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A whole lot of ears must be ringing today because no one is safe as the one and only  Paul Roma returns ClubWWI.com for an audio event unlike any other.  So Notorious, it’s …” GLORIOUS!”


He’s the Internet’s favorite Horsemen and the man who causes hardcore fans to toss and turn at night with anger.  But above all else, he speaks his mind and doesn’t sugar-coat a damn thing.  In this latest edition, Paul addresses a ton of topics including the new TNA, how much he made with WWF, how much he spent on the road, the shocking amount Vince McMahon paid for TV tapings and why, drugs in wrestling, plus tons more.  You can read a full list of topics by heading to: http://www.worldwrestlinginsanity.com/am2/publish/newsnotes/Glorious6.shtml


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The biggest story to break since the last Glorious?  Hulk Hogan’s TNA.  January 4th marched in the new era of Total Nonstop Action, but fans were still left wondering what was going on.  It seemed like Hulk had a different idea of where he wanted things to go and, for some, it seemed to fly in the face of everything the company had built itself around.  James Guttman asked Roma about this and what exactly has been going wrong.


“They have no imagination and they’re lost.  I mean, (Hogan’s) riding on his name but that was yesteryear and they’re going to fail.  I think they’re making a big mistake and they’re going to fail.  Again, they need storylines that are fresh and new.  These guys don’t have a brain to figure that out.  That’s why they keep bouncing around.  If they’re so good, they should open up their own organization and compete against the other two, but they won’t do that. “


James brings up the point that Dixie Carter is handing her company to Hulk in hopes he can turn things around, but it doesn’t affect him at all.  If TNA fails, he still makes money.  Is that the big mistake?  By doing this, does Dixie Carter deserve what she gets?  Does she have what’s coming to her?  Paul explains his thoughts to ClubWWI.com members:


“I think it’s unfair to her to say that she has it coming to her.  She doesn’t know any better.  She has the funding wherever she gets it from – her mother or father.  But actually, it’s sad because they’re taking advantage of this woman who doesn’t know any better.  It’s like (Bernie) Madoff.  These people didn’t know.  They were investing in something they thought was good and at the end, they got burned.  And that’s what she’s doing.  She’s got people giving her bad advice, getting her excited about something, and in the end, she’s going to get burnt.”

The TNA talk went on much further with Paul revealing what shocked him about the Nasty Boys in TNA, the four sided ring, the cast member speech, Eric Bischoff – The Moron, and much more.  That’s not all though, Roma doesn’t just focus on TNA during his controversial ClubWWI.com show, WWE is on his radar too.


One thing he targeted was Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels on Raw.  In addition to a rant on Born Again Christians that is sure to rattle a few cages, Paul talked about the Hart/Michaels Raw hug and he wasn’t too complimentary about it.


“I saw when they introduced (Bret).  I thought it was kind of corny the way he and Shawn made up.   Did I believe it?  Hell no.  I didn’t buy it for one second.  Shawn was in on screwing him in that match.  As was (referee Earl) Hebner.  As was Vince.  And I’m not buying it for a second.”


From there, James and Roma discuss Shawn’s new found religion and Paul begins a rant you have to hear to believe.  After so many controversial statements on Paul’s ClubWWI.com show, you have to know it’s something big when he starts with…


“Look, you’re going to hear these born-again Christians who are going to hear this and get pissed at me.  You know what? Get pissed at me….”


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