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“Temptress” Kimberly is new to the wrestling business, but she’s already getting lots of attention as the gorgeous valet of The Powers of Pain and as a TNA ring girl alongside SoCal Val. Kimberly is a very busy young lady, also managing the Vandalz as Kimberly Vandal, and working with Eric Young as his little sister Kimberly Young.

When she’s not working as a valet, manager, or ring girl, the statuesque brunette works as a bartender and an exotic animal handler. She has been training to be a wrestler at Bodyslam University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, too, with trainers including Alex G. Warlord, and Bruno Sassi. Kimberly has also worked in the ring with Orlando Jordan, Matt Morgan, and Pablo Marquez, and has been involved with shows with TNA, DCW, CCW, CWA and D1PW.

As if all that wasn’t enough to make the average person drop with exhaustion, the energetic beauty studies sharks at Florida Atlantic University with Dr. Steven Kajiura. Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin is one of her heroes, and she says on her MySpace blog, “I am still going to continue my dreams of one day having my own television show much like the Croc Hunter and I will take the information Steve Irwin taught me where ever I go. I may have not met him personally, but he still touched my life through his work.”

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing this exciting newcomer to wrestling.

Karen: Kimberly, you’ve been training and learning to wrestle at Bodyslam University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for about 7 months now, with trainers including Alex G, The Warlord, and Bruno Sassi. What has been the hardest part of the training for you so far?

Kimberly: One of the hardest parts of training for me has been trying not to think too much. I have been progressing at a nice pace in my training, but my biggest stumbling block has been overanalyzing moves and matches. Sometimes you just have to trust your trainers, take a deep breath, and just do it.

Karen: I see from your MySpace page [www.myspace.com/fausharkgirl] that you are also studying sharks at Florida Atlantic University with the renowned Dr. Steve Kajiura. That’s far from the stereotypical image many people have for a woman in wrestling; what got you interested in becoming a wrestler and manager?

Kimberly: I have always been interested in pro-wrestling for as long as I can remember. Even though I was an honor student since grade school and my parents wanted me to become a doctor, I would always respond to the infamous question of “What do you want to be when you grow up?” with “I want to be a wrestling hoochie mamma!” Haha! (The “hoochie mamma” phrase was coined by my mother who thought I was ridiculous! ) It wasn’t until I moved to South Florida to study with Dr. Kajiura that I found an affordable wrestling school owned by my friend, Bruno Sassi. Although I still was committed to the dream of studying shark behavior, I was finally able to fulfill my childhood fantasies of getting into the squared circle. The only difference now is that I have to promise Dr. Kajiura not to suplex him in chummed, shark infested water!!!

Karen: I have found that very few women in wrestling actually fit the “pretty but dumb female jock” stereotype. Is your experience the same?

Kimberly: The “pretty but dumb female jock” stereotype is actually quite comical in my experience, because I was never a jock! I was a geek and a band nerd, and not just any band nerd, but the ultimate band nerd. I was the Drum Major for 2 years, the Drill Assistant for 1, toured with a drum and bugle corps for 5 years, and had every medal imaginable for playing several different instruments. The most jock-like I was, was with the strength and conditioning I learned in drum corps and the Navy Seal training I endured for the indoctrination period when I got accepted to the U.S. Naval Academy for my academics. I’m very pleasantly surprised at how athletic I actually am!!

Karen: Your accomplishments are very impressive. What wrestlers do you admire most?

Kimberly: There are several wrestlers that I admire, and each for different reasons. The Warlord I admire for his strengths mentally and physically. He has taught me to overcome peer pressures and better myself with a drug-free lifestyle while pushing me to train harder despite the pain. He always asks, “how bad do ya want it, girl?”

Trish Stratus and Victoria have set the standard higher for women wrestlers over the years. Both women have pushed their bodies to the limits and have followed theirs dreams to push to the top, Shawn Michaels has shown me it’s okay to be open about your beliefs in a world and a business that may not openly accept them. And finally, my good friend Marty Jannetty who has shown me that no matter what life throws at you, it can’t get you down. You may feel like your “GAT” (God’s Amusement Toy) but everything happens in life for a reason – no matter how bad it is.

Karen: Which wrestlers or managers have most influenced your work as a manager or wrestler?

Kimberly: I am currently watching footage of Missy Hyatt, Woman, and Sable to help form my gimmick for the Temptress. My wrestling style is strongly influenced by a combination of luchadors and the big men. I know I’m only 5’6” and 120 lbs, but the bigger men display their strength and are very aware of what makes them look good in the ring. The luchador style gives me an opportunity to showcase my athleticism and bring a little of my heritage to my character. Every little girl has to make their mother proud!!

Karen: That sounds like a solid plan. Your work with TNA so far has been mostly as a ring girl. What is it like there now, with the new women’s division still in the formative stages?

Kimberly: I am very happy that TNA has expanded their women’s division. It has brought in a new level of competitors and I hope that it is able to grow in the future while showing off the talents of the women in this sport and give them more opportunities to work.

Karen: Do you get a chance to talk to the women wrestlers in TNA, and get advice from them?

Kimberly: I have had many chances to talk to the women wrestlers not just at TNA, but throughout all levels and organizations. I seize these opportunities and I like to keep an open mind to what they have to say and take advice from all of them, past and present.

Karen: What would be your dream match?

Kimberly: I don’t really have a specific “Dream Match” because every match I have is a dream come true.

Karen: That’s a great attitude to have. Where will you be appearing in the future, for fans who’d like to see you in action?

Kimberly: I try to keep my MySpace page updated with my calendar, but for the month of January I can be seen at the Bash at the Ballpark in Cocoa Beach on the 19th with many of the legends of wrestling and on January 26th I will have a DCW show in my hometown of Clermont FL at my old High school.

Karen: Good luck in your future! What would you like to say to our readers in closing?

Kimberly: I am going to keep working hard to follow my dreams and I appreciate and invite my fans to follow my dream of wrestling with me!!!

Booking Info for Kimberly:

I am taking serious bookings through my myspace account and also through [email protected]. Price varies due to distance, day, and travel, but I am happy to negotiate. If need be, I can bring another female wrestler for a girls’ match, or I can manage or wrestle whomever you like.

— Karen Belcher
Courtesy of ProWrestlingDigest.com