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OWW’s This Week In Wrestling

CZW ‘New Heights’ Results; Total Anarchy; Cancer Benefit

Shane Strickland def. Core

4Loco’s Alex Colon def. The Nation of Intoxication’s Devon Moore

Joe Gacy won the 8-man “Up The Ladder” Scramble Challenge Match against Mia Yim, Niles Young, Latindragon, Rory Little Mondo, Drew Gulak, Ruckus, & Dustin Rayz

Jake Crist & Greg Excellent def. Dave Crist & CZW Owner DJ Hyde

CZW World Tag champions and 4Loco’s Azrieal & Bandido, Jr. def. Nation of Intoxication’s Lucky 13 & Danny Havoc

CZW World Heavyweight champion MASADA retained against AR Fox

Sami Callihan won the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title in an Iron Man Match against Drake Younger

After the Iron Man, AR Fox cashed in his title shot opportunity against Callihan, which AR Fox became the new CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, July 27 to Saturday, July 30 – Korakuen Hall, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

CWE Bring The Pain Tour Results, 7/12

“Murder City Saint” Nate Hardy pinned Tyler Colton

Kat Von Heez defeated JJ Sanchez in an inter gender contest.

“Bring The Pain” Matt Fairlane was victorious over CWE Tag Team Champion AJ Sanchez.

CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan retained his title against Mentallo.

WWE Legend Tito Santana pinned Anderson Tyson Moore.

CWE, 7/13

The CWE Tag Team Championship match between champions The Big Sexy Beasts and The Sons of Anarchy ended in a disqualification

Kevin Cannon’s mystery client pinned Kory Kinkade

The Original Thug Crew, Tommy Lee Curtis, & Nate Hardy won the 8 man tag match against JJ Sanchez, Rick Matthews, Mentallo, and his new tag team partner Tyler Colton

“Bring The Pain” Matt Fairlane w/”Broadway” Dave Levinsky defeated Tito Santana by DQ

Anderson Tyson Moore w/Kat Von Heez pinned “Lion Warrior” Bobby Sharp

“The Rebel” Bobby Collins pinned the debuting JS McStrongArm

CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan defeated Open Rules Champion “The German Juggernaut” Moses Luke in a title vs. title match to win the Open Rules title after interference from Fairlane backfired costing Luke the title.

CWE, 7/14

Tommy Lee Curtis pinned “Lion Warrior” Bobby Sharp

Kat Von heez defeated JS McStrongArm in an inter gender match.

In the battle of Souris hometown star Vance Nevada pinned fellow Souris born Kevin Cannon.

CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan successfully retained his title against “The Pissed Off Pitbull” Robby Royce.

WWE Legend Tito Santana defeated CWE Tag Team Champion AJ Sanchez by DQ after interference from Vance Nevada.

Tito Santana & Kevin Cannon beat the team of AJ Sanchez & Vance Nevada.


Black Atlas defeated Lumberjack Monroe

Ricky Martinez (with Magnum and Gus Grand) pinned Cole Callaway

Mike Kehner defeated Corey Blaze in a Stretcher Match

Mid-Atlantic Champion Mr. Ooh La La (with Jim Shorts) defeated Mike Tartaglia

ECWA Unified Tag Champions FUSION DS pinned The Slophunters

ECWA Heavyweight Champion Papadon defeated Tony Nese

Team ECWA (Chris Wylde, Kekoa, Aden Chambers, and Papadon) defeated Black Heart (Breaker Morant, Bobby Shields, Josh Daniels, and Mustafa Aziz with Joel Blackhart) in a War Games Steel Cage Match

The next ECWA show – ECWA’s 45th Anniversary card – takes place Saturday, September 15th, 2012 at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Clu in Newark, Delaware.

CWE, 7/15

Kevin Cannon upset Vance Nevada.

Kat Von Heez defeated JS McStrongArm in an inter gender match.

“The Lion Warrior” Bobby Sharp defeated Tommy Lee Curtis.

CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan retained his title against CWE Tag Team Champion AJ Sanchez.

WWE Legend Tito Santana beat “The Pissed Off Pitbull” Robby Royce by DQ.

Tito Santana & Tommy Lee Curtis beat the team AJ Sanchez & Bobby Sharp.

CWE, 7/19

Kevin Cannon’s Mystery Client pinned Tyler Colton.

“Bring the Pain” Matt Fairlane and Darren “The Bomb” Dalton battled to a double disqualification.

Anderson Tyson Moore & Kat Von Heez defeated the team of Shadow Xtreme & Lizzy Slade in an inter gender tag team match.

CWE Champion & 123Approved.ca Open Rules Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan retained the CWE title in his defense against “Son of Anarchy” Billy Blaze.

CWE Tag Team Champions The Big Sexy Beasts retained their championships in their defense against “Pimp Daddy” Rick Matthews & JJ Sanchez.

New Era Wrestling “Meltdown” 7/21

General Manager Chris Ikon announced that New Era Wrestling has been sold.  He says there will be a lot of changes coming.

Anthony Lee beat Tripp Cassidy, Dale Patrick, Joey Owens, Hillbilly Jedd in a 5 man elimination match

Miss Heidi vs. Thunderkitty – No Contest when Camron Star attacked both women

Damian Cole w/ Camron Star beat Donny Idol

Big Jon Wall announces that tonight will be his last match.  He thanks the fans for their years of support, but then sings the Canadian National Anthem for one last time.  He issued an open challenge to anyone to have a street fight with him.  Tom Van Zant accepted

Big Jon Wall beat Tom Van Zant in a street fight

After the match, Aaron Anarchy and Darren Knight attacked Tom Van Zant.  This lead to Troy Van Zant making the save

NEW Tag Team Championship: Natural Born Talent (Bobby Black & Dylan Bostic) (c) beat The Promised Ones (Jake Omen & Muldoon)

NEW Championship: Flash Flanagan beat Shawn Cook (c) and Kharn Alexander in a 3 way to win the title

After the match, Shawn Cook asked Flash to come back in the ring so he could officially congratulate him by handing over the title belt to him.  Flash came in and Cook handed him the title.   But Flash then clotheslined Cook!  Flash gets on the mic and calls the fans stupid for actually cheering and getting behind a man like Shawn Cook after all the bad things he has done.  Flash says he wasn’t going to give Cook a chance to turn on him again.

Northeast Wrestling & the Hudson Valley Renegades Wrestling Under the Stars, 9/22













Northeast Wrestling Title Match:

Falls count anywhere in Dutchess Stadium

NEW Champion Brian Anthony vs. Matt Taven w/ Kasey Ray

Special Attraction: Jerry “The King” Lawler & Former NY Yankee Joe Ausanio vs. Romeo Roselli & Luke Robinson (Managed by “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart). Card subject to change.

— Cathal Byron, guest columnist for OWW