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One Man Gang

Here’s this week’s episode of the Booking The Territory Podcast with the legendary WWE/WWF Superstar the One Man Gang aka Akeem The African Dream:

One Man Gand aka Akeem Part 1
YES, OUR GUEST THIS WEEK IS THE ONE MAN GANG!!! This is just part 1 of 3! Do we really need to introduce today’s guest on the show? He has not done many podcast. Come listen to the One Man Gang tell stories about the territories and his ECW days yes Extreme Championship Wrestling! Of course Hardbody Harper from Wildkat Sports and Entertainment, Mike Mills, and Doc Turner all chime in with their commentary from this week in the world of pro wrestling. They also talk about the topics and thoughts that you sent in via Facebook and Twitter. Follow us on twitter @BTT_Podcast, @Mike504Saints, @CJHWhodat and like us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/BookingTheTerritory.
Download or listen here: