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Matt Cross is quite possibly the most widely-known, well-traveled and successful U.S.-based pro wrestler to never have a full-time contract with a national wrestling organization.

Matt’s conquering of professional wrestling & reality television continue this week, as Matt is scheduled to appear on the NBC reality series “American Ninja Warrior”, a series which challenges people from around the world to complete a physically challenging, complex, and grueling obstacle course of unique stunts to win a grand prize of $500,000 and the honor of being called American Ninja Warrior. The website states you need “courage, determination, and heart” to succeed, all qualities Matt certainly has an abundance of.

The genesis of Matt’s story comes long before he entered a wrestling ring. As a junior gymnastics champion, Matt Capiccioni was performing feats of athleticism that left many in awe. Over the next 14 years and counting, he was able to transition skills such as these into an amazingly successful wrestling career which has seen stints in Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling NOAH, Xtreme Pro Wrestling, and MTV’s Wrestling Society X. Matt has been the focal point of retail DVDs, been a character in a video game, and also competed in 17 different countries, from Egypt to Russia to performing on Hulk Hogan‘s 2009 tour of Australia. In 2011, Matt was named one of the cast members of WWE & USA Network’s Tough Enough reality series. While many feel Matt was victimized by selective editing in the series, his appearance only strengthened his fan-base and loyal supporters. Matt currently continues to compete around the country and abroad, including PRIME Wrestling in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

“American Ninja Warrior” is set to air two episodes this coming week – Sunday night at 9:00PM on the G4 Network, and Monday night at 8:00 PM on NBC. It’s not yet known which episode will feature Matt (both episodes will recap the Baltimore, MD try-outs Matt was a part of), so be sure to check out both airings!

For more information on “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, please visit https://www.facebook.com/mdoggmattcross or follow Matt on Twitter @MDoggMattCross. Matt is available for bookings, signings & personal appearances at [email protected].