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The weather outside is frightful so curl up with a cup of hot cocoa, spark up the fire, and get ready to hear the show that shoots on Santa, his reindeers, Mrs. Claus, and all those talentless elves.  That’s right.  No one is safe as the one and only  Paul Roma returns ClubWWI.com for an audio event unlike any other.  So Notorious, it’s …” GLORIOUS!” 

He’s the Internet’s favorite Horsemen and the man who causes hardcore fans to toss and turn at night with anger.  But above all else, he speaks his mind and doesn’t sugar-coat a damn thing.  In this latest edition, Paul addresses a ton of topics including WWE’s push of Sheamus and whether he’s related to Triple H, Bret Hart’s WWE return, brain damage in wrestling, and many other things that came out after Roma’s last ClubWWI.com appearance.  You can read a full list of topics by heading to: http://www.worldwrestlinginsanity.com/am2/publish/newsnotes/Glorious5.shtml


The biggest story to break since the last Glorious?  Hulk Hogan in TNA.  Talk about timing, Hogan’s announcement came just hours after Paul’s last show and listeners have been wondering about his thoughts on it for a long time.  So James Guttman asks and Paul answers…


“I think he believes that he’s the Messiah that can turn anything around.  He’s the golden goose.  He doesn’t sh*t white eggs.  He sh*ts golden eggs.  So with that being said, he’s probably hoping that he can turn them around, get some ratings.  What does he know?  He knows how to introduce himself.  He knows how to write himself in the mix.  And if he was still that popular, Vince would have never let him go.”


Paul explains that he had a good relationship with Hogan and even travelled with him while in the WWF.  He speaks about Hogan’s dimming star, why that is, what happens if Hulk fails, Hulk in WCW and tells the story of what happened when Eric Bischoff asked him about bringing Hogan in.  Then, James brings up a name that Roma has talked about a lot on ClubWWI.com – Ric Flair.  Nature Boy returning to wrestling after a big retirement?  That’s one thing.  Doing it for WWE’s chief competitor – that’s another.  He asks Paul whether he surprised by Ric’s probable TNA debut in 2010.


“It doesn’t surprise me.  Not at all.  These guys don’t know when to call it quits.  That’s all they know.  They’re going to do it until they die, which most wrestlers from my era have passed away.  But again, TNA, and I know they’re going to have their little henchmen on your site, have to build up their own characters within the company.  Not reach out to these old-timers.  These has-beens, you know, and think they’re going to be the save-all.  They’re not.  They have to build characters.  They just don’t do that and that’s why they’re failing.”


James and Paul discuss TNA at length including Mick Foley, the company as a whole, the new Monday War, Eric Bischoff’s place in wrestling and the public perception of him, and more.  But it’s not just TNA that Roma shoots on.  James Guttman brings up that good quality of wrestling in WWE lately and Paul disagrees.  One star that JG defends is Shawn Michaels, but Roma doesn’t feel the same way…


“Shawn Michaels is a good showman, but again, you know, he’s getting into that time of Flair.  If he wasn’t buddy/buddy with Triple H, he wouldn’t be around.  Let’s face it.  Come on.  Do you think someone wants to see a 160 pound guy that looks like Michael Jackson wrestle?  Come on, man.  The guy’s not healthy.”


Roma hits all the high notes in this audio and any fan of Glorious won’t want to miss this one.  No one is safe – even Santa.  And Paul doesn’t need a Red Rider BB Gun in order to shoot…


“I don’t want any heat with Santa.  But if he didn’t bring me what I wanted, then absolutely, I’d jump off the top rope and drop a few elbows on his reindeer.  No problem!”


There’s so much more to check out right now on ClubWWI.com. Remember this show and every other audio is available for MP3 download so you can take them on your phone or ipod. With tons of shows and over 200 interviews with everyone from Bobby Lashley to Mae Young, you’ll never be without something to listen to. Other shows featured include Erik Watts’s “MEGAWATTS,” Bull Buchanan’s “Bullpen,” D-Lo Brown’s “Lo-Down,” Orlando Jordan’s “Club O.J.,” and show archives from Tom Prichard and Ivory.