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We begin with Hulk Hogan’s Real American theme accompanying a sound byte of Hogan talking about maturing and learning from past mistakes and getting the band back together. The Hogan sound byte is followed by voice messages left by callers on the OWW Radio number sharing their thoughts on the Monday Night War between WWE and TNA. A second piece of audio highlights Bret Hart’s speech from Monday Night Raw concluding the segment.

Nick Anthony welcomes everyone to the first OWW Radio show of 2010, Nick welcomes OWW Radio Correspondent Aaron Kendrick to the show. Nick and Aaron talk briefly about their time away during the Christmas holiday, Nick gives a rundown of the show


Nick talks about TNA Impact’s ratings success
Nick and Aaron talk about the speculated story about Triple H not wanting Bret Hart to return to the WWE
Nick and Aaron disputed the authenticity behind Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels ‘truce’ on Monday Night War based on negative comments both Bret and Michaels have said about one another in the past.

Heartbreak Mike from DC (WTR Chat Room User): Mike gave his thoughts on the Monday Night War, overall Mike felt that the Monday Night War was WCW/WWF all over again


OWW Radio returns from commercial led in by Joe Esposito’s “You’re The Best Around” from the movie the Karate Kid. Nick and Aaron continue the Monday Night War Discussion

Nick: Nick talks about the ratings, he was disappointed in Impact’s ratings and wonders if Hogan is going to make do on his promise about walking away if Impact didn’t ‘deliver’.  Nick also felt that the WWE was sending a message to TNA by putting the Bella/Maryse match up against the TNA Knock Outs Tag Team Match between Sarita, Taylor Wilde and Awesome Kong, Hamada.  Nick believed that WWE’s message to TNA was that they could put their inferior women’s division match up against TNA’s superior knock outs match and could still draw a higher rating.


OWW Radio returns led in by Stan Bush’ “Fight to Survive” from the 1988 martial arts film Bloodsport starring Jean Claude Van Dam.

Mase from Wild Talk Radio: Mase shared his input on the Monday Night War, Mase pointed out WWE not fully utilizing on Bret Hart with his limited air time.


OWW Radio returns for it’s second hour led in by the theme from the 1985 action film Commando starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Nick’s Commentary

Nick rants on the current generation of youth specifically in the age group of young kids to early 20’s
Nick talks about this generation wanting everything handed to them rather than working for it, they want everything to happen on their time and and are set on WWE’s mediocre product

Nick calls them the “me, me, me” generation
Nick believes that the majority of this generation appreciated the poor quality of the DX/Jerishow due to Hornswoggle’s comical involvement; Nick believes that such a comical presence had no place in a main event type atmosphere

Nick said it bluntly that today’s wrestling fans are simply uneducated in the history of pro wrestling
Nick scolds the generation for how they have ruined many live promos done by wrestlers with obnoxious, annoying “What” chants
Nick points out the stupidity of the crowds when they respond positively to being put down by the villains
Nick mentions CM Punk’s promo from Night of Champions where Punk called the fans the lowest of the lows, how they steal and take drugs.  Nick was bewildered at the fans reaction when they cheered
Nick calls the generation “dumb”
Nick continues to criticize the generation how they refuse to participate properly in story lines, how they have short attention spans not liking long feuds and how they prefer for feuds to start one week and end the next
Nick says that he believes that there are many others who share his opinion, and that despite the resources that’s available to them on the internet, the generation doesn’t want to know or care about anything that happened before their time
Aaron throws in his input and agrees with Nick’s commentary (Aaron is of the age group that Nick is talking about)
Aaron is equally disgusted as Nick in the generation, Aaron reaffirms everything that Nick spoke of and spoke about his own experiences

OWW Radio returns from commercial led in by Hulk Hogan’s WCW theme “American Made”.

Will from Wild Talk Radio: Will is from the “me, me, me” generation. Will clarified some points which sparked an argument between Nick and Will on Wrestle Talk Radio’s Post Impact/Raw Show from the night before. Will set the record straight that though he fits in the age group of the “me, me, me” generation, he considers himself as apart of the minority.


OWW Radio returns from commercial led in by Method Man’s “Bring the Pain”.  The song was featured on the movie “The Great White Hype”, a satire comedy about racism in boxing.

