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Women Superstars Uncensored teamed up with the National Wrestling Superstars on 4/11/09 to present the fourth annual “King & Queen of the Ring Tournament” in Kearny, NJ. This tournament has become an annual staple for the NWS promotion and for the second consecutive year, WSU was proud to team up with the NWS to present this tournament of mixed-tag team wrestling matches.As a bonus to the card, as a result of what happened the night before on 4/10, at the J-Cup Tournament, a special three way WSU Championship match was signed as defending champion Mercedes Martinez took on former champion & 2009 J-Cup Winner Angel Orsini and her co-hort Rain.

To begin the show, NWS promoter Joe Panzarino explained the rules of the tournament and introduced the teams to the sold out Kearny Boys & Girls Club. When you see the DVD of this show, it will be hard to argue that this was one of WSU’s most vocal crowds yet.

In First Round Tournament Matches:
NWS Heavyweight Champion Vicious Vinny & WSU Tag Team Champion Brooke Carter d. Nicky Oceans & Autumn Breeze

Former NWS Heavyweight Champion Danny Demanto & Jana d. Travis Blake/Jennifer Cruz
* Note: Travis Blake was a substitution for Damian Adams, as Adams required surgery this week.

TNA Star Jay Lethal & WSU Tag Champion Miss April d. Helter Skelter/Trixie Lynn

Bison Bravado & Annie Social d. JD Smoothie/Roxxie Cotton and Ref Hanson/Rick Cataldo
In a wild set-up, Rick Cataldo & Sean Hanson interrupted this first round match before it could even happen. After threatening to sue both the NWS & WSU for sexual discrimination and announcing that they were the real King & Queen of WSU, NWS commissioner Gino Moore decided to make this an impromptu three way first round match. The crowd was all over Rick & Hanson and this is a must-see DVD experience. However, Annie Social, who after the match made the huge “Loser-Leaves-The Betties” tag team match challenge, was victorious after rolling up her partner Roxxie Cotton in what felt weird to many long time WSU fans.

In a live edition of Missy’s Manor, Missy Hyatt interviewed the finalists of last night’s J-Cup tournament, Angel Orsini & Rain. Both said that they got over their brawl from last night and have made a new pact, and that pact was to take the WSU championship off of Mercedes Martinez tonight in their triple threat match. Both promised the other a title shot after they defeated Martinez tonight. This brought out the Latina Sensation Mercedes Martinez. Martinez said why wait now, and went after Orsini. However, while Orsini was eating her words, courtesy of Miss Martinez, Rain walked away, leading to suspicions of Rain’s true motives.

Second Round Tournament Matches

Danny Demanto & Jana d. NWS Champion Vicious Vinny & WSU Tag Champion Brooke Carter
Beating his NWS rival wasn’t good enough for Danny, as after the match he gave Vinny a conchairto. The fak e Ultimate Warrior ran out to help his friend Vinny out. The fake Ultimate Warrior who comes out to the real Ultimate Warrior’s music grabbed the chair away from Danny. However, when Vinny woke up, he saw the fake Warrior with a real steel chair. Vinny thought Warrior hit him with the chair and it seems a possible Wrestlemania 6 re-creation showdown is in the works.

TNA Star Jay Lethal & WSU Tag Champion Miss April d. Bison Bravado & Annie Social

Before continuing, NWS promoter Joe Panzarino announced that the finals of the tournament was now set as it would be Danny Demanto & Jana taking on Jay Lethal & Miss April. Panzarino also plugged upcoming WSU & NWS events, which you can read more about at NWSWrestling.com & WSUWrestling.com

WSU Championship Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez d. Angel Orsini & Rain in a Triple Threat Contest
This was a great in-ring match that went over 15 minutes. The match saw both challengers team u p together to pick apart Martinez. However, when it came time to pin Martinez, neither one would concede to the other, and this led to Angel & Rain brawling. Eventually, Martinez was able to thunderously clothesline Orsini over the top rope, sending Orsini crashing to the floor. Rain went to sneak in to hit her RainDrop Implant DDT on Martinez, but Martinez countered it into her patented fisherwomans suplex for the clean 1-2-3. Orsini made it known afterwards that she has unsettled business with the champ.

2009 King & Queen of the Ring Third Round

TNA Star Jay Lethal & WSU Tag Champion Miss April d. Danny Demanto & Jana
In a match near the 20 minute mark, Jay Lethal & Miss April joined previous duos of Julio Dinero/Kara “Cherri” Slice, Danny Demanto/Melissa Stripes & Nikki Roxx/Rhett Titus as winners of this tournament. This was a great match that the crowd was super hot for. In a classic battle of all that is right in the world vs all that is wrong and evil, good prevailed over evil as Leth al put away the gigantic Danny Demanto, while April fended off the sadistic Jana.

Both Lethal & April were crowned as King & Queen of the ring sending everyone home happy and having something to tell the Easter Bunny about.

WSU returns on 6/6 with the Uncensored Rumble II event. Stay tuned to WSUWrestling.com for DVD release information.