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Sunset Flip Presents:
Raw Is Illogical

By Jim Boy Star

I know what you are all thinking. I said in my last column, I was taking time off. Then I watched Raw and I could not resist but write a column.

Whenever I’m displeased with any wrestling show, it usually does not have to do with the wrestlers themselves. It is all about the booking and with exception to the mere appearance of Jack Swagger and Chris Jericho‘s truthful promo, the rest of the show is a great example on “How to Not Book a Pro Wrestling Show”.

So, as I said, Jericho’s promo is absolutely true. Bret Hart is a wash up, he has killed his legacy. For once, the heel is absolutely dead on. Hart may be the biggest hypocrite out there right now. Check out this old blast from the past. www.onlineworldofwrestling.com/2010/04/12/vince-beat-bret/

Anyways, Jericho’s promo was the highlight of the show because it was true. Everything else (other than Swagger) was downhill big time.

One of the things WWE did this week was have god awful unfunny “commercials”. They were terrible and I’m glad no non-wrestling fan were watching with me because I would have been embarassed.

Christian vs Edge. People complain that TNA gives away PPV matches. WWE just did as well and in fact, this match could have meant so much more than any TNA match could have given away. There was so much history that could have been put into this feud. So Edge and Christian have this match. Edge wins cleanly, thereby solidifying Edge is better than Christian so no fan should ever have an interest in seeing another match between the two. You know, because in the “WWE Universe” that is a smart move.

By the way, even better question is “why are Smackdown wrestlers on Raw?”

But wait. Christian is not Edge’s opponent according to Randy Orton. So, wait a minute. The referee sees two people about to fight each other and just referees the match without being told by someone that is the match they are doing? If I had a referee that did that, he would be fired immediately for being a moron. Undertaker is Edge’s opponent. What is a brand split? They just had the draft a couple weeks ago.

Buzz Aldrin is just awful too tonight. During his scene with Vickie Guerrero, we find out Vickie has no power. But if this was the case, how was Vickie able to SUCCESSFULLY change a match to a handicap match last week on Smackdown.

Ted Dibiase has the original Virgil. I’m not a fan of Hogan and Flair fighting each other and I am also not a fan of seeing things we have seen in the 80’s. What’s next? Abraham Washington smashing Yoshi Tatsu with a coconut?

Say what you will about TNA about Hogan and Flair. Neither of them WON A TITLE BELT. Lots of interference and not even a real match. In any other scenario like this, it would be unheard of to change a title this way. NOT FOR WWE! I don’t agree with other people that The Miz was buried, but I don’t know how anyone can argue that the United State championship has lost some of its prestige.

Crappy women’s match. Nothing new there. Then the greatness of Jack Swagger vs Orton was next. Swagger just being in the ring made it better than anything else on the show. Then we had the ending. Edge runs into the ring and causes the DQ which is fine. But then Orton goes for the RKO on Edge but gets pushed off and hits Swagger. Then Swagger gets a spear from Edge. WTF?!?!?!

So let me get this straight. The World Heavyweight Champion gets laid out against someone he is not facing at the PPV. This does not make sense. If you were going to have Swagger get laid out, shouldn’t it have been by……. oh I don’t know….. the person he is actually fighting at the PPV. Not only that but Swagger will not get revenge on either of them since they are on different brands. Then again, WWE was trying to tell us the brand split is worthless as well tonight.

The rest of the show of course was nothing to write home about. The TV show 24 was awesome and so was the Lakers game. Raw does not deserve a good rating from this past Monday’s show because it truly should have been called “Raw Is Illogical” and should be a message to promoters on how to not book a pro wrestling show.

I’m Jim Boy Star and I’m out. Consider this, my last column until Memorial Day weekend and The Summer Rumble preview right here on Online World of Wrestling. Have a great week everyone. It can only go up after watching this past week’s edition of Raw. And as always, thanks to the Online World of Wrestling community for giving me the chance to voice an opinion on this site. 

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Jim Boy Star

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