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Kenny Casanova


Wrestlers who Kenny Casanova managed:

  • King Kong Bundy
  • Rocco Rock
  • Danger
  • Big Dick Dudley
  • Tom Brandi
  • Gillberg
  • Miss Deville
  • HC Loc and Devito Jeff Starr
  • Demolition Ax
  • Brody Lee
  • Bam Bam Bigelow
  • Pat Tanaka
  • Kamala (as Kim Chee)
  • Metal Maniac
  • Rick Fuller
  • Tony Roy
  • Nick Neighborhood
  • Diablo Santiago
  • Buttery Bert Williams
  • Nick Barberi

Title History

  • NBW women’s title;
  • ESW women’s title;
  • WOHW women’s title;
  • GENESIS tag team titles w/ Marty The Party Vain;

Career Highlights

  • Spring 1988: Kenny Casanova started out behind the scenes, selling tickets and helping to coordinate backstage.
  • ~~~This was for an MS Fundraiser Show, along with the legendary Captain Lou Albano.
  • Fall 1988 – Summer 1991: Kenny Casanova became a radio personality for WCHD, Hudson Valley Community College.
  • Fall 1988 – mid-90s, he became an in-studio character actor for Nikki Neal’s “Nik at Night Show” on Q104 , providing voiceovers as a bunch of goofy characters and impersonations, most famously known for Grape Ape. He later did the same for the internationally syndicated ZRock Morning Show with Matt “Sharkmann” Hobley.
  • May 1994: Kenny Casanova guest Ring Announced for the WWF ring announced . His ring announcing for his first match was for Owen Hart vs Phil Appollo, then Owne Hart vs Ahmed Johnson and was featured on International television show WWF Superstars, and also WWF Colisuem Video, “Wham Bam and Body Slams VHS Video Tape Coliseum Home Video 1994”
  • Fall 1995: Kenny Casanova became a full-time professional wrestling manager in the USWF.
  • ~~~Managed his first stable called “Damage Inc.” (Danger, Hazard, Pete Waters, Chris Maxon, HC Loc and Milwaukee Mauler.
  • Spring and Summer 1996: Kenny led Danger and Hazard to the USWF Tag Team Titles. Kenny feuded with Steve Corino and Tom Brandi in the USWF.
  • Spring 1997: Worked for The WPW “Big-Show” as a ring announcer, receiving 1st international coverage in Japanese magazines.
  • ~~~ Kenny Casanova managed Thornn aka Sweet Pete Waters in a series of matches against Maniac Jim Deo, Edge and Christian, and also Nailz and Rick “The Model” Martel.
  • April 1997: Kenny Casanova participated in a sing-off with Nikolai Volkoff.
  • April 1997: Kenny Casanova began managing King Kong Bundy, in a match verses Primo Canara III. In NBW, there was actually a match that brought King Kong Bundy back into the spotlight in many wrestling magazines where Bundy and Primo actually broke the ring! The ring totally collapsed in a shoot and they continued the match, and later a reverse battle royal to crown the first ever NBW Champion, Iron Mike Sharp, with help from Kenny Casanova.
  • July 1997: Kenny Casanova put together a group of thugs called The Pie Mafia.
  • ~~~The Pie Mafia does unexpected run-ins where a wrestling-personality becomes the hit of “The Drive-Pie Shooting.” This is totally unplanned and destroys matches. Usually, the Pie Mafia preys on newer wrestlers that are not having very good matches.
  • Winter 1997: At NEW Wrestling in Danbury, CT, Kenny Casanova brought King Kong Bundy to a new fed and helped him become victorious over Tito Santana using brass knuckles, thus starting a feud with Tito. He also managed “Danger” Dave DeJohn versus Sid, and received a power bomb for trying to use a foreign object again, putting him out of commission for a few months on injury.
  • Summer 1998: Kenny Casanova returned to NBW and became NBW Ladies Champion by defeating Miss Patricia and later Missy Hyatt.
  • Summer 1998: Kenny Casanova managed Rocco Rock for USA Wrestling and ended up costing him matches. Kenny Casanova then turned on him and managed a number of different wrestlers against Rocco Rock, beginning a cross-promotion feud against him, after the two had a falling out.
  • Winter 1998: Kenny Casanova founded WOHW Federation with Danger in Schenectady, NY.
  • Fall 1998: Brutus The Barber Beefcake puts Kenny out in a sleeper and attempts to cut his hair. Since Kenny has a shaved head already, Brutus shaved off his trademark beard/goatee.
  • Dec 1998: Kenny Casanova debuted a new faction called “Camp Casanova” with Curtis and Corky Candy and Vendetta.
  • January 1999: Kenny Casanova started a series of matches with Danger and Hazard against Doink The Clown and Sgt. Slaughter. Kenny Casanova was cobra clutched at the end each time.
  • April 1999: Kenny Casanova debuted as The International Karaoke Champion of The World gimmick, singing the song “Just A Gigolo” live at an ESW event in Schenectady, New York.
  • Spring 1999: Kenny Casanova beat Sweet Destiny for ESW Ladies Title, due to no show on her behalf.
  • Aug 15, 1999: Kenny Casanova wrestled his first singles match under a mask as “The Jive Turkey” Jimmy Giblets.
  • September 1999: Kenny Casanova wrestled referee Slammin’ Dan Scroady in a full gorilla costume under the name Monkey Mulligan.
  • May 5, 2000: Kenny Casanova released a new CD and becomes a “Fan Favorite” for the first time ever.
