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If you missed Tuesday July 6th edition of the Online World of Wrestling Radio with host Alan Wojcik, here are the highlights:

***Wrestle Talk Radio’s Spug gave his thoughts on Smackdown & Raw’s Money in the Bank PPV match, Ricky Steamboat, Bret Hart’s response to the Martha Hart lawsuit, why Alan needs to watch the next UFC PPV, TNA’s largest US crowd, a quick Victory Road PPV preview & Ed Ferrara’s departure from TNA creative.

***Wrestling promoter Eric Walker (www.wrestlingbeltworld.com) joined former promoter/author of “Swimming with Piranhas” Howard Brody (www.howardbrody.com) to discuss the business side of wrestling, running & promoting a wrestling company.

***Former TNA star “Hotshot” Johnny Devine, WFC’s Steve Madison (www.wrestlingforacause.org) , SCW Reunion member Francisco Ciasto (www.scwwrestling.com)and the man known as Maximum Capacity joined the program to discuss the current Indy wrestling scene across North America; plus giving advice to wrestlers doing dark matches for WWE and TNA. 

***The legendary Snakemaster Abudadein (www.snakemaster.com) came from his lair to discuss his time working with Kevin Sullivan in Championship Wrestling from Florida, his current role in Coastal Championship Wrestling (www.ccw.ms) and the great questions; is the managerial role in today’s business passé?

***Jake Sposetta joined the show to take fans where not may dare go, ringside as a wrestling photojournalist. Jake gave his view on the business and gave advice for aspiring photojournalist on what to do and not to do in their careers.

http://wildtalkradio.com/oww/owwradio070610.mp3 is how you access the archive. Click it you know you wanna!!

Online World of Wrestling radio is hosted by Alan Wojcik (http://alanwojcik.com.tripod.com  for credentials) with contributors from across the wrestling world and the most important people, listeners like you joining in the chat room and on the air!! No opinions are too outlandish (just no profanity please.)

The show airs Tuesday nights 9pm until we run out of stuff to talk about (this show went until midnight) on the Wild Talk Radio network. Links to listen live can be found at www.owwradio.com and www.wildtalkradio.com .

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