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The International Wrestling Cartel presents
Saturday July 10th, 2010
Clearfield County Fairgrounds
5615 Park St. | Clearfield, PA 15037
Belltime: 7:30 PM
Ringside (First 2 Rows): $20 | General Admission: $10

Ladder Match:
–Super Hentai vs. Sebastian
After controversy following their last encounter in Clearfield, 2-time Super Indy Tournament winner Super Hentai will be squaring off against Clearfield’s own Sebastian in a Ladder Match! Hentai scored a victory in October 2009 at our first Clearfield Cataclysm event, which was for Hentai’s Super Indy Championship. In their second match at Clearfield Cataclysm 2, controversy ensued after the introduction of a foreign object. Following that match, IWC owner Chuck Roberts declared the two men will do battle in a Ladder Match! Even though the Super Indy Title is no longer on the line with Hentai forfeiting it to his disrespectful student-turned-superstar Shiima Xion after Xion’s Super Indy IX tournament win, Sebas still wants to prove to his hometown crowd that he can beat Hentai!

IWC World Heavyweight Title Match:
–“DeeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco defends against Jon Bolen
The IWC World Heavyweight Title Match has been signed for July 10th as champion “DeeeeeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco defends against Big League’s hired assassin Jon Bolen! At Super Indy IX, Bolen ran out in an assumed attempt to save DeMarco from an attack by John McChesney… only to attack DeMarco, planting him with the Meltdown. McChesney revealed he hired Bolen as an assassin to take DeMarco out and help him win the IWC World Heavyweight Championship. Bolen claims that his alliance with McChesney is stricly financial, so he would like nothing more than to injure DeMarco before Caged Fury 2010! But how does this fit in with McChesney’s plan if Bolen walks out with the IWC World Heavyweight Title? Can DeMarco pull out the victory over the intensely scary and powerful Bolen?

IWC Super Indy Title Match
–Shiima Xion vs. Frightmare vs. Lince Dorado vs. Low Rider
Originally scheduled to be a three-way dance, Shiima Xion’s first defence of the IWC Super Indy Championship will now be a fatal four-way! After seeing Shiima desecrate masked wrestlers in his disrespect of Super Hentai at Super Indy IX, Lince Dorado and Frightmare went to IWC officials and petitioned for a title match against Xion, who is now wearing a mask to insult his trainer Hentai. Defending masked wrestlers everywhere, Frightmare & Dorado said although Xion defeated them seperately during the Super Indy IX tournament on May 8th, he couldn’t defeat them together. Xion was furious, claiming it was nothing more than a handicapped match, and went to IWC’s Director of Wrestling Operations Bubba the Bulldog with his complaint. Bubba thought his complaint to be valid, and added DTU luchadore Low Rider to the match. Low Rider jumped at the opportunity, calling Frightmare and Lince “fake luchadores” when they’re not even from Mexico. Although Low Rider is friends with Xion, Shiima has all but told Low Rider to stay out of his way during the match. What kind of impact will he have on this match?
IWC Tag Team Title Match:
–Flippin’ Ain’t Easy defend against Irish Airborne
Following an incredible match at Super Indy IX, there are new IWC Tag Team Champions! Jason Gory & Facade formed the team Flippin’ Ain’t Easy this year with both men looking to score Tag Team gold once again. On May 8th, they found it as they unseated the longest reigning IWC Tag Team Champions in history, the Irish Airborne. Jake & Dave Crist, who fired their manager Viki Gambino before the match, wanting nothing to do with a Gambino, immediately attacked the new champions.  The lights went out, and Mickey & Marshall Gambino made the save, looking for revenge after the Airborne eliminated them from IWC in December by winning a loser leaves town match. The brothers Crist didn’t wait long to demand a rematch from IWC Director of Wrestling Operations Bubba the Bulldog. Bubba granted them the rematch with the insistance that extra security would be on-hand to ensure the Gambino Brothers would not enter the building!