  • June 3, 2000: Kenny Casanova vs. Felicity in the first ever NMW Dance off | Fierra Fox saves Kenny from a beating.
  • Spring 2000: Kenny Casanova resigns King Kong Bundy in USA Wrestling, for a long impressive winning streak.
  • July 1, 2000: Canada Day: Kenny Casanova became an International Superstar, managing Fierra Fox in Ontario, Toronto.
  • July 1, 2000: Kenny Casanova became the play-by-play and also color commentator for TSW High Impact TV Show UPN of Vermont, and nationwide syndication. TSW High Impact had different co-commentators, but Kenny Casanova was the regular voice and host on each show from 2001-2004.
  • January 2001: Kenny Casanova trained Marty The Party Vain to become a manager.
  • Spring 2001:Kenny would ironically begin to manage and tag team with his former enemy Salvatore Sincere (Tom Brandi’s alter ego) as a key member of Camp Casanova in WWA.
  • Summer 2001: Kenny managed the French Connection, Antoine Roy and different partners verses Chris Candido and Sabu. Kenny would feud with fellow manager Bill Alfonzo. Eventually this feud would lead to Alfonzo bringing the Dudly broters out to 3-D Kenny through a table.
  • Feb 23, 2001: Kenny Casanova hooked up with Pat Tanaka and cancelled his match with Ken Shamrock. Instead, Tanaka fought a wrestler named “The Well Hungarian” Nigel Nutsack, who was actually Marty The Party Vain.
  • On occasion, Kenny Casanova played the role of Kim Chee when he worked with Kamala in the New Jersey area.
  • February 23, 2001: Kenny Casanova appeared on The Montel Williams Show.
  • July 2002: Kenny Casanova and Marty “The Party” Vain are declared the Genesis Wrestling (Inter-gender) Tag Team Champions, beating Barbie Mengan and Miss Deville.
  • May 3, 2003: Kenny Casanova signed Ax of Demolition, former WWF Tag Team champion to Camp Casanova.
  • May 8, 2004: Kenny Casanova became the WOHW Ladies champion beating Miss Deville in full drag.
  • ~~~He tricked the title committee into allowing him to wrestle as Kendra Casanova, the said cousin of Kenny Casanova.
  • July 2004: Kenny started a new “Old School Rap” gimmick called the “Old School Revolution”.
  • ~~~He then managed Miss Deville, “Throat Load” Brody Lee (WWE’s Luke Harper), Barbie, and Shana.
  • ~~~This group was made to take on Damage Inc – Kenny’s creation that turned on him -now headed by Danger!
  • ~~~Kenny dropped the lounge lizard gimmick to rap this group to the ring.
  • July 2004: Kenny Casanova sang at the Lake George 1st Annual Elvis Festival dressed as Elvis Presley with a whole host of wrestlers as musical back up.
  • July 2004: Kenny Casanova managed King Kong Bundy versus Jake The Snake Roberts in a feud matches, where he would get DDT’ed at the end of the match.
  • January 2005: Kenny Casanova took on a tall skinny wrestler named Buttery Bert Williams and helped make him very successful by simply having him wrestle with a spray on butter container nearby to squirt in people’s eyes. The gimmick was to prove to the world that Kenny could make anyone a star with his managerial powers.
  • Fall 2005: Kenny Casanova began managing The Diva Killaz, Miss Deville and Kayla Sparks, and led them to Ladies Tag championships in JWA United, TSW, WOHW, and other federations in the North East.
  • Summer and Fall 2006: Kenny reunites with Sweet Pete and Buttery Bert Williams to create “The Brazilian Hug Squad,” a group that hugs everyone constantly to nausea.
  • Summer 2007 and 2008: Kenny returns to DJ’ing and also wins real Karaoke championships by Capital Region Living Magazine.
  • Summer 2008: The Brazilian Hug Squad, Timmy Aiight and Buttery Bert Williams introduce new member, mascot “Hoot-Nanny,” a live goat that they would bring to ringside to headbutt their opponents.
  • Fall 2009: Kenny Casanova managed The French Connection verses Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Ric Flair‘s son, Reid Flair in his debut match.
  • March 2009: Kenny Casanova has a sing off with Honky Tonk Man and clearly loses, according to fan applause. Rhythm and Blues, The Honky Tonk Man and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine beats The French Connection (Antoine Roy and Rush w/ Kenny Casanova.
  • April 18th 2010: The 5TH Annual New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Induction ceremony held its second annual dinner banquet and inducted Kenny Casanova . The NE-PWHOF honored twenty international wrestling superstars and personalities for their impact on the professional wrestling in and around New England, including Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Larry Zbysco and former Camp Casanova member, Rocco Rock of Public Enemy. In his induction speech, Kenny jumped on Jimmy Snuka’s lap and sang “The Love Boat” TV theme song to him.

Author of “Kamala Speaks” – 2014:




Social Media


Trained By

TC Reynolds
Tom Brandi


Fall 1994


May 22


Armpit of America - Albany, NY






Finishing Move(s)

Bare-ass Earthquake
The Pad Lock (ChickenWing/HalfNelson)

Favorite Move(s)

Figure Four Leg Lock

Notable Feuds

Brutus Beefcake & Missy Hyatt
Primo Carnera III
Superfly Jimmy Snuka
Rocco Rock
The Patriot
Chris Candido
Sabu & Bill Alfonzo