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Mountain Fiji

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  • Emily Dole competed at a national level in the shot put before getting into G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) in the 80s…
  • 1980s: Mountain Fiji played one of the ‘Masked Mabels’ on an episode of “Mama’s Family” during the show’s run in the 1980’s.
  • 2008: Emily Dole got up to 425 pounds but then turned things around and cut her weight down to 235 pounds..
  • Article: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/emily-fiji-around-2119162-says-year..

    Chris Palmer wrote: March 1989: Mt. Fiji appeared on the game show “Card Sharks” as part of one of the show’s 10-person Audience Poll survey questions, along with 9 other wrestlers. – During the course of the week, the ladies were asked how many of them could lift host Bob Eubanks up. – Fiji was one of the females who answered yes, then came up on stage to prove her point! – After chasing Eubanks for a few seconds, Fiji picked Eubanks up and spun him around for a few seconds. – Afterwards, Eubanks bowed at the feet of Fiji and did the “I’m not worthy” gesture towards her!


Mike Aldren wrote (February 8, 2010): There was a G.L.O.W. [Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling] reunion last weekend in Los Angeles to honor Emily Dole [Mountain Fiji] who has been in poor health recently. Many of the original crew were in attendance including Lisa “Ivory” Moretti, Little Egypt, Americana, Gremlina, Beastie, Hollywood, Tulsa, Vine, Evangelina, and Daisy. Former G.L.O.W. director Matt Cimber also stopped by for a few minutes.

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