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Show opens with “Hogan Watch” segment.

OWW Radio Producer Scott NDX reports Nick Hogan’s car accident
OWW Radio’s Theme and Intro with Live Phone Number (888 357 9876 Option 2)

Nick and Aaron hosting.

News & Discussions:

Nick discusses the upcoming interview of Dr. David Reiss in the second half of the show, discussing his credentials and the purpose of his interview.
Breaks down the first hour of the show, which is about the PPV buy rates and other industry news.
Nick discusses WWE’s potential rebranding of ECW of SyFy, calling it their televised
developmental program.
Reads an email from T-Man about how he thinks ECW is WWE’s best program.
Aaron suggests they should have changed the name a long time ago.
Nick asks will changing ECW’s name bring in more fans?
Nick goes on a to discuss RAW and how they need to be rebranded. Nick mentions that RAW hasn’t been at it’s best in years, not since 2002.
Nick says he feels RAW is no longer raw.
Nick runs down what he feels were what hurt RAW and WWE the most from 2002, such as Rock leaving and the Invasion angle becoming an family feud.
Nick says perhaps Vince did “infect” wrestling.

Brings up the rebranding of ECW again.
Nick talks about ROH announcing Kevin Steen’s future announcement. Mentions ROH’s upcoming shows and HDNet.
Nick wants ROH to offer live PPVs, thinking that they would do better with PPVs than a show people need to pay for.
Nick mentions he thinks ROH is better than TNA.
Nick mentions Eddie Edwards has returned for elbow surgery and is working over in Japan.
Nick mentions Jim Cornette‘s upcoming appearance on ROH on HDNet. He feels Cornette will help ROH where Hulk Hogan will not help TNA.
Nick runs down the final card for TNA’s PPV Final Resolution.
Nick and Aaron discuss the current Scott Steiner and Bobby Lashley feud.
Nick and Aaron break down the 3 Degrees of Pain match between Desmond Wolfe and Kurt Angle
Nick discusses Jeff Hardy‘s upcoming return to court.
Nick and Aaron bicker like children.

Shawn Sloth of Empire Wrestling Federation

Shawn Kloth of Empire Wrestling Federation calls in live.
Nick promotes EWF and discusses a young up and coming wrestler Chris Cadillac.
Promotes OWW Radio and the upcoming EWF show.
The group discusses the potential ECW rebranding and the future of the WWE.
Nick continues to tout the talents of Chris Cadillac.

Nick and Aaron discuss WWE’s claim that PPV buys have declined due to people watching the shows in groups.
Nick discusses an article by Michelle Wilson which eplains other reason why people might not be purchasing PPVs.
Nick discusses how he only watches on PPV a year and no longer a member of WWE Classics.
Nick feels the reason WWE PPV buys have dropped due to the decline in the quality of the product.
Nick brings up the redundancy of the RAW main event over the last 51 PPVs.
Nick attacks WWE for them blaming their fans for the decline in PPV buys and not the decline in quality of WWE’s product.
Nick mentions a poll held on the OWW Genesis forums that counters WWE’s claim, stating 60% of fans rather read the results online.

Ring Psychology Discussion

Nick talks more about the WWE polls on WTR and OWW Genesis Forums about how the results of the polls differ from the information WWE spokes person released
Nick then promotes upcoming guest Dr. David Reiss who will be joining the show in the next hour
Nick discusses the art of ring psychology a study in which Dr. Reiss is a specialist in
Nick talks about certain wrestlers who mastered ring psychology, names such as Ric Flair, Jake Roberts, Ricky Steamboat and Ted Dibiase
Nick brings up a thread from OWW Genesis forum titled “Ring Psychology” which asked users a number of questions regarding the art from. Nick goes on to read some of the replies from the thread
A reply regarding Jake Roberts’ gift of giving a promo came up in the thread, one certain promo which was pointed out was Jake’s WrestleMania VI Pre-Match Interview which Nick played
Nick gets a call from Paul Horsemen4life to weigh in on the Ring Psychology topic. Paul brings up Hulk Hogan as a great ring psychologist. Paul goes on to say that Hogan’s success for his longevity in the wrestling industry came partly because Hogan made the fans believe that every challenger he faced was a strong enough threat to dethrone him. Hogan’s ability to make his foe look immensely powerful in the match played with the fans minds and kept them watching and it made the fans want for Hogan to win, and when Hogan did make his comeback, it won the fans over making the customer feel that their money was well spent, this made the customer want to come back for more
Nick goes into commercial with a voice message left on the OWW Radio Toll Free Number by wrestler Big Val Puccio giving his opinion on ring psychology. Val spoke from a villain’s perspective by delivering stiff shots and full on attack to get the crowd’s emotions. Val endorses the hard knocks philosophy of wrestling and dismisses entertainment. Val mentions names from the hard knocks, golden era; Killer Kawolski, Bruno Sammartino, Dusty Rhodes, Gorgeous George

