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February 5, 2008:

[Birthdays & Anniversaries] It has been twenty-six years since Chris Belkas died at the age of 63. El Santo suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of 66 on this day in 1984. .. [reported by Rich Tate of www.GeorgiaWrestlingHistory]

[Other Anniversaries] Today is the 20th anniversary of the single most watched pro wrestling match perhaps ever in the U.S., the live Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant prime time match on February 5, 1988 with the twin Hebner referees finish. The show that night also included Honky Tonk Man losing via count out when he refused to do the job backstage and lose the IC title as was scripted, in a match with Randy Savage, and did a 15.2 rating. [reported by Dave Meltzer on www.WrestlingObserver.com]

[OWW] I recently relaunched the “OWW Chat Room!” – and I’m we will be hosting chats on WWE & TNA PPV Night’s, Monday Night’s (during RAW), Thursday Nights (during iMPACT), and Friday Night’s (during SmackDown!). If they chat room concept takes off then we will be bringing in special guests to chat with fans – you will never know who will show up!

[Radio] Wrestling Weekly (www.wrestlingweekly.com, hosted by our good friends Doc Young and Les Thatcher, featured Lacey Von Erich on their show.

[Article] (Brock) Lesnar shows superstar potential in loss, by Dave Meltzer [reported by Dr. Keith Lipinski]

[Article] Lashley Leaving While Cena Returns, by Mike Mooneyham [reported by Dr. Keith Lipinski]

[Article] Cena’s return makes road to WrestleMania more interesting [reported by Dr. Keith Lipinski]

[Article] Revisiting the glory days of Georgia Championship Wrestling [reported by Dr. Keith Lipinski]

[Article] WWE Celebrates Black History [reported by Dr. Keith Lipinski]

[ClickWrestle.com Video of the Day] Christopher Daniels & Michael Modest vs. Erin O Grady & Suicide Kid (Beyond the Mat taping)

February 6, 2008:

[Birthdays & Anniversaries] Bulldog Bob Brown had a fatal heart attack on this day in 1997. .. [reported by Rich Tate of www.GeorgiaWrestlingHistory]

[Blogs] Steve Corino posted a new Blog/Live Journal called “The Corino Chronicles II.” — “This week I cover some baseball, the upcoming Dojo, the upcoming Bringing The Heat radio show, Steve Corino gear for sale, and more.” Read, enjoy, comment, or print out for your bathroom reading pleasure. www.SteveCorino.com

[Radio] In Your Head Online (www.inyourheadonline.com had controversial luchadore Juventud Guerrera on its show.

[Article] Sun shines on Paul Heyman [reported by Dr. Keith Lipinski]

[Article] It’s official: Lashley gone; Cena-Orton on [reported by Dr. Keith Lipinski]

[Article] WWE Star Grateful For His Success (MVP) [reported by Dr. Keith Lipinski]

[Article] Bringing heat (Cody Rhodes) [reported by Dr. Keith Lipinski]

[Article] Benoit’s brain badly damaged [reported by Dr. Keith Lipinski]

[ClickWrestle.com Video of the Day] Scoot Andrews vs. Donovan Morgan

February 7, 2008:

[Birthdays & Anniversaries] It was sixteen years ago today that Buzz Sawyer died. He was 32. .. [reported by Rich Tate of www.GeorgiaWrestlingHistory]

[Article] The popular SLAM! wrestling website has posted an article about the upcoming Tony Condello Northern Death Tour.

[ChickFight] Hey did you guys know that ChickFight can be seen on Television in the United States and the United Kingdom? Check out this link to find out when and where it comes on in your area.

[Article] Alex Marvez’s weekly look at professional wrestling [reported by Dr. Keith Lipinski]

[Article] ‘Project Runway’ Designers Wrestle With Spandex To Dress WWE Divas [reported by Dr. Keith Lipinski]

[Article] WWE To Cease Affiliation With Ohio Valley Wrestling [reported by Dr. Keith Lipinski]

[ClickWrestle.com Video of the Day] Bobby Quance vs. Spanky (Brian Kendrick)

February 8, 2008:

[Birthdays & Anniversaries] Misty Blue Simmes (46) and Paul Wight (36) celebrated birthday’s today. Irish Jackie died on this day in 2000. He was 69. It has been one year since the death of Bob Luce, who died of natural causes at 78. .. [reported by Rich Tate of www.GeorgiaWrestlingHistory]

[News] The annual reunion of the Cauliflower Alley Club takes place from June 9 to June 11 in Las Vegas, NV, with J.J. Dillon serving as the master of ceremonies. Aside from the usual festivities, several people will be honored for their contributions to the wrestling business. Orville Brown will be honored with the Posthumous Award, which goes to people who, for one reason or another, were not honored by the CAC during their lifetimes. Ron Garvin, Butcher Vachon, Bret Hart, Betty Niccoli, Pat Patterson, Scott Teal, and Steve Williams are also being honored. There are other honorees to be announced soon for the Red Bastien Friendship Award and the Future Legend.. [reported by Rich Tate]

