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Host Alan Wojcik is normally joined by national contributors and possibly members of the Wild Talk Radio roster. Topics include: Recaps of WWE Raw. NXT & Smackdown, Ricky Steamboat medical update, Money in the Bank PPV talk, Martha Hart vs. WWE updates including Bret Hart’s statement, TNA Impact news and notes including a change in creative, Victory Road preview and more.


Online World of Wrestling radio is honored to have several personalities from the world of Independent wrestling to discuss their experiences on the road in the ring and on the road. The guest list includes: Promoters Howard Brody (author of Swimming With Sharks) and Eric Walker, wrestlers “Hotshot” Johnny Devine, Francisco Ciatso & Maximum Capacity, legendary Championship Wrestling from Florida manager Snakemaster Abudadein and photographer Jake Sposetta.

You can listen LIVE on our website www.owwradio.com as well as www.wildtalkradio.com Both sites offer an interactive CHAT room to join other listeners in liking or hating the show. Your comments in the room could be read on the air by Alan!

Call the show LIVE, TOLL-FREE at 267-297-1397 Remember we do accept any and all opinions! Skype users can call Sir Rockin who is our technical producer.

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