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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon

OWW Wrestler of the Week: Awesome Kong

Our resident philosopher, Jay Shannon, takes a look at possibly the most dominant female wrestler to every compete in wrestling, Awesome Kong. Kong defeated Taylor Wilde to begin her second run as TNA Knockouts Champion. I am proud to award this week’s OWW: Wrestler of the Week award to Awesome Kong.

When one thinks of dominant women in wrestling, several names come to mind: Fabulous Moolah, Lita, Trish, and Beth Phoenix. The most destructive force in women’s wrestling has yet to step foot in a WWE ring. She was the NWA Women’s champion and is the two-time TNA Knockout champion. She’s a California girl, but doesn’t look anything like the stereotypical blonde beach bunny. She is Awesome Kong, the most brutal woman to ever step in the ring.

The Legend of Kong begins

Kia Stevens, the woman now known as Awesome Kong, grew up in Carson, California. It is unclear how Kia made her way to Japan. Once in Japan, she was trained, in 2002, by the legendary Aja Kong and others at the Inoki Dojo. Kong is a title of honor in Japanese wrestling. Aja dubbed Kia “Amazing Kong” and they formed a successful duo known as “Double Kong”. Amazing Kong also captured the women’s heavyweight title during her stay in Japan.

Kong destroys the world

On the suggestion of her trainers at the Inoki Dojo, Kong decided to branch out from her Japanese home territory. Her next stop was the UK. She worked for four different promotions throughout Great Britain, dominating all of her opponents.

Kong was invited to the United States to compete for both Shimmer and the re-created AWA. On a visit back to Japan, Kong took the AWA Women’s title. That was in January of 2007. Later in the year, she lost the title in California. Kong spent a great deal of time going back and forth to Japan.

TNA-Total Non-Stop Awesome

Amazing Kong was approached about working for the newly-created TNA Knockout division. She agreed to accept the offer and also agreed to become the second wrestler to use the ring name, Awesome Kong. The original was a mid-carder that worked for WCW back in the mid 80’s.

Kong instantly set her sites on the Knockout title once she entered TNA. After a few weeks of destroying the lesser women stars (Ms. Brooks, Christy Hemme, Velvet Sky, etc…), Kong began storming the ring carrying a photo of the then-champion, Gail Kim. Kong failed in her first attempt at the title, due to being disqualified by the ref. A few weeks later, on a episode of Impact, Kong got a re-match and took full advantage of it. She caught Kim with two standard Powerbombs and her signature Awesome Bomb (Sit-Out Powerbomb).

After destroying Kim, Kong stood ready for all challengers. ODB stepped forward to go for the Knockout (or as ODB calls it…the Knocked-up Championship). It was around this time that Kong brought forth her translator, Raesha Saeed. Saeed dressed in Middle Eastern attire, including veil across the face, stated to the world that “Kong comes in peace”. It’s a bit hard to swallow that when one watches her annihilate her opponents.

Double (champion) Kong

Kong’s contract with TNA is not an exclusive one. She is free to battle in any group, with the possible exception of the WWE. This is how she is able to hold the NWA Women’s title, as well as the TNA Knockout Title. Kong defends both titles on a regular basis. Kong would dominate everyone in sight, until being upset by newcomer, Taylor Wilde. Wilde’s victory was compared to Ivan Koloff’s defeat of Bruno Sammartino as being one of the most shocking title changes in wrestling history.

Kong then went on a path of destruction, second to none. She battled Gail Kim in several brutal contests, until Kim left for the WWE. Kong also feuded with ODB and Roxxi (Laveaux). Kong was unstoppable in her onslaught of the women. Kong lost several rematches against Wilde, always by the most basic Roll-up. Kong took some time off to re-focus. She had dropped the NWA title around the same time as the TNA belt, so she needed new energy.

The path back to gold

As mentioned above, Kong feuded with ODB and Roxxi. That feud continued after Kong’s short break. Kong and Roxxi were involved in some brutal, bloody Hardcore battles. Taylor Wilde had been defending her gold against the much-smaller Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. After destroying Roxxi in a vicious battle, Kong, through Saeed, issued a challenge to Wilde. At the live event held in Las Vegas, Kong caught Wilde with the Awesome Bomb to destroy the champion and regain the Knockouts gold.

In conclusion:

Awesome Kong will likely go into the history books as one of the top female performers of all time. Her speed and agility is unreal. Kong will likely not get invited to the WWE, anytime soon. Her look just doesn’t fit with the Barbie Doll, cookie-cutter look that the WWE is pushing. That’s a shame. A battle between Kong and Beth Phoenix is one of the most talked about Dream Matches in recent years. Even if Kong never walks into McMahonLand, she will still be one of the top women to ever lace up a pair of boots. It is my distinct honor to award this week’s OWW: Wrestler of the Week to the new TNA Knockouts Champion (and home-town girl), Awesome Kong.

–Jay Shannon
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