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Courtesy of WhatCulture.com:

With SummerSlam approaching in two months there’s been plenty of speculation about what might main event that show. The rumored main event from months ago was Daniel Bryan against Brock Lesnar, but with Bryan out of action after neck surgery it’s likely that he won’t be main eventing SummerSlam. In his place could be John Cena.

The match has already been advertised by WWE by releasing a poster cover on Amazon.com. The August 17 SummerSlam 2014 event is already available on Blu-Ray and DVD via pre-order.

It’s been over two years since the last Cena/Lesnar match at Extreme Rules 2012. In a move that shocked a lot of people, Cena beat Lesnar in a very physical matchup even though it was Lesnar’s first WWE match in eight years. The win by Cena upset a lot of fans. Lesnar went on to have his next three WWE matches against Triple H, which saw him win twice and losing once at WrestleMania.

The poster could be a sign that WWE plans on putting the WWE Title on Cena this Sunday at Money in the Bank. However, it’s not like the poster says it’s for the WWE Title either. They could just have a singles match, but the expectation is that Lesnar will be in the WWE Title match. As we know as WWE fans, nothing is for sure until it actually happens.

cena poster

It should be noted that sometimes WWE PPV posters and DVD covers mean nothing. Remember that at last year’s Hell in a Cell event, R-Truth was on the cover. He wasn’t even in a match on the show. There have been a number of instances over the years where that’s happened too. Somebody might be on a poster, then they don’t even have a match or they are hurt. It happens all the time.

When WWE sends out their info DVD covers and posters to companies like Amazon it is an official thing. It’s not like some fan made it up, then sent it to Amazon and they posted it. Amazon received it from WWE, so they posted it.  Thanks to WrestlingDVDNews for the info.