[News] The annual events and inductions for the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame at the International Wrestling Institute in Waterloo, IA, are to be held on June 27 and June 28. Being honored this year are Masanori Saito, Abe Jacobs, Roddy Piper, and Penny Banner. Stu Hart, Ray Gunkel, and Leo Nomellini are being awarded posthumously. The winner of the Jim Melby Award is expected to be named soon. [reported by Rich Tate]

[Article] SmackDown is moving from The CW [reported by Dr. Keith Lipinski]

[Article] `Smackdown’ Smacked Down by CW Network [reported by Dr. Keith Lipinski]

[Article] ANGLE: WWE DON’T CARE ABOUT GAMES [reported by Dr. Keith Lipinski]

[ClickWrestle.com Video of the Day] LuFisto vs. B.B. Walls vs. Roxie Cotton (Barbed Wire Ropes and Thumbtacks match)

February 9, 2008:

[Birthdays & Anniversaries] Alexis Smirnoff (61) and Madusa (45) celebrated birthday’s today. Farmer Burns died on this day in 1937 at the age of 75. On this day in 1980, Jack Britton passed away. It has been nine years since Butch Levy died. He was 78. .. [reported by Rich Tate of www.GeorgiaWrestlingHistory]

[Radio] Monday Night Mayhem (www.mondaynightmayhem.com) featured special guest ODB talking about TNA, facing Awesome Kong at Against All Odds, the rumored Knockouts show, Beth Phoenix and much more.

[OWW] Did you ever think about trying to become a professional wrestler? Online World of Wrestling can help point you in the right direction with some friendly advice. Click here to learn more about what it takes to break into the wrestling business.

[ClickWrestle.com Video of the Day] Chris Hero & C.M. Punk & B.J. Whitmer vs. Colt Cabana & Tarek the Great & Jake Boyer (Six-Man Tag Team Elimination Match)

February 10, 2008:

[Birthdays & Anniversaries] Victoria (37) and Kevin Matthews (25) celebrated birthday’s today. Today is the thirty-fifth anniversary of the death of Everett Marshall. He was 67… David Von Erich died on this day in 1984 at the age of 25. .. On this day in 2003, Curt Hennig passed away at 44. .. [reported by Rich Tate of www.GeorgiaWrestlingHistory]

[Radio] Australia’s Submission Radio had perhaps its biggest guest EVER when they welcomed Rob Van Dam onto their show. click here to listen.

[Article] McMahon Wrestles Herself Another Baby


[SHIMMER] Pick up the latest SHIMMER DVD’s at www.rohwrestling.com.

[ClickWrestle.com Video of the Day] Jardi Frantz vs. Bobby Quance

February 11, 2008:

[Birthdays & Anniversaries] Bill ‘Dinty’ Parks passed away on this day in 2004 at the age of 83. Jackie Pallo lost his battle with cancer two years ago today. He was 80. On that same day, Ron Dobratz also lost a battle with cancer at 64. It has been one year since the death of Jim Melby, who suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of 57. .. [reported by Rich Tate of www.GeorgiaWrestlingHistory]

[Other Anniversaries] –Today is also the 39th anniversary of Dory Funk Jr. beating Gene Kiniski in Tampa to win the NWA world heavyweight title, to start a four-year reign during one of the high points of pro wrestling live attendance in U.S. history. [reported by Dave Meltzer on www.WrestlingObserver.com]

[From Jimmy and Angel Valiant] Please check out Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine, the March issue with John Cena on the cover. It just came out on the news stands last week. On page 6 there is a full-page story about my DVD wrestling BWC/NAW documentary “Live For Sunday” with producer Marshall Ward. It was given a 4 out of 5 rating by PWI. Available now for ordering through [email protected] or www.Jimmyvaliant.com Or, you can pick one up at Boogie’s Wrestling Camp any Sunday from 12 till 4 p.m. in Shawsville, VA . Boogie will personally autograph it for you. Thanks. God Bless!

[Radio] Monday Night Mayhem (http://www.mondaynightmayhem.com) had former WWE developmental wrestler Lacey Von Erich on their show.

[Radio] Tomorrow night’s Wrestling Weekly (www.wrestlingweekly.com) will have perhaps its biggest guest ever in former ECW/WWE Mega-star Rob Van Dam!

[PPV] Total Nonstop Action presented “Against All Odds” on PPV from Greenville, South Carolina – click here for results.


[Training] Current ROH World Champion and former two time HWA Heavyweight Champion, Nigel McGuinness will be holding his In It To Win It Training Camp on Friday afternoon March 7th from 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM at Sports Plus(10765 Reading Road – Cincinnati, OH). The entry fee for the camp is $50. If you are interested in participating in the camp please register by sending an email with your name, wrestling promotions you’ve worked for, and contact info to [email protected] or by going to HWAOnline.com. [reported by PROHIOWRESTLING.com]

[ClickWrestle.com Video of the Day] B-Boy vs. Lil’ Cholo