matches
Rain Vs Brooke Carter
Angel Orsini Vs Annie Social
Trixxie Lynn Vs Jennifer Cruz
Miss April Vs Roxxie Cotton
Plus the semi finals and the finals plus a non-tournament match:
WSU Womens Champion Mercedes Martinez Vs Jana
This DVD is good for the fact you will see matches you would normally not see at a WSU event like former champion Orsini and Ms. Social which was my favorite opening round match. Hanson is back in the commentary seat with the “First Lady of Wrestling” Missy Hyatt. The duo as usual are entertaining. My only problem and its the same with the next DVD reviewed is if the matches go the time limit and go past a extra time period, the fans applause decide the winner. Sounds more like a Bert Prentice Nashville based event not a tournament.
Now let’s get to the bad, the 2009 King and Queen of the Ring Tournament held April 11th in Kearny, NJ. Hanson and Hyatt are back with the following opening round matches:
Vicious Vinny & Brooke Carter Vs Nicky Oceans & Autumn Breeze
Danny Demanto & Jana Vs Travis Blake & Jennifer Cruz
Jay Lethal & Miss April Vs Helter Skelter & Trixie Lynn
Bison Bravado & Annie Social Vs JD Smoothie & Roxxie Cotton Vs Sean Hanson & Rick Cataldo
In addition to the second round and finals, you also get Missy’s Manor with Angel Orsini & Rain and WSU champion Mercedes Martinez vs. Angel Orsini vs. Rain. The pairings involve the WSU wrestlers with male wrestlers from NWS also a northeast based promotion. Instead of the women facing the women and men with men, its intergender which doesn’t work well in some of the matches. No offense against the NWS wrestlers but some of them just clashed against each other. It was good to see Lethal drop the “Black Machismo” persona for the evening but I don’t think his trainee/girlfriend Miss April is good in the ring. The WWE must think the opposite since they signed her not long after these tapings.
Log onto www.wsuwrestling.com and www.doivideo.com for these items and the upcoming June releases which feature the 60-minute Ironwoman match between Angel Orsini and WSU champion Mercedes Martinez, plus the Uncensored Rumble 2.