Online World of Wrestling’s Jay Shannon, Columnist of the Headlocker
Nick welcomes Jay to the show
Nick and Jay discuss Jay’s recent column posted on Online World of Wrestling where he compared the Monday Night Raw and Impact broadcasts
Jay broke his analogy down into five sections to determine which wrestling show delivered the better product; Special Guests, Matches, Crowd Enthusiam, Comedy and the Announce Teams
Throughout the interview Jay explained how each section was won by either Raw or Impact on his column
Nick, Jay and Aaron used the same format from Jay’s column to determine a victor between their own collective analogies and votes

Special Guests: Jay says that WWE had only one guest in Bret Hart whereas TNA had Hulk Hogan and a number of surprise guests – Ric Flair, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, The Nasty Boys, Bubba the Love Sponge, Val Venis, Orlando Jordan
Aaron sided with Raw due Bret and HBK’s due to the historical impact Bret/HBK real life feud has had on the wrestling industry

Jay argued that the scenario wasn’t strong enough as originally expected

Nick spoke about the disappointment of the hug at the end, though it was a nice ending, Nick felt that HBK giving Bret the superkick would’ve been a stronger ending to the segment

Nick, Jay and Aaron discuss the possibilities of Shannon Moore fitting into the TNA roster and how he could be used
Nick, Jay and Aaron voted for TNA for Special Guests
Matches – Jay criticized Raw’s choice of matches
Jay praised the Knock Outs Tag Team Title match between Sarita, Taylor Wilde and Awesome Kong and Hamada saying that it could be a main event anywhere in the world
Jay also praised AJ Styles/Kurt Angle
Nick praised Joe/Abyss, Wolfe/Pope as solid and watchable
Nick wasn’t impressed with Raw’s matches asking who would want to see Orton/Kingston after seeing what Impact offered

Jay gave his support of matches to TNA without giving it a second thought
Nick praised the Knockouts Division; Nick endorsed the Knockouts being powerful and talented and being superior and light years ahead of WWE’s women’s division

Jay enforced his support for the Knockout Division over Raw saying that a segment involving Santino Marella and a 4 way match couldn’t compare to watching Awesome Kong in the ring
Jay was amazed at Kong and Hamada’s finishing move

Nick mentioned Impact’s crowd reaction and appreciation for the Knock Outs Tag Team match

Nick, Jay and Aaron voted unanimously for Impact as having the superior matches
Crowd Enthusiasm – Jay talked about DX’ regular reaction, Jericho’s regular reaction, Orton’s normal reaction and Bret’s nice ovation
Jay mentions his favourite TNA’s chant “Who Needs Bret” as an example of Impact’s star power guest list and the crowd’s boldness and honesty
Aaron talks about the Raw audience being more respectful and reserved
Aaron points out that the crowd was silent as they listened to the Bret Hart and Shawn Michael’s which Aaron thought was thoughtful

Aaron felt that it was a rarity for a wrestling crowd to shut up and listen to a wrestling promo and he thought it was a sign of respect

Aaron wasn’t pleased with Impact’s rowdy chants which consisted of unnecessary swearing

Aaron felt it ruined the image that TNA was trying to portray as a wrestling organization
Aaron concluded by giving his support for crowd reaction to Raw
Jay agreed with parts of Aaron’s analogy but gave fairness to the TNA crowd for their appreciation towards the Knockouts Tag Team Match and the AJ Styles/Kurt Angle match
Crowd Reaction concluded with Nick, Jay and Aaron voting unanimously for Raw based on the respect shown by Raw’s live audience

Comedy – Jay spoke of Raw’s usual comic relief in Santino Marella, Hornswoggle and Jerry Lawler’s commentary
Jay’s felt that Impact’s comedy was subdued

Nick thought Impact’s comedy wasn’t forced
Aaron enjoyed the interaction between The Pope and Orlando Jordan
Nick felt that WWE’s comedy is always forced to where they’re trying to make people laugh. Nick goes onto say that comedy is supposed to be funny when it’s not staged and planned
Jay was disappointed in Impact’s comedy saying that TNA didn’t capitalize on the trio of Hall, Nash and Waltman

The Comedy section concluded with Jay and Aaron voting for Raw and Nick voting for Impact based on WWE’s forced humor
Announce Teams – Jay praises Lawler and Cole
Jay felt that Mike Tenay and Taz almost pushed it over the limit, however Jay thought they were great
Nick felt that Tenay/Taz was forced
Jay, Nick and Aaron discuss different announce duos

Announce Teams concluded with Nick, Jay and Aaron voting for TNA Impact
The analogy of the five sections concluded with TNA Impact being victorious

Nick asks Jay’s reaction to UFC going head to head with Raw later in the month, Jay responds that UFC may not have a large enough audience to compete with Monday Night Raw
The interview ends with Nick thanking Jay for coming on the show

OWW Radio returns led in by Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” which was released on the soundtrack of the Spike Lee movie “Do the Right Thing”. Nick thanks the OWW Radio Producers, and Online World of Wrestling staff. Nick mentions that the songs selected for this week’s OWW Radio were from fight films going along with the theme of the Monday Night War between TNA and WWE.

OWW Radio would like to thank this week’s featured guest Jay Shannon. Contact Jay Shannon at [email protected]. Jay’s column “Who Won The Monday Night Fight” is available to read by clicking the following link. http://www.onlineworldofwrestling.com/2010/01/05/who-won-the-monday-night-fight/


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