No DQ Match:
–“The Front Man” Logan Shulo vs. “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano
After ruining his chances at Super Indy IX, Logan Shulo will get his hands on Johnny Gargano at Clearfield Cataclysm 3 in a No Disqualification Match! At The Road To Super Indy IX, the two men teamed together against Flippin’ Ain’t Easy. When Shulo went to use his mic stand in the match, Gargano interfered and grabbed it from him. Shulo then attacked Gargano with the stand, a trend he seems to be starting. In fact, the last time in Clearfield, Shulo defeated Jimmy Vega$ using the mic stand. At Super Indy IX, Shulo attempted to use the stand on Gargano once again, but it backfired and “The Whole Shebang” advanced in the tournament, all the way to the finals. But now, anything goes, everything is legal, and Shulo is sure to try and use his now-trademarked microphone stand on Gargano! Will Logan have the last laugh? Or will Gargano finally settle the score with “The Frontman”?

–Eric Lee Schwab & Chest Flexor vs. Justin Idol & ???
The saga between the tag team formerly known as Sexual Harassment continues in Clearfield, PA, as Eric Lee Schwab and his new manager Chest Flexor will take on Justin Idol and a partner of his choosing. Back in April at the Road to Super Indy IX, the wrestling world was prepared to say goodbye to Eric Xtasy after having suffered from a major concussion in January. That night however, we found out that Eric Xtasy would retire, but Eric Lee Schwab would be taking his place. Eric brutally attacked his former tag team partner Justin Idol leaving him with a bruised kidney and ribs less than a month before Justin’s was competing in Super Indy 9. Just before Justin’s first round match at Super Indy 9, Eric announced that the self-proclaimed “Billion Dollar Man” Chest Flexor would be handling all of his business concerns and their first order of business was to sue IWC if Eric wasn’t put into the SI9 tournament. Leaving IWC owner Chuck Roberts with no choice, Eric was put into the match with Justin Idol and Colin Delaney making it a 3-way opening round match. When Eric had Justin beat and ready to take the pin-fall, he backed off allowing Delaney to get the win and advance in the tournament. It then became clear and obvious to everyone that Eric has an agenda well beyond wrestling and titles: take Justin Idol out of professional wrestling at any cost. After the events at SI9, Eric demanded a match with Justin. However, still recovering from a bruised mid-section, a tag team match was granted with Justin announcing his partner on July 10th in Clearfield. At one point, Justin said that he would never face Eric one-on-one arguing that Eric is still suffering from a concussion. So far Justin has showed his former partner compassion while Eric has shown Justin no Mercy. What will happen when these two former IWC Tag Team Champions meet across the ring at Clearfield Cataclysm 3?!?!

–“Big League” John McChesney vs. “The East Coast Killer” Dean Radford
Since his return to IWC, “Big League” McChesney has vowed to take the IWC Heavyweight Championship by any means necessary. Although he fell short of the gold against Jimmy DeMarco at Super Indy IX (winning their match by DQ), McChesney has made a huge impression on the wrestling world by aligning himself with Jon Bolen. This alliance has grabbed the attention of the IWC locker-room and in particular, “The East Coast Killer’ Dean Radford. Radford is a former IWC Champion and for all intents and purposes, the policeman of IWC. Since returning in 2009, Radford was engaged in a feud with the 350-pound monster, Shane Taylor. Dean is no stranger to the IWC title and he would like nothing better than to go through Big League to get it! Will Dean Radford be able to stop John McChesney’s climb to the top of IWC? Find out on July 10th in Clearfield, PA!!!
—Plus much much more!

Tickets are available now on IWCwrestling.com!
IWC’s 2010 Schedule:
The upcoming IWC schedule has been tweaked slightly. Please adjust your calendars accordingly!

Caged Fury 2010
Saturday August 21st, 2010 – Cout Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA

Clearfield Cataclysm 4
Saturday September 18th, 2010 – Clearfield County Fairgrounds in Clearfield, PA

No Excuses 6
Saturday October 16th, 2010 – Venue TBA

Winner Takes All
Saturday November 13th, 2010 – Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA

Tickets are available now on IWCwrestling.com or by e-mailing [email protected] !
The Iron City Wrestling Academy To Hold Tryouts Throughout July!
The IWC Iron City Wrestling Academy (ICWA) will begin new classes in August 2010 with Head Trainer Justin Idol along with IWC Superstars Shiima Xion and Jimmy DeMarco. Tryouts will be held throughout July 2010 at our facility in Jefferson Hills, PA (in the South Hills of Pittsburgh off of Lebanon Church Road near South Park, PA.) Tryouts will be held Sundays starting July 11th, and weekdays based on requests.
Email [email protected] for more information.
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