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Missy Samsonite Interview Recap
By: Bob Colling from http://wrestlingrecaps.wordpress.com/
(Includes handhelds! Plenty of stuff to read and it is updated daily!)

Missy Samsonite was the guest this week for www.InYourHeadOnline.com

Jack and Barbie Richards are joined by Missy Samsonite from Dangerous Women of Wrestling. For more information on the company go to www.dangerouswomenofwrestling.com

Jack asks how Missy got involved with the company. Missy says that she originally met Steve the Sound Guy, who was the owner, and didn’t get along with him. Missy didn’t like strippers coming into the ring and trying to wrestle. Missy says she is a old school women’s wrestler at heart. She tells a story about doing a unscheduled run in involving Matt Striker and Velvet Sky when they were on the indys and that Steve didn’t like that at all!

Missy believes that DWOW has found their market as she has talked to several fans about the product. She doesn’t think it is trying to compete with SHIMMER or WSU. “It’s a mix of everything that appears to be popular in pop culture nowadays”.

Missy loves midgets and her favorite midget is Short Sleeve Sampson. She was blown away by what Sampson was able to do in the ring with a full sized woman. Missy tells a story about wrestling a midget in a bar, but the midget she was wrestling had too much to drink! Their ended up being three midgets on top of her and she couldn’t get up!

When it comes to booking the shows, Missy has some say in it. She doesn’t book her matches, or anything related to her own activity on the show. She is able to voice her opinion on bringing in certain women. She was very excited to have Sara Del Ray come into the company. Missy confirms for the IYH fans that Annie Social works for DWOW. Missy ends up telling a story about talking to Sara Del Ray at a JAPW where she found out that Del Ray would love to work with DWOW! Missy has only had two matches with Del Ray, but they have not been taped.

Jack talks about DWOW pay per view event All In. Missy worked with Zack Gowen and she makes it clear that Gowen DID NOT beat her. She beat Gowen and he got a pin after the match. Missy puts over Gowen as a phenomenal person and wrestler. Missy didn’t see any ego issues with Gowen that have been reported as of late. Missy tells a story about riding with Gowen and meeting up with the late Trent Acid after a DWOW show.

Jack brings up Trent Acid and asks if she has a story. Missy tells a story about Trent Acid going to McDonalds while wearing a blonde wig. Acid ended up going to McDonalds wearing a ridiculous blonde wig!

Missy says that Mercedes Martinez is the best woman athlete she has wrestled. She strongly believes that Mercedes is the best woman wrestler in the business today.

Missy rips on Liz Savage after Jack asks if Missy had to go to the emergency room after a match. Missy made it clear that had never happened. Missy ended up saying that Liz isn’t better than her and that she needs to train. Missy does say that there is legit heat between her and Liz Savage.

Missy lists all the injuries she has had during her wrestling career. It is a unbelievable list that you have to hear for yourself!

Jack brings up Mickie Knuckles and Missy says she is happy to see her back.

Missy has always been a wrestling fan. She was raised by her father after he parents divorced and she watched wrestling with him. Missy did go around when she was younger saying that Bret Hart was going to marry her. Her two favorite wrestlers are Bret Hart and Dusty Rhodes. Missy says that Dusty reminded her of her father.

Barbie asks if Missy has ever wrestled Cheerleader Melissa. Missy has not wrestled her but would like to. She hated the gimmick Melissa had in TNA. She hasn’t been able to wrestle Awesome Kong who was managed by Cheerleader Melissa in TNA.

Joel calls in and asks about the original business plan for DWOW. Missy told the people that she wasn’t going to be involved in the adult entertainment aspect of the company. Missy wanted only wrestling matches and train other people. Missy thinks that WWE Diva style would be a better fit for DWOW instead of Japanese wrestlers because Steve the Sound Guy is going in that direction for the company.

Missy says that no one has popped the question to her regarding marriage. She is quite disappointed that hasn’t happened, yet!

Duane calls in and asks if Sara Del Ray really kicks as hard as it looks. Missy says she does and that taking a kick from her is “no joke”. Missy has no doubts that if she wanted to Sara Del Ray could kill someone.

Miss has not wrestled for Shimmer, she wouldn’t mind wrestling for Shimmer, but she doesn’t ever see herself wrestling for Shimmer. She and Dave Prazak are friends from “way back in the day”. Missy says that Dave use to send her packages of what Prazak was doing with various wrestlers. She doesn’t think she would fit in with Shimmer because she is a bigger girl and more of a brawler.

“No, never” when asked if any of the big companies have asked her to come into their company. She feels like she doesn’t fit in with the style of WWE or TNA.

Jack asks if Missy has any good rib stories. Missy tells one that had happened her! Missy says she is unable to eat cheese as she gets extreme stomach pains. She was driving with Amy Lee and her stomach started to act up. Missy brought her cell phone into the bathroom and began to get a bunch of phone calls and text messages asking if she was done yet. Amy ended up honking the horn so much that when Missy came out of the bathroom people were looking at her.

Jack brings up the PPV even “All In” which was taped at the ECW Arena. Missy talks about finding out about the independent scene and stumbled upon ECW on her television. It ended up being Tommy Dreamer. She does say it means something and gets a feeling when she wrestles at the ECW Arena.

Missy would like to wrestle Sara Del Ray, Cheerleader Melissa, Allison Danger, Awesome Kong, and Hamada would be at the top of her list.

When she was growing up she liked GLOW. Looking back at it she wonders what they were actually trying to do!

Missy loved working with Colin Delaney and Jimmy Olsen. She hasn’t wrestled many men during her career.

DWOW will be airing on the Fight Network in August. Missy doesn’t know if any editing has been done to the DWOW pay per view show. Missy runs down the card for the DWOW event. On the show, Missy wrestled Zack Gowen.

Missy would not want to work for Wrestlelicious. She knows a lot of people who work for the company and laughs at some of the gimmicks that her friends have been given.

Missy’s dream three way match would involve Mercedes Martinez and Sara Del Ray.

Jack, Barbie and Missy proceed to talk about more women’s wrestling for nearly another hour. They discuss all the happenings of women wrestling and the situation that happened in RCW. Missy shares her thoughts about Alissa Flash getting screwed over.
Missy also talks about a falling out with NEW and what happened when she worked a NWA Upstate show. A very interesting story that involves Steve Corino!

Jack thanks Missy for coming on the show and Missy would love to come back down the line!
www.dangerouswomenofwrestling.com for more information on DWOW.

A fantastic two hour interview! 
For the entire audio please visit www.InYourHeadOnline.com plus 5 years of free archives with over 250 interviews including Scott Hall, Mick Foley, Kevin Nash, Terry Funk, Awesome Kong, Bruno Sammartino and many more !!!