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It’s being billed as ‘the most fun you can have with Missy Hyatt, fully clothed,’ and perhaps fittingly, its release comes today–Valentine’s Day.

“YouShoot,” the popular, irreverent shoot interview series produced by KayfabeCommentaries, spotlights Missy in this current edition. The series features questions emailed by the public, making the series the first and only shoot to be conducted entirely by fans and detractors alike.

In this edition (mature audiences only please) Missy addresses over two hours worth of issues including: men, women, the ‘size’ of various male wrestlers, cosmetic surgery, recent quotes from New Jack and Tammy Sytch, drug abuse, talking dogs, and seemingly everything else under the sun.

KayfabeCommentaries co-owner Sean Oliver says Missy’s fearlessness makes this edition irresistable. “Missy has been referred to as the walking train wreck,” he says. “But I’d say it’s more like a succession of near-misses. You can’t believe your eyes/ears, over and over.”

Oliver says fans of the first “YouShoot” should be pleasantly surprised by some added elements to the show. “We’ve decided to expand on the flexibility of the format of ‘YouShoot’ and add some fun and games to it. I think it adds an outrageous, comedic element to the series, in the same spirit as a Howard Stern Show or something of that nature. But you put that setting in the world of pro wrestling, then turn it over to the public, and you’ve got something never before seen in the shoot interview arena.”

Also today, KayfabeCommentaries has begun accepting submissions for the next edition of YouShoot, this time featuring The Sandman as the guest.

Anyone looking to order “YouShoot: Missy Hyatt” or submit questions/videos for The Sandman edition should visit www.kayfabecommentaries.com.