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Too hot for the Horsemen.  Too stacked for Vinnie Mac.  He’s the most controversial guest in WorldWrestlingInsanity.com, so what could we do but give him his own show?  That’s right.  Paul Roma has come to ClubWWI.com to host his own audio program and he’s so notorious, we could only call it “Glorious!”

The first time Roma joined James Guttman for a ClubWWI.com interview, no one was safe.  Paul had choice words for everyone from John Cena to Hulk Hogan.  With no desire to return to the wrestling industry, Roma offers his opinions completely unfiltered.  As he says in his debut 34 minute episode of “Glorious,” he’s burned every bridge and had too much heat.  In other words, no one has the freedom to shoot like Paul.

The Former Horsemen’s first show hits a ton of topics including TNA’s “piss poor wrestling” and “horrible writing.”  From the “stupid ring” to the writers wanting to be wrestlers, Roma is not a big fan of the product TNA is putting up.  He goes into detail on the talks he had with the company at one point and the changes he told them they need to make.  James brings up one member of Total Nonstop Action’s roster, Mick Foley, and Paul has an opinion on that too…

“Mick Foley can’t wrestle – plain and simple.  Most wrestlers would agree.  Probably even him.  So if he’s not launching himself off a roof, gouging his head, breaking bones, or spitting blood, it’s boring.  He can’t do anything.  What is it he can do?…They expect to see this idiot jeopardize his life, otherwise they don’t care because that’s what they’re used to..”

Guttman asks if it’s tough to follow Mick (or someone like him on a show) and Roma says it’s actually a blessing.  Fans want to see something interesting rather than a clown.  He compares real wrestling to a magician.  A magician makes you think.  A clown trips over his own feet.

“It is what it is.  It’s a clown.  And that’s what Mick Foley is.  He’s a clown.”

One man who Paul Roma has been familiar with is Ric Flair.  Never shy about his feelings on his former stablemate, Paul talks about his impending return at “70 years old.”  Why is he coming back?  Roma explains to ClubWWI.com listeners:

“Flair’s running around doing these autograph sessions because he’s broke.  All those years you busted your butt, you travelled, and you have nothing to show for it.  You owe the government what?  A million dollars in taxes?  Dude, you might as well kill yourself.  That’s the only way you’ll ever beat the government.  You’ll never ever pay them back, unless you hit a Powerball.  Even then.  Oh.  Here’s your million dollars.”

On that subject, Roma gets into wrestlers who can’t retire in the industry for whatever reason.  One name he brings up is…

“Shawn Michaels, he should have been gone a long time ago.  But since he’s friends with Triple H, they keep him around.  I don’t know what kind of money he makes, but I’m sure it’s decent.  He’s a mess.  Physically.  I look at him and his face looks like he did a Michael Jackson.”

Guttman points out that HBK is still one of the best in the industry, but in any other sport, he’d be able to retire by now for good.  After all, just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should.  We should let Shawn relax and take a nap.  Paul agrees.  It’s not that Michaels can’t perform.  It’s that he shouldn’t still have to.
Alongside Bull Buchanan’s “Bullpen,” D-Lo Brown’s “Lo-Down,” and Orlando Jordan’s “Club O.J.,’ “Glorious” hosted by Paul Roma (with James Guttman) is available right now on ClubWWI.com.  The debut edition features tons of other topics including:  Hulk Hogan’s Joke of a Heel Turn, Batista: Not An Athlete, The Backstage Run-In He and Hercules Had With The Hart Foundation, How Bret Hart Was a Gentleman Afterwards, His Relative Tookie Tucker in FCW, Trump Buying Raw, Feelings About The Ultimate Warrior, A Parting Salute For Vince McMahon, Why Vince Didn’t Like Paul Orndorff, and More.  It’s more than Pretty Wonderful.  It’s Glorious!