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Hall of Shame – WWE 2010

Sleeper Hold From Hell– A few months ago during a match with Kane, Dolph Ziggler broke out a Sleeper hold and actually finished him off! Dolph wound up making this into his finisher, as he’s used it to knock out giants like The Great Khali, to little people like Hornswoggle (complete with a cheesy slow motion video recap). Most people look at the sleeper hold as just a rest hold, not to be taken seriously as a finisher. I originally had no problem with it; I think its hilarious watching someone who resembles a model jumping on peoples backs who, instead of walking over and grabbing the ropes, actually pass out from the immense pain. The only problem is that Dolph spends way too much time in his matches doing moves almost exactly like the sleeper hold from hell (chin locks, head locks) which makes his finisher look weak. Jerry Lynn doesn’t spend his matches doing spike and package pile drivers does he?

Piggy James– In an attempt to make Mickie James feel like total crap WWE decided to do a storyline where Michelle McCool & Layla reverted back into 16 year old girls and began making fun of one of the most talented Divas on the show because she didn’t resemble a stick! Now Mickie James is not fat at all, but that didn’t stop Michelle and Layla for dumping punch and cake on her, singing a song about her, and nicknaming her Piggy James. It was a very embarrassing storyline, with the pay off being Mickie defeating Michelle at Extreme Rules to win the Women’s title, only to lose it a week later and get released soon after. Because that’s what happens when you stand up to bullies kids!

NXT=WTF– NXT had a great premise, they take 8 developmental stars, pair them up with WWE pros, and showcase them week after week until eliminations start and one wrestler is left. They also show us how fast they can drink sodas, and how to talk about sleeping and flowers! Wait what? Within the first few weeks of the show, NXT resorted to silly weekly tasks, including running an obstacle course that included drinking a soda, to selling programs to fans. Also the show includes the burial of Daniel Bryan, dorky Michael Cole as a heel, and occasionally 3 minute matches! Because to succeed in the big leagues you need to know how to have 2 minute matches and sell overpriced programs to willing fans.

Daniel Bryan – From ROH to WWE, from the small leagues to the big leagues, from independent to corporate, from 30 minute main events to 3 minute squashes- Bryan Danielson, arguably one of the greatest if not the greatest professional wrestler on earth, was the surefire pick to win NXT. I was excited to watch him on NXT, until I saw him lose 10 times in a row in small squashes, screw up every challenge, stick his tongue out at Michael Cole, and be called a “tool” by a guy who says vintage every 5 seconds, smiles at the camera like a goofball, and finds Hornswoggle funnier than Chris Jericho. His pro is The Miz, who has way less experience than him, and week after week is ridiculed and beat up by Miz, while Michael Cole justifies everything only to go on and boo The Miz the next week on RAW. I bet Daniel is screaming “Kill me!” under those smiles.

Unnecessarily bad name changes – This is Germain St. Shawn here with another Hall of Shame 2010 entry. Terrible name right? Well I’m convinced that if I ever joined the WWE, that name would be considered gold to whoever thinks up monikers for the developmental stars. Right now on SmackDown! there’s a wrestler by the name of Vance Archer, formerly known as Lance Hoyt in TNA. The name change there makes a bit of sense because WWE doesn’t want fans figuring out he was from TNA, but they could have come up with a better name! The 2 names that are really bothering me can be found on NXT season 2. For some god forsaken reason the WWE has taken Mike Rotunda and Curt Hennig’s sons and renamed them Husky Harris, and Michael McGillicutty. Yet, they make reference to the fact that Husky and Michael are the sons of Curt and Mike, making the name change completely pointless! What were they thinking? .. [written by Shane St.Germain]

Daniel Bryan Again (Tie Gate) – I already wrote one article about Daniel Bryan a couple months ago, but a week or so after I wrote it Bryan Danielson started to make a bigger impact and gain some fire, followed by being fired. Daniel was fired for spitting on John Cena and choking Justin Roberts with a tie during the NXT invasion, because it was deemed too violent. Last time I checked Randy Orton attempted to blow John Cena up, Bret Hart beat down a 60 year old man with a chair, and Batista tried to run John Cena over with a car, no problem. There are also moves a lot more devastating than a tie choke, but what do I know? .. [written by Shane St.Germain]

Diva’s Division Destroyed – Once again the Diva’s division is in shambles. Melina and Beth Phoenix are both injured, which isn’t really the WWE’s fault, but firing Mickie James was. That leaves the talentless Kelly Kelly and learning Tiffany to feud Michelle McCool and the improving Layla on SmackDown! with Rosa Mendes left to skip rope in the background. On the RAW side you have Eve Torres and Alicia Fox feuding over a child’s toy belt, who aren’t super terrible, but not super great either. Maryse is acting as a valet to the million dollar son who carries around a 50 dollar replica belt, Jillian Hall is still an annoying singer with nothing to do, The Bella’s are stereo whores, Natalya and Tamina are busy with their respected stables, and the ultra talented Gail Kim has absolutely nothing to do. .. [written by Shane St.Germain]