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Source:  WrestlingNewsSource.com

@WrestleTalk_TV Interview

Bret Hart joined WrestleTalk TV for an interview on the UK program.

They recently revealed an outtake from Bret Hart who commented on Triple H.

*”How great really is Triple H? I mean I can look at CM Punk and Rey Mysterio who have had really unique moves and they do things that are innovative. Then I look at someone like Triple H and when I look at him, he has always at a good look but what has he really done? What has he created that no one else has?

“Great? I don’t think so and if he is running the show, how can guys who run the show never do something great? I don’t think he has had a great match. Whenever I look at HHH’s matches, I want to see him do something to think “Yeah, he had greatness in him”. I pictured the whole Taker/HHH match and it was exactly like I predicted and it was pretty average.”

“I just don’t think Triple H is a great wrestler. He’s a good one but great? No.”*

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