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My Side of the StoryCourtesy of  Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com

Ever wonder the backstory to your favorite pro wrestling feud? Well the guys over at www.KayfabeCommentaries.com are giving fans the chance to find out. They have created a series of DVD’s entitled MY SIDE OF THE STORY. This review covers the 1984-85 feud between former WWF Intercontinental champions Tito Santana and Greg “the Hammer” Valentine. Unlike other shoot DVD’s where the subject is a singles or tag team who is quizzed about their career, this DVD sits the two men down and asks them the same questions in separate interviews and editing them in sequence. After the interviews are over, Santana and Valentine were brought together for more questions.

The interview begins with how the two men first met when they worked for the old Charlotte/NWA territory in 1979 and it follows them to the WWF of the early 1980’s when Vince McMahon was beginning to expand his promotion across America. Both men praise booker George Scott in creating the feud by using Santana legit knee injury as the catalyst to get all the heat and the IC title on Valentine. They walk the viewer through the feud from Santana’s return a month later in MSG and the style of work they used in the ring which according to Valentine was stiff but snug. Both men are sincere when they heap the praise on each other for their work rate and their desire to keep the feud going, even wanting to sell out events that WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan wasn’t booked on. The famed cage match in Baltimore where Santana won the championship back is covered in detail event to the ending where Santana slammed the cage door on Valentine’s head. Their promo styles are also shown off and the best question I felt was did they think the feud would work in the eyes of the fans if Valentine was the babyface and Santana was the heel.

The DVD is a must have for all wrestling fans and it includes a sixteen page booklet with information on the matches talked about on the DVD. Remember to log onto www.KayfabeCommentaries.com where the order price is $20.00. You can also check out other releases with Kevin Sullivan, Missy Hyatt, Honky Tonk Man, Gabe Sapolsky and JJ Dillon.