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EMAIL FROM STEVE J: I was at the Dream Reunion convention this weekend in Kokomo, Indiana. Things went great although there were some no-shows at the event. Apparently the promoter failed to come through on deals with some talent. Jim Cornette, Jerry Sags, Jerry Lawler, Brian Christopher, Steve Williams were among the no-shows. I was long gone before it all ended but I did hear that police were called because their was a problem with wrestlers not getting paid. Typical indy crap. Anyway, there were still alot of talent there. I was surprised to see Jessica Hatch from the diva search there. She flew in on her own which was nice to see. She was very nice to everyone and I spoke with her for a few minutes regarding the current product. (Information inside) 


There are some pictures of the reunion at her website at http://www.jessicadhatch.com/photos_dream_reunion.php . There are pictures there of Baby Doll, Al Snow, Marty Jannety, Midnight Express, Brian Knobs silliness (!!!) and others.


FROM: John Mills:

the rise & fall of  www.dreamreunion.com == promoter- rob reeder —- ==== wrestlers didn’t get  paid — wrestlers got kick out of motel 6 on sat oct 6 2007 at midnight for non-payment from promoter -rob reeder === promoter ran out with money and leave his wife there to talk to the wrestlers —-  10 police officers arrived at the civic center -wrestlers tommy rich & pat tanaka went crazy after the promoter —- promoter rip off his own local wrestlers of there glimmick money===  police & civic center kept his wrestling ring & wrestling belts for non-payment on building === the worst wrestling show  i ever saw in my life ===  a lot of wrestlers no show for this event ——   go to  www.wresatlingfigs.com  for more info & update on dream reunion 2 ======   john mills  [email protected]


FROM: The Brutal Truth’s KJ Parker:

WCWA has taken down their message board. Anyone wishing to comment on their experience at Dream Reunion 2 can feel free to go to: http://www.brutaltruthradio.com/boards

Anyone who wants transcripts of the messages deleted, they are available upon request.


WCWA & Dream Reunion 2 Show their TRUE colors, and finally, after all is said and done, THE BRUTAL TRUTH explains WHY they pulled themselves from the show, and why Rob Reeder and WCWA is nothing more than another “fly by night” promotion. This is a guide for ANY promoter in the business, how NOT to treat people.
Now let’s start from the beginning, when The Brutal Truth Radio show was contacted by John Mills to help promote this fiasco. I first fell in love with the idea, because in concept, it’s a great one. Whereupon I was put in touch with the now infamous, Rob Reeder or Dirty Don Demarco. First off, it took all of three seconds to figure out he was another mark, running a wrestling show. That BOTH he and John Mills had no clue, other than ringside armchair bandits. Seeing how many times he put himself in a show, proved that.

But it was the constant discrepencies that kept coming up. How he would belittle John Mills on a personal level, but use him for promotion. My first step was eliminating John Mills and was successful. We then put together a media package and website deal, that generated over 8,000 hits. We also know for a fact that he generated revenue from all this. We also learned of his “theft” from the previous year, where all the money was stolen and also his belts. After countless hours of conversation on the phone, it seemed I had Rob in check, and was ready to put on the biggest reunion show of all time. Then it started getting crazy, over run with bullshit, and that was just talent.
FOR THE RECORD!! Jerry Lawler was initially “signed” for the show. Problem is, Rob never followed up on it.
ALSO FOR THE RECORD! Dr. Death was booked, because I booked him myself, $200 cheaper than John Mills’ quote. Again, I guess Rob didn’t figure he was worthy. All he wanted was to put on a show for himself, making himself a honorary NWO member. And the copyright infringement began….(btw: N.W.O is owned by Vince, someone should let him know.)
But what can you expect when you lie about talent coming, and even make Myspace advertisements for people like Dusty Rhodes? My favorite is when he called me early one morning and told me Bret Hart ASKED to put himself on the show. Fifteen minutes later, Bret’s people didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. This was the beginning of our seperation from the show.

Still on board in July, I brought two of my OWN wrestlers to play an angle for setting up the DR2. During that show we saw the inner workings of WCWA, and after we left, my boys vowed to NEVER work there again. They were just glad they got paid, and of course they did, *I* paid them. But while we were there, one of the talents stuff was ripped off, (their belts) and they were searching our car along with everyone else. More theft, added with more lies, made it easy for our next decision. In that show alone, Rob put himself in 3-4 matches, and showed that he is nothing more than a “mark” and shouldn’t be running shows. In talking with his partner, (a former policeman) it was easy to see we were getting involved in a scam, not a fan fest. We were supposed to return in October with a team to face two midgets, which would have made wrestling history, but he kept lying about the booking of the midgets, kept doing whatever he had to do to avoid the deal. Funny part is, I was paying my guys, he only had to take care of the midgets. When we cancelled, I STILL offered to pay my guys, because that’s what an honest person does.
We pulled ourselves from the event for several reasons, but mainly, we saw the horizon, and it wasn’t pretty. With constant lies and stories, our integrity was at stake. When I had national sponsors look over their websites and Myspace, they litterally FLIPPED out and warned us not to get involved. Then after a little research, they found WCWA owes ALOT of people money, and have disgruntled more people then we could count. It was then, we pulled ourselves from the project, and Rob & Amanda took back John Mills as their “help”. Again, we don’t lie down with dogs, we don’t like getting fleas. When I asked why John Mills? He gets results was the only answer. To date, WCWA’s webpage only has less than 5,000 hits, our page again, 8,000. Results? Obviously you can’t count. What we gave him was valued over $2,500, and we were repaid in bullshit.

For those who were ripped off, not paid and treated like shit, welcome to wrestling. Unfortunately that is the norm when dealing with promoters. For all the wrestling talent out there, TAKE A LESSON! Get your money up front, and DON’T WORK FOR WCWA, ROB REEDER OR ANYONE AFFLIATED WITH THEM!! There are plenty promotions that will treat you with respect and pay you for your efforts. In my indy fed, everyone is treated the same, “superstar” and “independents” are words you NEVER hear.
The Brutal Truth welcomes ANYONE who has a complaint about WCWA or Dream Reunion 2, to go to www.brutaltruthradio.com/boards and post on the message boards. No one will edit or erase your messages.
If anyone has a question or comments for us, feel free to email us at [email protected]

For those in the PA area, there is a REAL fanfest signing show called Signamania on October 13th and you can check it out at www.signamania.com. If you go, tell them TBT sent ya!

Dreams sometimes turn into nightmares……….

-KJ Parker
The Brutal Truth