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Fabulous Freebirds


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Title History

  • NWA Tag Team Titles;

Career History

The Fabulous Freebirds:

The Fabulous Freebirds – World Wrestling Federation:

  • 1984: The Freebirds had a brief stint with the WWF where they were managed by Cindy Lauper’s boyfriend Dave Wolfe..
  • ~~~August 1984: The Freebirds (Hayes/Gordy/Roberts) make several appearance at WWF Madison Square Garden shows..
  • ~~~~~August 4, 1984: The Fabulous Freebirds vs Ron Shaw / Rene Goulet / Charlie Fulton..
  • ~~~~~August 24, 1984: The Fabulous Freebirds vs Pete Douerty / Ron Shaw / Butcher Vachon..
  • ~~~The WWF wanted the trio to split into singles wrestlers, they left the company and returned to World Class in Dallas..

The Fabulous Freebirds – World Class Championship Wrestling:

  • September 28, 1985 – AWA SuperClash: The Road Warriors defeated Freebirds (Gordy/Hayes) to retain the AWA Tag titles..
  • The Freebirds were involved in the most violent and bloody feuds in WCCW history against the von Erich Family
  • April 20, 1986 – AWA WrestleRock: The Road Warriors defeated The Freebirds (Garvin & Hayes) in a “Steel Cage” match..
  • 1988: The Freebird/vonErich feud came to an end when Michael Hayes & Kerry von Erich called a truce and became tag partners..

The Fabulous Freebirds – National Wrestling Alliance & World Championship Wrestling:

  • Michael Hayes would later join forces with Jimmy Garvin under the Freebird name managed by DDP & Big Daddy Dink..
  • June 14, 1989 – CotC 8: The Freebirds defeat the Midnight Express in the finals to win the vacant NWA Tag Team titles..
  • The masked wrestler known as Baddstreet (Brad Armstrong), was added to the Freebirds..
  • February 17, 1991: The Freebirds (Hayes/Garvin/Baddstreet) beat Tommy Rich/Ricky Morton/Junk Yard Dog for the 6 Man Tag titles..
  • February 24, 1991 – WrestleWar: Michael Hayes/Jimmy Garvin beat Doom (Ron Simmons/Butch Reed) for the World Tag Team titles..
  • May 19, 1991 – SuperBrawl: The Freebirds beat The Young Guns (Smothers/Armstrong) to win the vacant US Tag Team titles..
  • The Freebirds broke up and Michael Hayes briefly managed the tag team of Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton..
  • April 2, 2016 – WWE Hall of Fame: The Fabulous Freebirds were inducted in the Hall of Fame by The New Day.

    Jay Ambler wrote: Besides the numerous titles held by the trio, they are credited with being the first tag team to have music played prior and during their entrance, followed by the playing of it at the end of their matches, which were usually wins. In the early to mid 1980s Hayes would often moonwalk in the ring. Up until 1984 The Freebirds would use the Lynrd Skynrd classic ‘Freebird’ as their entrance music, it was that year that Hayes would sing and record what would become their official entrance song ‘Badstreet USA’. The song’s video would include Hayes, Terry Gordy, Buddy Hayes and Jimmy Garvin, who later be known as the fourth Freebird.



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Kevin Sullivan
Austin Idol
Von Erich Family