OWW Radio Featured Guest – Dr. David Reiss

Nick introduces Dr. David Reiss
Dr. Reiss grew up as wrestling with his father. Some of the first wrestlers that Dr. Reiss remembers watching were Verne Gagne and Bobo Brazil
Dr. Reiss became intrigued with the psychology of wrestling watching Bobby Heenan, The Bruiser, The Crusher and Ox Baker in Chicago. Dr. Reiss was curious with the different ‘personalities’ of each wrestler and how they connected with the audience
Dr. Reiss tells a funny story involving Bobby Heenan and a group of wrestlers
Dr. Reiss talks about his projects with the Cauliflower Alley Club. Reiss speaks of how he helps wrestlers discover where their babyface and heel characters come from by learning about their real life personalities
Dr. Reiss discusses how the Goldust character has different attributes which appeal to both young and old audiences
Dr. Reiss explains how much of a wrestler’s real life personality should be put into a gimmick to make it successful. However a wrestler should be careful not to implement too much of themselves into a character because the character will lose the audience or the wrestler portraying the character will lose his own self identity, Nick mentions Ric Flair as an example
Dr. Reiss speaks of the realism of wrestling, that he objects to people calling it fake. Dr. Reiss explains that even though wrestling is pre-determined, the wrestlers in the ring are still competing against one another and that the delivery of moves are still real
Dr. Reiss briefly discusses the transformation of Festus then turns his attention to the mis-portrayal of CM Punk being booed for his stance against drugs
Dr. Reiss compares fan reaction between wrestling crowds to boxing crowds, MMA crowds and movie crowds
Dr. Reiss talks about why young wrestling fans are socially isolated and seen as loners

Dr. David Reiss Interview (Continued)

Dr. Reiss analyses the Stone Cold Steve Austin character and the psychology behind it
Dr. Reiss analyses the “double turn” psychology behind the Steve Austin/Bret Hart, what triggered Austin to be cheered and Bret to be booed
Dr. Reiss discusses the Mickie James storyline
Dr. Reiss discusses the positive and negatives of announcing in wrestling and also talks about how fans can have more appreciation for a wrestling match when attending live events because they aren’t distracted by the announcing

Dr. David Reiss Interview (Continued)

Dr. Reiss explains the difference of fan reaction to gimmick matches, main event matches and undercard matches
Dr. Reiss discusses the loss of meaning in certain moves due to a lack of selling due to a lack of psychology from the wrestlers involved in the match
Dr. Reiss discusses how cater a wrestling product to both adults and children without insulting the intelligence of the adults

Dr. David Reiss Interview (Continued)

Dr. Reiss discusses WWE going PG
Dr. Reiss names some of the best ring psychologists today
Dr. Reiss discusses reintegrating the psychology back into wrestling, re-empower the delivery of big moves for fans to understand the moves, overall enhancing the entertainment value of wrestling
Dr. Reiss discusses how to make John Cena into a successful heel
Dr. Reiss discusses what made Greg Valentine a great heel and how he could maintain the fans respect for his in ring ability, the same applied for Ted Dibiase
Dr. Reiss plugs his email [email protected] , and you can find his articles on the Cauliflower Alley Club website http://www.caulifloweralleyclub.org/
Dr. Reiss promotes his seminars at Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion in 2010 on Ring Psychology and Dr. Reiss will also be doing individual work with wrestlers on developing their ring personas

Nick closes the show thanking Dr. David Reiss and the callers.

OWW Radio wish to thank this week’s featured guest Dr. David Reiss

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