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Phill Shatter Interview Recap
By: Bob Colling from http://chroniclesoftna.bravejournal.com/
(TNA recaps starting from 6/19/2002 – 2/19/2003 so far!)

Jack E. Jones, OIB and Barbie Richards are joined by the NWA National Champion Phill Shatter this week. For full audio inteview please visit www.inyourheadonline.com

Jack asks Phill if he grew up with Matt Hardy and that group. Phill didn’t, but he was introduced by his former tag team partner Kimo and has been apart of the group since that time. Phill has a fun time whenever he hangs out with those guys.

Phill say that when he was younger he never knew about independent wrestling until he graduated from high school. Thus, he never watched OMEGA.

Jack asks how old Phill was when he decided to be a wrestler he says when he was four or five. Phill mentions that he was allowed to watch Hulk Hogan everyone else.

Phill believes that he gets along with Matt and all of those guys because of both their wrestling careers and their mutual hard work.

Jack brings up Phill’s match against his friend Kimo in a cage match in a loser leaves town match. Phill retained the National Championship and mentions that the crowd was very emotional. Phill says that the crowd stayed around for an extra fifteen minutes after the main event.

The debate about the cage matches between Jack and OIB is brought up. Phill is a big fan of the current cage format and mentions that those cages hurt a lot more. Phill agrees with Jack!

A caller named Troy asks Phill what will NWA be in five years. Phill believes that NWA will be running territories once again. Phill hopes to see them try to get back to a worldwide level.

Jack plugs the Phill Shatter vs. Blue Demon vs. Adam Pearce for the NWA World Championship on March 14th Phill believes that he will win, obviously. Phill knows it will not be a easy fight.

Barbie asks Phill how it is to work with Adam Pearce. Phill says that he had wanted to work with him for quite sometime. Phill says that it means a lot to have a win over Adam Pearce.

Jack asks what has Tully Blanchard has been teaching him. Phill talks about being a fan of the 4 Horsemen and being a fan of Tully. Phill says that Blanchard style is more old school and is awesome experience to be around him. Phill mentions that he had a match NWA style recently for about twenty minutes and the fans loved it, so he thinks that style fits in today’s current wrestling taste.

Phill isn’t sure if Tully Blanchard is interested in getting in the wrestling business. Phill believes that Tully would be a great booker or agent for TNA or WWE. Phill mentions that Tully is a minister and goes to prisons to do his work.

Phill watches a lot of Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart matches. He recently has been watching old school NWA wrestlers like Arn Anderson, Steve Williams and Kerry Von Erich.

Jack talks about seeing Phill Shatter on TNA this past Monday as security. Phill says that Bill Behrens has greatly helped him out. Phill says that being a security guy is a step in the door as a lot of guys started off as a security man.

Phill thought that Impact this Monday was “really, really good”. Phill believes that TNA has been getting better recently. Phill believes that TNA could really be big. Phil doesn’t believe you can beat the WWE over night, but instead it will be a long process.

Jack asks Phill to sell the Hardy Show to someone that has never watched it before. Phill says that it is a entertaining show and that the skits are wonderful. Phill mentions that they have a you tube channel.

Phill talks about his skit where they had to drink a lot of random stuff. Phill mentions that someone got branded on the show before. Phill does not recommend eating dog treats. Phill has never been opposed to anything they have shown.

www.matthardy.com are where the shows are located.

A caller named Joel asks Phill if the US Marines helped Phill get in shape. Phill says that it helped him get discipline as he knew it wouldn’t take over night to get in the shape he needed. The same caller asks Phill if he has a goal in wrestling. Phill’s goal is to be a WWE Hall of Famer which he realizes is a major goal. Phill would love to wrestle HHH and/or Shawn Michaels and headline Wrestle Mania. Phill says he will not quit until he does become a Hall of Famer.

A question from the board asks if Phill will be signing with TNA. Phill really hopes that he can sign with TNA. Phill says that Jarrett and Terry Taylor have really been pushing for him. Phill would like to get his name out there in TNA.

Jack mentions that Brad Anderson put Phill Shatter over as a great guy. Phill puts Brad over as super cool guy and a old school worker. Shatter asks people what he needs to improve on after his matches and not what he did well.

Phill says that Tully’s advice is that it his opinion and that Shatter should learn every style of wrestling.

Barbie asks Phill for a tip to the young guys getting into the business. Shatter believes the fans need to watch their backs and learn everything they can. Shatter quotes Flair as saying “if you ever stop learning something, you need to quit”.

Barbie asks Phill if he has any good wrestlers that think they are in the business, but they aren’t. Phill doesn’t name any names but mentions a promotion he worked for when he was in the military where they were buying their gear at Wal Mart! Shatter mentions that he got mad when someone said that they only wrestled as a hobby.

Jack asks if Phill has ever had any serious injuries. Phill says that he pinched a disc in his back and almost shattered his ankle. Shatter says that he hasn’t had any bad injuries.

Jack brings up the III Faction in NWA Charlotte. Shatter talks about how they were suppose to be heels, but it back fired as the fans loved seeing them dominate. Shatter doesn’t believe there is a way to bring back that faction. No one really wants to bring that faction back together.

Phill has worked with Jim Cornette and puts him over as being really smart. Phill would like to work for Ring of Honor. Shatter mentions that he is scheduled to be on the April 3rd show in Charlotte. He is looking forward to the show that will be shown on the internet.

OIB asks Phill if he has had any interactions with Chris Hammrick. Shatter likes Hammrick and talks to him on a regular basis. Shatter mentions that he recently cussed him out for missing his daughters birthday.

Jack asks Phill about ribs that haven’t been shown on the Hardy Show. Phill hasn’t done really anything but says that everyone picks on Kimo, a lot.

Jack mentions George South and Phill says that he hasn’t really met George, though he has met him two or three times.

Phill travels really with only Kimo a lot on the road since Shannon Moore and Jeff Hardy are in TNA. Phill says that the Hardy Show has really helped out his internet fan base. Shatter is on Myspace, Twitter and Facebook.

Phill believes that WWE still caters to the adult fan base because of some of the angles they have been doing with Randy Orton and DX. Phill believes that Vince McMahon goes through some stages in his booking tastes.

Jack asks of Phill has turned down any gimmick ideas. Phill wants to continue with the Universal Solider gimmick. Phill believes people want to see something similar to reality based and not something far fetched. Phill has been wanting to add things to his outfit as the Universal Solider.

Phill would like to work with Jeff Hardy and Triple H the most. Shatter’s all time favorite is Bret Hart but he is “pretty much retired so that would be hard to do”. Shatter wouldn’t mind facing John Cena or Ted DiBiase in the battle of the Marines.

Phill thanks the fans for coming out to the shows. A great interview with a great overall guy.

Jack thanks Phill for coming onto the show. www.nwalegends.com for more information on Shatter’s upcoming matches including March 14th vs Adam Pearce and Blue Demon for the NWA title. Also go to www.matthardy.com for the Hardy Show!

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