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Kamala 3

Host Jack E. Jones welcomed “The Ugandan Giant” Kamala to IYH Wrestling Radio.

Highlights included the following:

* His thoughts on his face turn in the WWF:

“Yeah, it was weird for me because it was something that I just didn’t want to do. So, it was either do it or die; do it or you wouldn’t have a job. I just didn’t like being a babyface, and there was nowhere else for me to go really. So being a babyface, it just wasn’t my thing no way; I just liked being that big mean heel.”

* His thoughts on the Kamala II angle with Plowboy Frazier in Memphis:

“I didn’t like it at all. That was a slap in the face, because during that time they had just created me. When I went to Memphis that night to see a friend of mine, there was nobody in the (Mid South) Coliseum. There was nobody there. So anyway, they did that little vignette, a video of me in the woods, where I was going to be wrestling Lawler that Monday night. When they showed that, that Coliseum was sold out and turning people away, because they believed that I was a Ugandan and they believed everything they saw just about. So, it was drawing good, and then the next thing I know they had painted Plowboy Frazier up, who everyone knew, and he had been in Memphis as a cowboy, some of everything. And it just killed the gimmick; the houses stopped drawing right then. So I was just there about three or four months. And the thing of it is…they wanted me to draw, but to keep on drawing? They didn’t want that because Jerry Lawler was the king there. That’s why I say they killed it…And he’s the one that created me; that’s what I can’t understand. He’s the one who created me and
he’s the one who killed me.”

Other topics discussed included:
* Who was his favorite manager?
* Did he enjoy working with Bret Hart and did he ever expect him to be a world champion?
* Did he prefer wrestling smaller guys or matches when they were both big guys?
* Has he ever been to Uganda?
* What was his favorite country to visit during his wrestling career?

Kamala’s official autobiography will be coming soon. For information on how to donate for Kamala’s book and to help with his medical costs, please visit http://www.kamalaspeaks.com/

This interview is available for listening at http://www.iyhwrestling.com/viewnews.php?autoid=25396 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4MW1JgMDok