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Online World of Wrestling is pleased to welcome “Stone Cold” Steve Austin into its Hall of Fame!  Steve had an amazing career and his inclusion into the OWW Hall of Fame is long overdue.

OWW’s radio host Alex Goff wrote this tribute to the Texas Rattlesnake:

If you strictly look at the beginning and the end of the career of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin it would make sense that he would be regarded as one of biggest wrestler stars ever to compete. Steve Austin won multiple rookie of the year awards when he debuted in 1989. Austin quickly found himself competing in World Championship Wrestling and despite performing well he didn’t see the potential that others assumed he would meet. He had a brief spot with Extreme Championship Wrestling before being brought into World Wrestling Federation. He fought and talked his way into being one the of the most popular performers the company’s ever featured. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is not only a hall of famer but if a Mount Rushmore of Professional Wrestlers was ever constructed, there’d be a strong argument to include his face. And that’s the bottom line…”

Congratulations Steve on all your accomplishments!

Here are some highlights from Steve’s career in WWE:

Steve Austin’s WWE Hall of Fame speech:

Steve Austin and Rock serenade each other:

Wrestlemania 17 – Steve Austin vs. The Rock:

1996 King of the Ring vs. Jake Roberts:

Highlights of Wrestlemania 13 vs. Bret Hart:

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin tribute video:

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